Aliran, Kin Woon slam RPK’s arrest, show-cause letters


Here are a couple of quick reactions.

A statement from the Aliran exco:

RPK’s detention is unjust as it denies him his democratic right to defend himself. He should have been charged in open court in relation to the earlier charges made against him under the Sedition Act. By resorting to the ISA, his innocence can no longer be proven. This is indeed undemocratic, unjust and un-Islamic. Full statement: Release Raja Petra and retract show-cause letters

Aliran member Toh Kin Woon has also come out strongly:

It is blatantly obvious that the state is now resorting to the use of dictatorial and draconian measures to intimidate all those who wish to tell and reveal the truths. Even those who merely do their job honestly as journalists and the newspapers that they work for are not spared. It is increasingly obvious, too, that the present Federal Government is not prepared to allow the space for freedom of speech, including the freedom of the press. Full statement here.

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What has happened smells very familiar… It smells like the work of someone who has done it many times before. Someone who has plenty to gain and nothing to loose… In fact it (is reminscent) of TDM’s handywork…. … the racial … sets the right climate for TDM to exploit the rakyat’s anger and channel it to Badawi. My God, I hope he is awake to realize what is happening now. …We MUST reject all UMNO politicians no matter which side they are on. They care for no one but themselves. Yes protest if we must! Send protest notes to… Read more »

Anak Pulau Pinang

Petition for the release of RPK and Sin Chew Journalist , Tan Hoon Cheng. Yes Bu all means. Anil, suggest you, Din Merican, S Loone and all others work together to generate and collect signatures to petition the Agong. However, Dear Fellow Malaysians, DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT step out to the streets to protest in any form. DO NOT give this … government … the justification to be high handed and heavy handed. If we want to protest, I would call on all to do a Gandhi. Let us all stay home on September 16th. Take leave, keep… Read more »


Hi Anil,

Start a petition to get his release. Get millions to sign , i’m sure we have the numbers.


Was UMNO so scared of RPK…? … to silence RPK by placing him away safely is by using ISA to avoid more revelations … if he is taken to court under the sedition charges???

Come the new Dawn of Malaysia that Justice must now be done to those Guilty …

Adam & The Ants

Insyaallah Sept 16 akan menjadi kenyataan.

may God bless RPK dan se keluarga.



RPK Isa-ed?

This is a message to… BN and UMNO..

we will start to kempen against U harder not just in internet but everywhere …


We must do everything to free RPK. I know RPK (could) be abused under ISA. Let us all who are fighting for justice and fair play stand up and fight for RPK’s freedom.


Yes please do this for RPK while we pray:-


15 sep Kelana Jaya Stadium… be there!
meanwhile… stay cool… use your brains… constuctive protest… but dun do anything stupid..

FREE RPK group started…