PKR rep sacked from GLC post speaks out: Why the dramatic reaction?


The PKR reps are concerned about new not-yet-approved land reclamation projects not the previous ones, says Kebun Bunga rep Cheah Kah Peng, in a letter to the people of Penang.

Questioning mega projects and voting based on conscience: Stop deviating from real issues and allow us to defend the rights of ordinary Penangites

1. Massive privatised land reclamation projects increased public concerns

First of all, let me emphasise that I am for development and improving our transportation plan for Penang; of course there must be transparent information and public consultation process according to the law.

For the past few years, the people of Penang have been showing signs of concerns about hill land development and seafront land reclamations, the land swaps, and the privatisation deals which have been arranged.

Recent news of a few thousand acres of reclamation both at the North East and the South West of Penang Island had again raised eyebrows of the environmentalists, NGOs and worried coastal fishermen. Some economists and researchers had also questioned whether the projected growth of Penang can justify such massive reclamation and whether the party benefiting from such massive reclamation and land swaps will be the people of Penang. As elected representatives of the people of Penang, we take heed of the critics, and my State Assembly colleagues and I, are of course, looking very close at the issues.

2. State Assembly requested further info from Public Accounts Committee’s report on reclamation

A simplified version of PAC Public Accounts Committee’s《Major Road and Tunnel Project Report》was given to us at a very late stage during the November 2015 State Assembly sitting. The report was brief, and we were left with some unanswered questions, though the matter was discussed partially in the State Assembly at time. The Speaker of the Assembly Dato Law Choo Kiang, had subsequently ordered a new and more complete Report to be prepared again for the coming State Assembly and its members.

3. Legislators are not back stabbers, neither are we rubber stamps

We are always reminded that any land in the hands of the government belongs to the people. The government is trustee for the people and therefore must justify all disposal of public land, be it existing or through reclamation. With public information and from the PAC Report, we the State Assembly persons requested more clarification about the pros and cons, costs and details of the privatised mega reclamation and land swap projects.

For a reclamation case situated at the North East side of Penang Island, we were informed by the PAC that the tunnel’s “feasibility report” and the required “environmental impact report” have not been completed, and that the government has agreed to pay a large payment of RM138,971,572.61 for the feasibility report and design, and that the sum was approved by relevant government departments years ago. The whole feasibility report is worth RM305,003,880.00 and mainly to be paid with land swap which involved exchanges of two lots at Tanjung Pinang, Tanjung Tokong.

Questions had been raised by few State Assembly persons on the land swap and reclamation, and we were unsure of how the feasibility test justifies such a large payment amount and in exchange for the two lots of reclaimed land.

Thus, with the public interest issues raised by the public and the PAC Report on reclamation, the six concerned State Assembly persons (one from the DAP and five from Keadilan) had chosen to vote for (1 DAP) and abstain (five Keadilan) when voting on the said motion.

4. The issues are on “future” “new” reclamation and “public hearings”

The misleading “Reviewing old reclamation will bankrupt the state” statement is a fallacy.

I believe the statement which said: “Review of old reclamation will bankrupt the state” (as opposed to the call for “public interest consultation on new reclamation”) is misleading and incorrect.

The crux of the matter and the issue here is on “review” of “not yet approved” “new” reclamation plans, and to advocate public participation and consultation. The so called “Review of old reclamation plan will bankrupt the state” can be seen as an incorrect statement that confuses Penangites.

Logically speaking, what is “a new, future, not yet approved project” cannot be “an old reclamation project” and therefore will never have the chance to become a rescinded agreement which would land the current government into trouble – being sued and bankrupted – like what some would say.

5. Continuously defaming and character assasination against us will not stop us from asking questions

In short, the six State Assembly persons were just voting for “Review and public consultation on new reclamation projects”. No sane person would be able to understand why a public interest decision like this had brought about such tantrums, not to mention continuous vicious abuse and attack on the six assembly persons over the past three months.

The State Assembly persons were elected by the people of Penang to help scrutinise all government administration be it federal, state or council, which we were doing, and will continue to do so.

I just want to ask these questions:

  • Is it wrong to defend the interests of Penang?
  • Is it wrong to ask for public hearings on reclamation projects involving our seafront areas?
  • Is it wrong to ask the government and developers to clarify and account for the seafront land which they are getting for reclamation projects?
  • Why do some politicians need to have such a dramatic reaction when we the people’s representatives asked questions on land swaps in the State Assembly? Why?
  • Isn’t the State Assembly the best place to ask questions on state affairs?
  • Or is there anything we the peoples representatives should not know? Then tell us, if the state does not what us to know anything.

6. The abstention prompted series of public hearings

The reality is, subsequent to the abstention, the government had started a series of public consultations and a public hearing process to engage Penangites into understanding the land swap and seafront developments. It is a good start, and we are eagerly awaiting more information on the open tender and award of some of these mega projects.

