Protesters surge into Dataran Merdeka to usher in New Year with anti-price hikes rally


A large crowd estimated at 10000 surged past police and DBKL barriers into Dataran Merdeka to usher in 2014 with a protest against a broad range of tariff, toll and price hikes.

The old cry “Reformasi!” pierced the night air, followed by chants of “Turun! Turun!” as Rafizi Ramli spoke – without a loud hailer.

The following youtube clip was uploaded by PDRMsia!

Witnessing these scenes, Umno-BN leaders (and their corporate cronies) must be feeling jittery as the disaffection over the price hikes (several of which will further contribute to corporate/GLC profits) manifests itself among among the people, or at least a sizeable segment of them.

Many of the protesters appeared to be youths who will be hard-pressed to cope with the rising cost of living. Now, imagine, this is happening before the pro-MNC Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement is signed and the GST is implemented. How will the public react to these two new developments, which are likely to further squeeze the people, even as they reel from the price and tariff hikes?

But salute to the brave Malaysians who defied warnings and claimed their democratic right to assemble peacefully last night. Apart from the festive fireworks elsewhere, there were no explosives, etc, at Dataran Merdeka, were there?

If you were there at the scene of the New Year’s Eve protest, please report below on the mood of the crowd, the conduct of the police and the overall atmosphere.

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Pak Tim

As reported by Harakah, no untoward incident happened. It was a peaceful demonstration.


By coincidence, a few days earlier, they caught a guy “with a history of mental illness” carrying a “home-made bomb” he learnt to make from the Internet. He was caught because he was “behaving susiciously” on his bike, konon. Fuyoh! If you can swallow that, you can swallow anything.


Tanjung Bungah assemblyman Teh Yee Cheu had his head shaved bald today to protest the destruction of Bukit Relau “Botak Hill” in an attempt to remind the DAP of the destruction that happened last year and the damage that has yet to be restored.

I hope to see pictures of bald Yang and botak tunglang on this blog.
They should shave their head in 2014 and not just talk with no action.


Taking cheap shots at others holds no water. Get more intelligent in your superficial & purposeless comments, not speak like a babbling tongue-in-cheek school boy scout.



This is an opportunity for you to get featured on The Star, with botak head!

Happy New Year.
Please kick start a new round of food talk, not sure if street food pleasure is now compromised by price hike?


Thank God there was no one hurt, the PDRM foto was their records for post YKW and ITS the YOUNG People’s right. Oldies like me too `cluck3′ as they have spooked us feeble good with Fabs and lies of artillery and arsenals… USELESS and Irresponsible … PM. Listen to his NY Message… pure RUBBISH! TURUN organisers pat yourselves for your persistence and conviction – WE need 5.6 million NOT just the 10ks, InshaAllah! NAJIB (& spouse) … MUST `TURUN’ Thanks anil, that was some NY 2014 starters, we love you all for this show of that the `Rakyat’ spoke again… Read more »


This is just the beginning.
Rakyat so far is aware of barang naik, and the effect will kick in when they are in deficit soon.
Teh Tarik at JB up 20sen, Roti Canai up 10 sen already!

Awang Selamat Ori

Those protesters, did they carry grenades with them? Had they overthrown the Government?

Come on, Mr. Anil Netto, you got to be more specific on these two issues as, allegedly, our police had informed the nation of these threats? So again, it had been proven that the police and UMNO baru politicians were ill informed or lying perhaps?

Anyway, Happy New Year 2014 folks and to my dear Mr. Anil Netto.


By the time they carry gun and grenade that will be too late. Preemptive action is a better prevention. The Singapore riot is a good example of why the govt must be firm. We have enough of rally after rally. I just like everyone else do not like price hike but then rally after rally is not the solution. Election have ended more than 7 months ago and the opposition must now work hand in hand for a better solution that is plaguing the country. Its not just Malaysia that is feeling the pinch of the this world wide financial… Read more »


Your politics and methods have been tried with devastating results. In case you don’t realize, you are a second class citizen in your own country. Need I say more?

Smart GrandDaddy should be reaching greater height in 2014 with acknowledgement from The Star recently. Traffic to the sites should scale up.

Commentators like sunnyooi and yang (aka jahara jantan) may be quoted more often while tunglang still awaiting his name to be published on mainstream papers.

Rich Daddy

@sunnyooi: you tak suka, keluar 🙂 I know you are deeply disappointed with that common statement from the rogue coalition, but breeding / nurturing another monster is not the wise action, right ??? We can see the signs of common traits shown in rogue coalition in your new found hero. From flying economy class, to illogical development and lease, to “you criticize I sue you kaw kaw”, to changing the 2 month-old Camry to luxury car !!! His DNA has changed once he tasted power and support granted by you all !!! Still don’t believe me, then monitor that guy… Read more »


If the ruling Government listen to the voices of the people and tighten their belt, then demonstration is not necessary. But, they are just as arrogant as before even though lost the popular votes in GE 13. The 11 cutback are gimmicks to entice Malaysians into believing they are doing something to lighten the burden of the people. Subsidies rationalisation are all dues to the past lavish spending by the leaders that rule the country for 56 years. If at all they are serious in fighting rising cost of living, an even a 10% decrease in Government procurement will suffice… Read more »


The police with their full intelligence resources claimed that there (could) be grenades and pipe bombs used, and chaos/violence to overthrow the government on New Year’s Eve. Can Malaysia be so easily toppled? Did anything close to this happen? Nothing. I did not see a single thing except the protestors having a very peaceful rally.

So, what has happened? Who is wrong? Again, I am not surprised the police and Utusan have been spinning about the rally. What type of professionalism have the police and Utusan shown? None except to spin instead of doing proper work! Credibility lost.


Rich Daddy,

I am very sad that you are so used to such phrases that you use it so lightly.

Our idea of what constitutes good leadership differs in so many ways.

1. Mine is confident and decisive. Yours wears the flip flop.

2. Mine takes what he deserves openly and transparently. Yours had no such intention but to the same effect due to the scale.

3. Mine think progressively on development and job creation. Yours use it as a means to stay in power.

It’s fine to criticize, but i cannot accept being patronized.


Smart GrandDaddy, are you trying to seek cheap publicity from someone else’s blog?
Blogging purpose is to create issue awareness & sometimes takes elements of risks (of being sued).
Go drink coffee @ Starry-Eyed Bucks or go walk Straits Quay, go for your heart & mind.


Sunnyooi@, How do you define first or second class. To the poor Malay they regards themselves as second class when they see so many rich Chinese. You said I am confident and decisive but you have deceive your ownself. You can`t even stand above one self because someone said or regard you as second class.


Rich Daddy, you speaks within reasonable doubting & glaring evidences of what is morphing into something undesirable in our midst – a wannabe BeeEnd cakap tai serupa bikini. Of course, saying such will hurt ‘deeply’ some hero/deity worshippers who pray with no brains of reason & ethics. All they see is superficiality of congested one way streets, unaffordable high-end condos, unbelievable botak-ed hills for the rich & famous, gaudy theme parks & soon to be Darth Vader’s playstation at Penang Hill. And all that are AOK! Rich Daddy, I don’t think you are the past GK. Your style of comment… Read more »

Gerakan K

Ok, stop all these debate whether RIch Daddy is Gerakan K or not. I’m hereby to declare that Rich Daddy is Ex-Gerakan K. Now check my avatar (the picture) with previous GK avatar.