PM to propose Motion to end all Emergencies


A Member of Parliament has just received a Notice that the PM will be proposing a Motion to end all Emergencies.

“That means all the Emergency Ordinances will lapse after six months,” said Dr Jeyakumar Devaraj, the MP for Sungai Siput.

The motion would very likely be coming up after the parliamentary session on the Budget, said Jeyakumar when contacted in Parliament.

That’s the good news.

But if Najib is serious about ushering in democracy, then he must revamp the so-called ‘Peaceful Assembly Bill’ to make it democratic and uphold the right to freedom of assembly.

He must also abolish all detention without trial laws and not resurrect them under new laws with more ‘politically correct’ sounding names. He must uphold the basic right to an open trial as enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

If Najib doesn’t do this, all his high-falutin’ talk of ushering greater democracy is just a sham.

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I’ve noticed the recent posts by Anil are now running 100% either negative towards PR or positive toward BN.

It may be purely coincidental, and I have no other information, so I won’t make any other comments or judgement, but I wonder if Anil would care to comment….


Malaysia takes in any form of Arabisation without questioning.

I guess the next Arabisation will be the ‘Arab Spring’.

Najib is so scared that he has to put up an anti-assembly bill.

Ong Eu Soon

Peaceful Assembly Bill but ban street protest! No police permit needed for demonstration but required to give a 30-day notice to the police, who can impose various restrictions or even reject the proposed time and place for the demonstration. What is the different between this notice and police permit?
Under this Bill, the police can ask the demonstrators to confine their protest in a close door environment where no one can see. Then what is the point to have demonstration? This is a dumb attempt to deny us the rights for demonstration.


Like the “peaceful assembly” bill, I smell a rat. No way he is getting rid of it without some scheme. The man is doing another one of his ‘bait-and-switch’. He is up to something.


Action speaks louder and sincerity than Shiok-Shiok sendiri PR to kepala dalam lubang ostrich.
We are no more fools! Our minds are Bersih and clear as blue sky.
BTW, where’s the petrol price reduction as per global market price?
All … talk but no sincerity of promises.


Can we ever trust this ammo Najib. Repeal ISA and come out with an even more restrictive law.


I would not put my hopes on Najib walking the talk. His track record is abysmal. All talk, no delivery. Flip-flop, U-turns and outright denials. Just the last few days, his scrapping of the ISA has turned out to be a big joke – new law to replace the ISA will still have detention without trial. And his peaceful assembly law turned out to be a lie – still have restriction as before. Some say even worse. Whatever happened to the supremacy of the Constitution, specifically Article 10? (And we have Jamil And Nazri claiming that homosexuality is un-Constiotutional!) To… Read more »


If the ‘Peaceful Assembly Bill’ becomes law, with what has been reported in the press, I fear Bersih 3 is impossible.
I guess, Bersih 3 has to be launch soon if we hope this proposed bill to fail.


Even without the Peaceful Assembly Bill, Bersih has already been not allowed and outlawed.

Richie Hee

Under the new bill by Najib’s regime, RM20,000 fine from each of those protesters above would give the Penang Govt millions of ringgit!