7. People’s representatives should not be bullied into submission

Penang Hill Corporation has nothing to do with seafront reclamation; the chairman nevertheless chose to force me out of the PHC Board. I also do not believe that forcing me out of the PHC Board has anything to do with my views on Penang Hill developments.

As State Assemblyman of Kebun Bunga, Penang Hill is part of my constituency. It is a known fact that the management and development of Penang Hill falls under the administration of Penang Hill Corporation. Depriving any Kebun Bunga State Assemblyman or woman from involvement in the Board of Penang Hill Corporation would be effectively depriving the Kebun Bunga constituents their constitutional rights to benefits derived from a democratic electoral system.

I believe it is a big mistake the Penang Hill Corporation has done, and may even be illegal, corporately speaking; so I would advise them to rectify, apologise and do the neccesary. I will inform my constituents of this grave injustice and continue to assist the people of Penang Hill despite the oppression.

8. United we stand

The force extraction of me from PHC, which is part of my constituency, is ultra vires and a hasty act. I really do not want to be in any part of this manoeuvre, but unfortunately we are inevitably stuck with it.

I wish to go on serving my constituency, and will continue to act as a State Assemblyman and Penangite to defend the interests of Penang. And I take this opportunity to call out for all the help we can get to better Penang, to build Malaysia, and to better our Pakatan Harapan’s administration.

Thank you for all the support, People of Penang.

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There has been talks that PKR could align with Najib before the next GE if Najib could release Anwar from prison to join force to fight common enemy Dr Mahathir. Signs are there as PKR has not been cooperating with DAP. Even Wan Azizah did not attend LKS’s birthday function. Just watch for coming development, as Zahid Hamidi was once an ally of Anwar.


Meanwhile Tengku Adnan said Muhyiddin was suspended in Umno in accordance to Article 9.8.2 of the Umno constitution which stated that the deputy president must assist the president in carrying out his duties. “In Muhyiddin’s case, he did not discharge his obligations as required under the party constitution,” he added.


“In the face of public outrage at his leadership, Najib is using all the power that he has to suppress the voice of the opposition and silence his critics. We are really witnessing the collapse of democratic institutions and the emergence of a new dictatorship,” Muhyidin warned.


I hope Muhyiddin to act now, mere talk is no use.
Get the former AG to produce the evidence to implicate the PM.


Muhyiddin – Usai Hutang 1MDB, Apakah Selesai Masalah ?


Muhyiddin really made sense in his speech. No wonder he is seen as a threat to the Umno regime.

Lynda Wms

Honestly, I find it rather scary all the happenings in Penang.
Last year I went to Penang for a short trip n saw the massive development like high rise buildings n wondered how is the state going to cater for all the additional people who resides there. Already, the traffic jams are the daily occurrence faced by the people. And my trip wasn’t during the peak festival periods.
When I got back to KL ,yes, there are also development but it wasn’t suffocating like in Penang.


To cater for all the additional people? Flesh + warm blooded or disembodied + cold? This is a false first impression from all the high rise development going on. It is an opportunistic game (to super-profit while the Penang Local Plan go missing) between the developers & the CAT gomen headed by Venerable Niao Kong. Swap-deal money is all that matters in this unholy political-corporate tango skewed towards unaffordable housing, no matter how you look at it. One side (desperately) needs Money, the other side (greedily) needs land, existing or reclaimed from the sea. So, the negotiation fine prints can… Read more »


Ask Penang forum and enjoy kopi kau kau how to cater for ADDITIONAL people who resides there? Ban people and cars like TMI like armno gomen. Yes year of monkey. Want Gomen to no see no hear and no speak.
So as outsider you agree the congestion. Penang island very big island. No need to expand. Even the Airport.


Dare to go to Penang Forum & show your face?
I guess you still need a mask!
Btw, no backsides for ‘Z’ slash over there!


Another tokong and kosong. Nothing to say, debate and suggestions except like old broken LP record playing on the turn table over and over.


You mean Penang forum can do like what they did to our former DMP? I see everyone must follow and OBEY especially to you?


After threaten Gomen kopi kau kau, can threaten small potato sup sup sui if show my face. Lucky year of monkey just begins and has to ask him for help


Wah, after threaten Gomen kopi kau kau, threaten small potato sup sup sui if I show my face to Penang forum. We have red shirts, backside shakers, ikan bakar. What next?

