Warrant of arrest out for Raja Petra


Malaysia Today reports that Raja Petra Kamarudin has been ordered to report to the ninth floor IPK KL (opposite Pudu Jail) at 10.00am tomorrow. He could be charged for criminal defamation in relation to the sworn statement on 18 June that Deputy Prime Minister Najib’s wife Rosmah was present when Altantuya was blown up.

The NST reports that police have obtained a warrant of arrest against Raja Petra.

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Tom Cat

What a farce. The police rates accusation of sodomy higher than accusation of murder!


G. W. F. Hegel quotes : “What experience and history teach is this – that people and governments never have learned anything from history, or acted on principles deduced from it.” Alex Haley quotes : “Unless we learn from history, we are destined to repeat it. This is no longer merely an academic exercise, but may contain our worlds fate and our destiny.” For now, you know who & his boys have got this CORRECT strategy for PM & DPM to remain for another 2 years until 2010…..as everyone is squeezing everyone’s “Orbs”. This carrot is also a saviour for… Read more »


Yo, Bro Pete. Still not able to comment on your blog. Hope this message gets to you. To recap things you mentioned about your trump card and only revealing at the appropriate timing. Be sure you have the international media around and someone out of this country’s judiciary (unless there’s someone you can put your life on) to be there. Trust no assurances given by the G…. to entice you to reveal your source. Anyway, you’re a smart man and should know your way around. Please fellow bloggers (except those on the G…. payroll), pass the word around to loved… Read more »


Can anyone sow me alternative ways to get to malaysia-today.net as i couldnt get in since several hours ago. Would really appreciate anyone’s help. Thanks!


Daulat, Tuanku!
Dengarlah rintihan patik-patik yang hina ini, tuanku.

Daulat, Tuanku!
Semoga tuan dicucuri rahmat.

Daulat, Tuanku!
Dengarlah, Tuanku, dengarlah rintihan patik-patik ini.
Daulat, Tuanku.

Noor Aza Othman

First Anwar, now RPK! The … Umno and … police don’t like justice being defended for the sake of rakyat’s good! Barbaric criminals including rapists and murderers get off scot-free many times; where even unfortunate Altantuya’s murderers and possible rapists (may be) confident about being freed eventually since they talk about “performing Haj” if freed! And yet these… Umno leaders keep describing this is what Malay-Islamic civilization is supposed to be about under their so-called progressive what-the-heck-is “Islam Hadhari” civilization!! But hang on there dear brave Anwar and RPK! Both of you have set such new chapters, and progressive ones,… Read more »


Fools rule this land and it is very dangerous. Not a joke. When tyrants and fools are heading the government, the nation will be in chaos and every step taken will bring more and more disaster. A sad day for the people and nation.
When Saiful complained they arrest DSAI.
When RPK complains they arrest RPK !

What a wonderland we live in ! Hurray to this nation of ours !

raj raman666

Better to say everyone next who dont kow tow to current Goverment.

Rajraman.which blogger next?


What the Fxxx over here. R they really wanna to challenge our patience ! Police like s******, this is our country…..


Malaysia-Today hacked again and I am pissed off.
Anyway, my RM80 subscription to Malaysiakini is well spent.

My thoughts and prayers are with you brother RPK.
As are my thoughts and prayers are with DSAI,Datin Sri Azizah and her kids.



raj raman666

Soon everybody under seige.
rajraman.looking for shelter.


This government is now afraid of its own shadow.

Hope and pray the people do not lose heart and sense of direction.

UMNO is hellbent on maintaining the pecking order.

So we must ensure that Party is denied the chance to form the next government.

Lets just be prepared to be another Burma…


I hope RPK stays strong, a bit diff to DSAI, i actually think RPK is looking for his day in court!!!

ONly in court can he reveal all he knows.


Immediately after Anwar was escorted in,the malaysian TV were busy showing malaysian army training clips to scare rakyat.Have the govt. declared war on the rakyat or what?


What a farce

Najib is showing his force and power?

Sad day for Malaysia, the rulers must act now or what good are they for the rakyat


Unless RPK really wants to be charged and tried, he should try moving to his cousin’s residence in Shah Alam for a while. The place is big enough for an extended holiday. Don’t think even the UTK dare to storm the place.

That would really be interesting, and could bring about some significant development …

Concerned Citizen

The monkey show is on again. Stay tuned everyone for tomorrow episoded. Today show recapped; Dato Seri Anwar was detained by lots of ……. behind mask and black glasses. Dato Seri is a criminal like Osama?? Well, I don’t think so, he might be dangerous with his powerful debating skills but that doesn’t hurt no one or wrong by the law of malaysia. Someone who is really Kurang aJar has spoken out so that the DNA of Dato Seri be taken. What’s the purpose?? I think is the same old cerita of 1998, … so that court could charge him… Read more »

Mr. Mugam

Wow. Now the authorities is getting serious and deeper towards the case of Altantuya. lets hope the justice will prevail and the guilty person will be punish eventually, sooner.