Pokok Demokrasi draws more visitors


The Perak State Assembly member for Canning, Wong Kah Woh, reports here that more visitors are checking out the Democracy Tree and its five “offshoots” in Ipoh.

He also points out here that according to the Perak Legislative Assembly (Privileges) Enactment 1959, para 3 of the Schedule clearly states that assembly members are immune from any civil or criminal proceedings “for anything done or said before the Assembly”.

No person shall be liable to any civil or criminal proceedings, arrest, imprisonment or damages by reason of any matter or thing which he may have brought by petition, bill, resolution, motion or otherwise, or have said before the Assembly.

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thanks anil


hello anil

can somebody help where is the location of pokok demokrasi?



It’s along Jalan Istana in Ipoh, across the road from the rear entrance of the Perak State Government building, not far from Wisma DAP. – Anil


We are all Malaysians.


the tree should be named as zambri tree of illegality of the highest order


KB Lee, you are perfectly correct if you specified the racial parties…especially UMNO.
Forget about Admiral ChenHo, he is a BN enunch.


KB Lee, stop being so racist, bigoted and “berfikiran kolot”. It is time to go beyond one’s race and religion, and all, including kings and rajas, are equal before God.


It is so comforting to see more learned judges speaking out on our laws and their interpretations, which the immoral ruling govt has been deceiving us by twisting and turning. Whether, we can overcome some of the bad decisions made, will be challenged on another day. For the moment, I feel with deep satisfaction that decent Mamalysians have achieved a moral victory.

KB Lee

In this country we are not run by “RIGHT” and “WRONG” but “BY WHO WE ARE – THE THREE (R)’s. Race, Religion and Royalty.