Sia Boey

Why talk so much nonsense, not even staying in Penang?
Show you face without the mask lah!
Otherwise, talk sense.
And also don’t practice blaming others.
Who want to topple your Tokong, so shiok for your support!


congratulation to both. now you have a new tokong and macai. who really start the blame game of heavy road congestion and people wants to gamble their money on properties. who is the bo sia boey talking like guli man? if I am not from penang why should i support my tokong. oh we see you have s new tokong and macai


Lynda, btw are you sure there are congestion? But someone here retorted no lights and emtpy. In highrise residents. So how can the roads be congested unless the they cannot afford own cars. They take rapid penang or have to walk and bicycle. Maybe hawkers and coolie give up walk and kapcai and drive cars. Then they must be doing well and buy high-rise as investment properties.


Rambling is cheap. Pls go to Times Square condos to see for yourself.
Unless your eyes are smoke-screen by joss-sticks!
Can or Not? (Unless you are not a Penangite).


Try to pretend some hawkers are not doing well. Some are renting out properties and like goose laying golden eggs buying after one and other. Why worry if one open kopi tiam in wild wild East where there is not many people or if developer cannot sell his properties or owner hardly stay there? It is up to those rich like jho low as how theyb want to throw money around as long they do not throw at people’s faces.

Sia Boey

Woi, lu cakap betul kah?
Developers now have hard time selling units, affordable and unaffordable.
Have to sell 400K affordable homes via “backdoor” after your Tokong set at unbelievable 400K.
One housing agent told me he can secure these for 390K sap sap soi.
You want or not?
Next time don’t simply draw your zorro!


we all including your tokong and penang forummers are happy to hear the developer have many unsoldable units in stock and his investment is stuck. let him and others think twice. we still want to kau peh and kau bu if his business is not doing well? better if he make a big loss. this is a free market. you open as many as teh tarik shops as you like when your new tokong and many of us drinks kopi kaukau.


Lynda, visitors or non penang islanders are not welcome. you come and congest the place and jack up house prices. see how hong kongers spilt at china mainlanders when they shop, congest and buy investment properties and driving prices up in hk

ronald quay

there is such a thing called collective responsibility. mr cheah kah peng is a member of the ruling pakatan state government of penang. he may agree or disagree with the EXCO or in this case the chief minister. this is perfectly all right. however, when it comes to voting in the state assembly, as a matter of principle, he must fall in line with his party when it comes to EXCO policies, unless of course, the state government had decreed it is a conscience vote which in this case it wasn’t. it is imperative that the members of the ruling… Read more »


Are you implying collective responsibility goes above + beyond & stepping on the rights of the people as represented by the 2 PKR reps?
Then why ask us to vote for what, for whose interests or to be more blunt – to blow-up the inflatable b… of CAT?


Malaysians elect aduns to be directors.

Ed Soo

LGE has become … arrogant!!


His confidence is misjudged as arrogance.
But we all prefer him to any other BN leaders.


Yes, i agree Hubert, his confidence is misjudged as arrogance.


converselg pkr aduns are very confidence but show arrogant thinking they are pkr members not the rocket party


From arrogant to megalomania!
Past conducts speaks volume.
A confident man is also a forgiving man.
Does fear of backstabbing shows any distinction of confidence?
More of a Kia-Su Kia-Si learnt from SingLand.


But some love the haughty arrogance b’cos they are of the same kind? Maybe. Or most likely. Note: Have you not heard of a Gu (Bull) which is characterised as arrogance by majority of Chinese? Or should I say an excuse for selfish alter-ego thro’ Niao Kong to confront BeeEnd or anyone who dares to think differently without using common sense & EQ like Azmin (PKR) in difficult situations. To the extend they cannot function (brain wise) as an individual but perpetually hang on to an idol borders on the edge of infallibility & falsehood that may lead us all… Read more »


“Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

The CM was reported as saying reclaimed land will be higher than “tsunami waves.” Has he heard of sea level rise due to global warming? How far away does he think this is?

Nowadays, we are “advised” not to speculate or accuse without proof. One Federal official even advised the public not to speculate on a recent earthquake.


no need to speculate. mal engrs have designed important structues for minor earthquake and levrl rise. get it? blgs have design life of :50 years but dudes wants them forever. the mantaenace will be high and high risk like fire as they do not meet today’s stds


After drunk kopi kau kau supercharged, semua pun boleh. Malaysia boleh ola la.


Can anyone confidently predict how high will be the next tsunami?
I would love to get a prediction from Venerable Niao Kong when will he exit from Komtar Tower of See No Botak Hills.


These representatives can voice their objection, but not on Pakatan tickets. Dr. Lim Chong Eu once agreed to share the Penang state seat with fellow Barisan from MCA, from none to half of Gerakan seats in the state, the result of that is well known when MCA get 1 more seat than Gerakan in one of the election, they wanted the chief minister post. PKR should return to Selangor, DAP can do well in Penang.


Truth is DAP Selangor have a lot of issue with Azmin but bite their tongue. Selangor is rich, lots of land, strategically located. It can afford to be less discipline and close an eye. They never bought the Khalid story, just accepted reality of partnership especially when PAS is like a nuclear bomb to them.

