Over 400 protest against Peaceful Assembly Bill


Over 400 people gathered at KLCC this afternoon to protest against the Peaceful Assembly Bill.

Pak Samad reads out a poem on the right to freedom of assembly - Photograph via Twitter

A similar protest was held last Saturday at the same venue.

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I really wonder how effective the Peaceful Assemble Bill will be even if made into law. In the Arab Spring they have soldiers shooting at protesters and in the end the dictatorial government still got to fall. Do they really think that silly law like this which is being opposed by so many people can be a real a deterent when you have a people moved into action? The UMNO morons have grossly underestimated people’s power.

Swatow Pek

Najib must listen to rakyat.
How can the Bill be peaceful if the rakyat protest about it?

Mymmar now moving for better democracy while Najib put on the reverse gear.

Jerry Chin

Alamak!!! these people are just too free. Perhaps after having their meal, they have no …. That’s why they do stupid thing by participating in that so-called peaceful assembly just to listen to bedtime stories given by a look-alike Malaysian style Kitaro under man made rain. Interesting but yet pathetic.

Go get a life (a proper one), will you guys& gals???

Ahmad Sobri

Posting under different name again, this joker! TOKZ!

Remember, this is anilnetto, you cannot just get away with what you are doing dude!

The readers here are far too smart for you, you are just no match, dude!

NK Khoo

MCA cybertropoer, that activity is still better than Chua Sok Lek’s bed game with his mistress.

Andrew I

You should ask CSL to tell you some bed time stories and if you lack imagination, one story is in DVD format. Isn’t technology wonderful?


Be careful. nkkhoo is a mca supporter from Muar.

NK Khoo

I condemned LGE means I support MCA. That is why BN can control Malaysia for 50 years due to stupidity of its people like you.


I heard someone gave these … free shower today. Surprising today didn’t RAIN & I guess that’s why these … are indeed feeling HOT, hot, HOT, hot. Ain’t the water sprinkles are being sooooo KIND that it decides to give … BATH to these stooges.

Simple rules also CANNOT faham ka???

K Gerakan

Hello PKFZ, kali ini tak guna famous lubricant initials anda? Terima kasih untuk air percuma. Lagi best. Panas lah, oay.

Gerakan K

Ayoyo anil, jangan pakai nama sayalah bila mau attack orang lain. Nanti orang akan salah faham. Reputasi Gerakan K akan terjejas !!!


Ya Reputasi serupa umno = pembohong, penipuan, rasuah, skandals, racis, cover up serupa NFC, Scorpene, Altatunya dan banyak banyak lagi

Andrew I

Like we care.

siew eng

again, the third-class management of this so-called first-class facility was so terrified of a peaceful gathering that they cordoned off with metal barriers the entire fountain area, on the pretext of ‘cleaning in progress’. they also turned on sprinklers where we congregated in the park. their intention was to chase people off benches, but it had the effect of cooling us on a rather hot day – so thanks!


ever since Bersih 2.0, Pak Samad has not been heard or seen over RTM or Utusan. Must hav been blank-out ?

Pak Samad reads patriotic poems.