Rejection of emergency rule – a victory for parliamentary democracy!

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Syabas, Malaysia! The rejection of the bid to declare an emergencyis a triumph for parliamentary democracy. Many people played a role in making their voices on this issue heard. Aliran has just issued a statement:

Aliran welcomes the Agong’s decision to reject Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin’s advice to declare a state of emergency and to suspend parliamentary democracy.

We are relieved that wisdom has prevailed and that the forces that would have plunged Malaysia into the abyss have been thwarted.

A state of emergency merely to ensure the survival of the Muhyiddin administration would have been disastrous for the nation. It would have hurt the economy, which had already been badly hit by the pandemic. A declaration of emergency would have paved the way for dictatorial rule. It would have neutralised Parliament, where the people’s elected representatives meet, as a forum for debate, consensus-building and policymaking. It would have neutered Parliament as an essential component of our systems of checks and balances.

More than that, it would have crushed our system of parliamentary democracy.

For a few days until Sunday evening, the entire nation held its breath. So many civil society groups, politicians from both sides of the divide, academics, military veterans and the legal and medical fraternities spoke out against emergency rule. Several online petitions flew all over.

It was refreshing to see so many groups and individuals rising to defend our system of parliamentary democracy. It was a triumph of People Power. Full statement on Aliran website and

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Pree Ha Tin

Living in a quarantine triggers unhealthy eating habits but now, more than ever, these habits can have deadly consequences. Why are overweight Asians more likely to suffer from COVID-19 complications than their Caucasian counterparts? Does our over consumption of meat result in intensive animal farms that are hotbeds for new diseases? What does it take to change the way we eat? CNA’s Chef Ming Tan investigates how diets are linked to the origin of viruses – and how they make us more susceptible to them.


At less meat to save the earth.
All must do our part.
Brazil deforestation of Amazon to do cattle farming.

Pree Ha Tin

Lucky no emergency.
Otherwise massive outflow of foreign fund from Bursa Malaysia.

Today new record of Covid-19 infections (1224), not record sellout in KLSE!

Ruslin Liang

Many people are not happy with Abah’s budget – biased towards certain groups.

Why must put RM81.5 million on JASA?
We do not need more propaganda.
Need more money for economy and to fight covid.


Any Anil commentary on the budget 2021?

Why no update now?
Is it due to external pressure?

How about covid situation in Penang?
Pandemic in foreign workers living quarters?

Pree Ha Tin


Are you in favour of EPF Account 1 withdrawal to cope with emergencies? Many are desperate financially now, worry later about retirement needs?

Unfortunately some need quick cash for 11.11, to secure so-called cheap and bargain deals on Lazada and Shopee, to satisfy their immediate wants?


Agree, EFP is for old age. EPF dividends are many times better than money in the bank. If they are allowed to withdraw, they will lose a substantial amount as due to compounding interest in 5 to 10 years time.

Pree Ha Tin

Although nothe emergency, do save money for emergency as bad times are ahead!

So do resist temptations to spend from Phua Chu Kang Shopee 11.11. Spend on needs, not on wants.


PH must demand from PN ;
1. Removal of 2 ministers/traitors for emergency fiasco n 1 minister for quarantine fiasco.
2. Equal budgets for pn n ph.
3.Cut 20% ministers pay n use that for frontlines facing covid 19.
4. Cut half of the cabinet posts n divert the money to improve nations economy affected by covid 19.
Then, ph will fully support the bill.


Inside the power struggle of backdoor government


KUALA LUMPUR (Nov 21): The developer of the RM43 billion Melaka Gateway project is crying foul over the sudden termination of the project by the Melaka state government, saying it was unlawful and unfair, and that no reason was given for the termination.


Happy Deepavali to all!
May the Light triumph over the darkness of Covid-19 and CMCO.

What has happened to our “Flying Car” project? Other countries have made it a reality:

Milk Tea

Azmin is shaking and DAP will be pushing hard so that niao kong can be freed. Parliamentary democracy is useless if politicians only care about their positions. If there is a sudden change in government, there will be another chaos and it will further damage the economy. Tun M for PM again?


