Protesters massacred in Bahrain


Disturbing scenes as security forces fire live bullets on pro-democracy supporters in Bahrain. Dozens have been massacred over the last three days. Even medical staff were not spared the outrageous brutality.

This is the brutal response from a regime, a key US ally in the region, that is fearful of its own people’s legitimate demands. They think they can silence the people’s voices with bullets and batons.

We join in solidarity to express our sorrow and outrage at what has taken place.

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James Bond

Bahrain, Egypt, Tunisia….people willing to die for a cause…

Malaysia…status quo… one willing to only…

Gerakan K

Congrats to security forces in Bahrain. They really qualified as security forces. Unlike the flops in Tunisia and Egypt.

What security forces must do when confronting with protesters ???

Warning, warning, warning and finally SHOOT TO KILL.

That is all. Our Malaysian security forces must do the same.

Bigger Mouth

Just like what they did to the Chinese back in 1969?

Is that what you call “professionalism”?

Gerakan K

1969 ??? Your year of birth ??? Or Mickey Mouse birth year ???

Care to elaborate ???


Gerakan K represents the dark side of 1malaysia, that will emerge after BN regains 2/3 majority.

Be warned!

K S Ong

So far in Tunisia and Egypt, the people won. Bahrain must have decided to have the upper hand in a similar situation. But history has shown, people’s power will triumph eventually, with the unfortunate loss of lives. The leaders should accept their fate when it is generally known that they are not wanted, and not use force to cling on to power.

Bigger Mouth

The people won nothing.

Egypt and Tunisia will fall into chaos very soon, the radical arm of the Islamic movement will make sure of that, since they are poised to take over in the midst of the chaotic situation.

I give them 5 years to achieve what they have achieved in Iran.


You are right.

The middle-east countries has yet to learn from the Europeans/US to separate the state from religion.

I guess they will learn the lesson the hard way, after massive bloodbath.


Every successful revolution will begin with some loss of brave lives.


Bahrain government is inspired … to uphold its ‘ketuanan’.


This is a serious miscalculation by the Bahrain govt. The king and the Kalifa family are in serious trouble now.

The Crown Prince had come to ask for calm and dialogue. But it is too little and too late after the second round of live fire and people dead. The anger is now on a boil. The most inspiring sight is a picture in Al -jeezera showing a Bahraini army officer kissing the hand of a female demonstrator. If the Bahrainis in the army supports the demonstrator, it will be Murbarak all over again.

Bigger Mouth

The Royals are Sunnis.

The protesters are Shias.

The relationship between the Sunnis and the Shias are like water and fire.

Whereas in Egypt most of the Muslims are Sunnis, and the army and government are Sunnis as well.

If protests are to break out in Kuwait what happened in Bahrain will happen there. It’s Sunnis against the Shias.


What is the situation of the Shias in Malaysia?

Are they banned?