Wanted: Far-reaching reforms


I notice press reports mentioning the DAP’s three promises should Pakatan take over Putrajaya:

  • RM1,000 annually for senior citizens
  • Free nationwide wifi
  • Abolition of the postal summons (saman ekor)

Shouldn’t a progressive electoral platform highlight the following:

  • the stamping out of corruption and abuse of power at all levels
  • a minimum wage or a minimum living income – more multiplier effect, given that 34 per cent of workers earn wages below the poverty line.
  • high-quality, efficient, universal healthcare at a nominal charge and an end to the privatisation of essential services
  • an immediate repeal of the ISA and other detention without trial laws and ratification of international human rights treaties
  • measures to narrow the income gap
  • reinstatement of local council elections plus village elections
  • upholding of sustainable development and environmental protection including independent EIAs and SEIAs for all significant projects
  • loans for small business folks, fisher folks and farmers
  • land titles for those with customary rights to the land
  • restoration of the independence of the judiciary, election commission
  • affordable housing for all
  • a strong social security system that would cater to senior citizens, people with disabilities, the poor, etc
  • the promotion of food self-sufficiency (but not via corporate agriculture)
  • a revamp of the education system
  • measures to address the digital divide, including adequate facilities for schools

And that’s just for starters.

I am looking for far-reaching reforms, not just superficial sweeteners.

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Why do you want ‘far-reaching reform’ ?

Don’t you see that BN has been promising big reform plan all these years but they are all talk and little action. What is the success rate of all those grandiose plan under the various Malaysian Plans?
BN is only good in building white-elephant-type types of monuments, istana, pintu gerbang etc to enrich its ali-baba cronies. Now with APCO, everything also sounds big but actually hollow as no results from implementation.

We want austerity plan to cut wastage and corruption.
No need far reaching reform.

Phua Kai Lit

Dear Anil Here’s the latest version of my “wish list” BRAINSTORMING FOR MALAYSIA Malaysia establishes a National Health Service (like the NHS in the United Kingdom) Malaysia starts a programme of “Healthy Cities” and “Healthy Communities” Malaysia introduces a programme to “green” its cities and towns Malaysia introduces a system of “fair price shops” to sell affordable basic foods to poor people (like in Kerala, India) Malaysia nationalizes its water, power and sanitation companies Malaysia introduces a Finland-style system of primary and secondary education Malaysia introduces a U.S.-style system of higher education Malaysia introduces a German-style apprentice system for low… Read more »

Phua Kai Lit

Food for thought from the late British intellectual Tony Judt:


Sandiwara XYZ

Hi, Dear Anil, may be it should be like these: 1.Nab all those evil goons from the rougue political parties, rouge judges, rouge police top brass, rouge public servants top brass, rouge politicians etc who are corrupted, let them be detained under ISA etc so that they will be able to taste their own medicines, then put them in prison and charge them for treason. 2. Set up special task force to track down all their ill gotten assets which they have stolen from the people for the past 50 years, and return it back to the people. 3. Put… Read more »


Wah Ken still typing at 3.54 am in the morning, no need to sleep ah? Ya, that Ah Gong (Eu soon) and another one is k, the languages used by these two to bash LGE were venomous. Bad for their own body actually, beware !!! Maybe they should share with the readers what LGE had done to them otherwise it only reflects badly on themselves – backfired la…. You dont gain respect that way, i dont know how about the rest but after one or two comments from them, i read no more. To me,Gerakan k is still acceptable, he… Read more »


Najib keeps mentioning about his wishes and idealism as contained in the 10th Malaysian Plan. As the PM, he should appreciate better than the rest of us about the concept of walk the talk. How could you march forward and expect your followers to follow you when they have no confidence in what you say to them? The case in point is about good governance. Can Najib tell us that under the 10th MP there is a commitment for the administration to be “transparent, accountable and open” in its governance? Looking from the people’s perspective, there are the four cases… Read more »

Ken Wong

Ha! ha! ha1 I have been following the comments by Ong Eu Soon. He is obviously harbouring a deep personal hatred of LGE. The type of language he used in describing LGE and the Penang State Govenment’s policies will not help him to win a debate. Very pitiful!


Very true. Just like Komtar Seng.

Dalbinder Singh Gill

Regardless of BN or PR,

the first 3 promises by DAP could have been what that has been outlined by Anil.


What about promises made in GE12, like improving the traffic situation in Penang which is getting worse and the abolishing of Sg Nyior toll ? And just because someone touched on his shoulder…?

What kind of … a leader is that? I think they have conveniently forgotten those promises or failed , and now making new ones, but the most worrying is their big boss… who once mentioned bout Chinese schools n Indian temples and messed up big time all portfolios he held, only god knows what he’ll do when his dream comes through……


Now the intellectual snob is showing.. Why pretend we do not know what this is about. Its what it takes to win elections. All of us will s… all over the place if we don’t have indoor plumbing.