For DAP, so long as PKR is not too close to UMNO/PAS then they can focus on what they do. Any negatives from PKR can be washed by doing much better elsewhere.


aziz was proposed as a councillor but was rejected. who is more dictator and like north korea strongman.


We will see which leadership will triumph in the longer run.
One has emotional intelligence, the other thrives on undying admiration & worshipping.


Of course you are better. You want to offer umno style or mah’s style where he promise telor intan university even he is inside the pm office as a minister in pm. You just want to retard Penang and block opportunities for the future generation. They will go to places which offer challenges like NUS, Oxford etc and OX village university in Penang. Even in China, many rural people are flocking to tiet 1 to 3 coastal cities for better opportunities.


Can’t quite understand your logic. Penang doesn’t belong to DAP or Selangor to PKR. Penang belongs to us. The GLC positions are NOT party positions where the political leaders can decide based on party considerations. These are public positions that serve the public and not the political parties or their masters.


Before the votes (of mind, body & spirit) are cast, Penang surely belongs to Penangites in every aspect.
After getting the votes, Penang belongs to that entity that can sell mind, body & spirit to the highest bidders.
Not surprising the unrelenting calls for Penangites to cross channel to transmigrate to other states in an unprecedented social-engineering unseen before 308.

Will Barclay

Five square miles of reclaimed land will require a vast amount of infill from somewhere. Is this where our hills will end up? That would solve any problems for developing land above 250 feet!


You are spot on! Did you also note that the whole development is touted as for public use (example the park) but why even we need another park when the hills are denuded and destroyed and the greens lungs are sold to property developers?

That LGE took the effort to write to press on the new mega plan is a sure sign that this project’s destructive impact. Did you note that he was only talking about the park yet the park itself is a tiny playground while property developments takes a gigantic slide of the area?


Under the religion of capitalism, mountains, forests, minerals, shores, etc. are all under-utilised assets, sometimes occupied by troublesome riff-raff. It is a sin to leave them alone. Some of the bigger powers simply launch wars to clear them away and to improve “productivity” and “development.”


you think mal engrs are dude? there are mountains in tong shan and china need not to transport a hill from chins to reclaim reefs into island in s china sea. even sinkapore highest hill ~ gombak is about 300 ft but has increase its size by 1/4.
how to go to the hilld when complain green lane is jam? why town planners? easy for everyone. sea park butterfly park bird park and hii park are different


Bukit Kukus (Paya Terubong) hill cutting is highly suspected for this purpose of land-filling.

Plain Truth

Just as we support LGE in booting our reps who renege on their words, we fully expect the state government to abide by their hillside development policy. LGE should also give his sidekick Chow the boot in the event that houses are built on the Botak hill.


The plain truth is Chow Chow is doing Niao Kong’s bidding – barking at NGOs & the press that ask a lot of more questions. Niao Kong cannot take the heat or else it will explode! That will be bad PR.


Bravo! This is the kind of ADUN & MP that we really wish to have. Only if all our reps are as public-spirited and serviced-minded, then our country and Penang would be a much better place. The sacking of the dissenting reps is a sign of arrogance and intolerance and an abuse of power by an autocratic leader. LGE talks about backstabbing the party. LGE has to remember as the CM, first and foremost he works for and being paid by people and NOT by his party. As such as the CM his first loyalty should be to the people… Read more »


So.much concern BUT, they agreed to the plan in the meetings before the motion? AND if they had so much to say, why not request further discussion, move motion for further discussion instead of letting the whole thing be a political mess for LGE/ DAP. It’s a sabotage no matter how you look at it. PKR got as much snake culture as UMNO/ BN..

Sia Boey No CAT's Playground

SingLand practices absolute obedience, not consensus, is that not right assumption.
Across the border to the north, don’t assume it is another Singland in the making.


Sia Boey gonna have a Art Comic Museum, and may be Alleycats can perform on its opening. Sampaikan Salam from David Arumugam will bring cheers to many ex-Sia Boey folks now residing in Relau.


u are still living in hill tops. lky and now lhl have created special wards to enable some voices in the parlament. now bangla people n burmese are char keow teow in penang. the lalentef ones have left penang. only the scrappings are left in the pot.


The CAT Gomen of Penang has already dictated the “See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil” against Developer Association of Penang even before the Year of Monkey Business. Anything hinting of not toeing-the-line mannerism is accused outright as “You are against us”. Such is the dictatorial leadership that only tasted raw power for nearly 2 terms to become such unbecoming entity, that even some minions love to worship beyond common sense & sense of right + wrong sans the political divide that often blinds the eyes – i.e. see no evil in Tokong. If there is anything right… Read more »