Riot police guard entrance to Perak govt complex


FRU trucks take up position this evening at the entrance to the Perak State Government complex, which also houses the State Assembly building – Photo courtesy of M Kulasegaran’s blog

1920: The  Malaysian Bar president Ragunath Kesavan has issued a press statement:

No doubt Datuk Seri Dr Zambry Abdul Kadir will now appeal this decision to the Court of Appeal, and further legal arguments will be advanced.  Whichever side that loses at the Court of Appeal will then appeal to the Federal Court.  The issue will go on and on.  Each round of legal battles promises finality but fails to deliver it.  Time moves on, and the business of running the State Government continues to be sidelined.

The answer ultimately does not lie in the courts.  The Malaysian Bar once again reiterates its position that the time has come for all concerned to acknowledge the writing on the wall.  Both sides of the political divide must now realise that power has to be returned to where it rightly belongs – in the hands of the people, the electorate of the State of Perak.  Let them cease all further jostling and manoeuvring for political power.  Let them exhibit statesmanship.  Let them once again seek the mandate of the people.  And let the people decide.

1850: Jalan Istana, leading to the usual entrance to the State Government complex, is still open to traffic. The eight riot police trucks, including two water cannon vehicles, are stationed at the entrance. A downpour drenches the city now. Showers of blessing?

1810: Here we go again. It’s a familiar sight by now.

Just before 6.00pm today, eight riot police trucks arrived at the Perak state government complex, which also houses the State Assembly building, along Jalan Istana to take up positions, an eye-witness told me.

They included water cannon vehicles.

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dun worry, the trucks r now ordered by the legal MB just in case the
thieves mau curi curi ma !!

Nitasha escamilla

Oh, the trucks want to secure the building.

Who knows it may face the challenge like the same way the plaque ended under the tree recently?

The authorities now want to go after objects, after subduing subjects last week.

Objects easier to handle.
No need to take down reports, buy food and lawyers wont agitate.

Kasi chance lah for people to do their job.


Anil I urge you to get in touch with Pakatan leaders and immediately ask them to file a legal suit against Hee Yit Foong’s illegal usurpation of Sivakumar’s position. —————————————- The next course of action is to bring Hee Yit Foong to court for her illegal usurpation of the Speaker’s position. The fact that Hee cites Article 36(A) without understanding its contents shows how worthless Hee Yit Foong has become. Pray tell, how did Hee Yit Foong have the power to convene a mini dewan and assume the position of speaker when Sivakumar was still the Speaker of the House,… Read more »


Incidently, this is for good reasons too. To maintain law and order thingy? Do not let these to provoke but maintain peace and calm. Trust the rakyat and PR will know how to behave unlike ….