Aren’t you afraid that if you vote for indoor plumbing, you’ll end up living in a toilet?

Ong Eu Soon

You are so smart, why don’t you do what you suggested? I only like to criticise LGE and reserve the right to do so. You want to criticise Najib that is your business. You are just a desperado who try to defend your master. If your master is right why should he be afraid of criticism? Why the knee jerking reaction? Isn’t it true, if LGE follow my advice by implementing micro-finance scheme more people will love him? The truth is you know, I know lah… Your boss is just plain incompetent!!!!!!!!!


The proposals made by Anil must be included in the manifestos of the next GE! This is just but a small step to take to rebuild this country. We must do it for the sake of Malaysia. While LGE may only have stated 3 incentives, which, I personally feel is not going to affect the improvement of the country in a big way, but, it will assist very much the senior citizens, the poor unemployed living in the cities, those in the rural areas and especially those in the estates. But, the major issues affecting the country right now is… Read more »

Ken Wong

I support Anil’s call for far-reaching reforms. But it would be nice if, as starters, the BN Government can provide the three “superficial sweeteners” promised by the DAP. The BN Government is in the position and has the resources to provide these sweeteners immediately to the people. By doing so, I am sure BN will be able to win a lot of votes.

Pala Richie

I don’t know others, but this ‘saman ekor’ abolition gets my vote. … Maybe transport minister is right; we cannot get the traffic police to handover the ‘saman’ in M’sia. It needed to be posted! Most Malaysian are not immoral, uncivilized, dealing with the police (why? ), lead by an example of ‘you help me, I help you’. And DAP has the solutions for it! You get my vote LGE. A society keep increasing ‘saman’, ‘saman ekor’, ‘saman diskaun’, ’saman tak bayar’, ‘saman should be deliver by police to lower chance of bribe’ tell only one single thing. That society… Read more »


Ah Gong is using Anil’s site to advertise for his own’s blog, that is cheap publicity stunt la… No one bothers to leave a comment, he he he !!! I dont read anyway… Yes, Yang, i agree with you, what is wrong to give back to the people RM1,000 than billions being siphoned off year in and year out into the pockets of BN and partners, and still there are some readers in Anil’s blog think it right for the people to accept GST… sigh ! Now catching Long Long Sek to main wayang kulit, but no one believes BN… Read more »


I heard the beloved Penang CM at one of the dinner at Han Chiang Scl. 1)Tackle corruptions at all levels. 2) Open tenders for all projects. 3) Give all senior citizens of Malaysia RM1,000.00 yearly. 4) Free Wi-fi nationwide. 5) Abolish Saman ekor.

Richard Loh

Mr. Anil, I do not think that you are so naive to believe that DAP/PR will only promise these 3 superficial sweeteners, as you call them, and dump all the rest down the drain and expect to capture Putra Jaya comes the 13th GE?


Anil : One by One, Step by Step. Thats the way to kick out Najib and UMNO. We cannot be too naive anymore but be more shrewed

Ong Eu Soon

This is probably the best vision and promises that LGE is capable of.

It is amazing to note that Lim Guan Eng still need the cheap publicity stunt of a welfare handout to shore up his popularity. Lim Guan Eng like to mingle with the crowd, taking photo shots featuring how grateful the senior citizens are when receiving welfare handout from him. The entire efforts are just a poor marketing construct aimed at shoring up Lim Guan Eng’s popularity….

Read the full article here: Give a hand up not a handout


Ong Eu Soon,
Shouldn`t you be telling that to Najib and UMNO. This is a small matter compared to the millions siphoned off by cronies of UMNO… Worse still is the (luring) of Adun.

LGE is doing something that Najib do but not something that Najib has done even WORSE. … Submarine deal, Perak, Port Klang, Bakun, endorsing a criminal for buy election and those found guilty of money politics ETC ETC ETC ETC ETC


Whats wrong with giving out RM1,000/=. Its better to give it to the people then to be cheated and siphoned off by a few cronies of UMNO … that have come to billions.


If someone promised you 10,000 in return for your support and then gave you only 1,000, would you say that was wrong? The 1,000 to old people is the highlight of these three, but it’s still a tiny concession. Are we supposed to be supporting the campaign for Change, or for Small Change? I can’t help thinking that if I’m expected to be grateful for Small Change, then I have the same status as a beggar. If this is intended to win the next General Election, I am deeply disappointed. If this has been quoted out of context, someone needs… Read more »


You are right Anil. For us who are reform-minded, your list is a good start.

However, there are many among us who feel your list does not affect them. For them, they prefer tangible things that affect them directly.

I am sure the DAP in announcing the above 3 measures, does not mean they are abandoning far reaching reforms.

They are just addressing different target groups.



if you want a full list of what DAP and Pakatan’s ation plan, go read:


What LGE did was like a teaser ad before the launching of a blockbuster movie. You need to provide sweetener just like a starter before a maincourse.

You should focus on the ills of the current government who is in office now to siphon rakyat’s money daily via corrupted practices.