For goodnes sake, M oredi 96 let him enjoy his time.
Penang needs young visionary leaders and if u r interested do follow Siti Kassim movement.


What vision? Vision 2020 is here and another 2 months will be gone. Whenever drink teh susu, I dont see any vision but complains, full of negative ions and gostan

Milk Tea

Siti Kassim movement is absolute rubbish. Literally the worst of all, they are just targeting DAP supporters and making you guys pawns to challenge the power structure. If I have to chose, I would rather go with DAP.


You orso care about your position. Why so scared? Spreading fake news about chaos. If there is no change of government, it is not demo cracy. It is dictatorship to keep and maintain the power. DAP must have pushed you very hard down the cess pool? Apart from PAS, another kawan terbaik, You can see him “shaking”.

Milk Tea

You are right, no change of Penang gov. is indeed dictatorship. We been subject to a government that has no check&balance. I never said I like PN and don’t wanna change of federal government but now is not the right time. Why should I side with you, that will be hella boring. Ok, I will make you happy…UMNO+PAS (MN) is a dumb and nonsense coalition that fight for a meaningless agenda, did you see they actually fake up some hate crimes to show they are still relevant when in power? Now, your turn on your beloved DAP…


I never said I like DAP but at least there is an alternative. Penang gomen has in power for how long as compare to 60 years by dumno? They are better than others, If not you did not go to PAS KB? You only talk big wanting to migrate to PAS KB and kbkb at all parties. You think yourself is good and that is why someone said why not join Siti Kassim? Only only how to complain. Kiwi had their election and how their manage their Covid? Queensland this weekend and USA another week.

Milk Tea

Yes, an alternative than is much more worse and damaging to us in a long run. They pander so much to demographics that don’t even vote for them. They are trying so hard to undo what UMNO brand them. They called MCA and Gerakan servants to their master while they themselves are on another level. Did you see them voice out for Ronnie or the vandalised road sign in Lebuh Armenian? I mean they are smart, they know Chinese have no option but to vote for them and the demographics are changing in the city. You see, in future they… Read more »


Again kbkb blindly. What Lims? He is no longer CM but is Susu cried over spilled milk. Now is Chow. Developers are not only found in Penang, There are more and bigger developers in other states. There are national developers swallow Eco W apart from Sime. Maybe you are jealous and unable to convince developers to move to PAS KB. Why not blame the Federal why no manufacturing, shipyards? Foreigner Investors have to go through the Commonwealth to get free tax for their investments and not from Chow, Lims or Teh Susu. You do not support any party but you… Read more »

Milk Tea

Chow is definitely much better than Niao Kong, humble guy. As for the party itself, I see it no different than Gerakan. What makes you think they are better? Penang has no future unless you are working in real estate. The city don’t produce anything other than some street food and art. We have more than 10 years under them and they have failed miserably. The only reason you always seem to give is that they are not long enough in federal. I’m giving my vote for independents who have the idea for change, or will be spending their time… Read more »


Teh susu, what you want the City to produce? You unable to name what you want the city to produce. You fail worst. Teh leaves? Building Kandang kerbau in the city and rearing cows to supply milk and export to Australia and New Zealand? Or chai drink to India?
Last time, you said you do not want to vote. Now you want to vote independents like those in Sabah. Those independents are Dumno friendly your favourite.


Again, kbkb. see no better, see no good, fail miserable. Dont kbkb. Tell us what is good? Like tunlang and schoolboy telling this no good, that no good. What is good then? what is the direction and what is the BEST way? You only can do a protest vote and vote for any independents? What can independents do? History shows the most government is mainly geared towards 2 party system.


KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 12 — The Gerak Independent (GI) movement said its politically unaffiliated candidates would be ready to be fielded by March, coinciding with the launch of its People Elect app.

The movement comprising groups such as Malaysian Action for Justice, Unity Foundation (Maju), I Am The Third Force, KitaBantuKita, and Malaysia First said it has shortlisted many potential candidates.


Azmin not shaking so long as he is pulling the string in perikatan.

Abah is now sucumbing to Umno’s demand to save himself.

Now temporary ceasefire until Covid-19 situation improve. Time to reload waiting to fire.