PKR councillor’s sacking from MPSP creates a stir


The Penang state exco has removed Johari Kassim as councillor of the Seberang Prai Municipal Council (MPSP) with effect from 26 June.

Johari, the PKR whip at the council, had led a boycott of the swearing-in ceremony of new council president Mokhtar Mohd Jait, a former district officer of northern Seberang Perai. Johari claimed that the Council president’s post was reserved for PKR.

It remains to be seen what effect his removal will have on DAP-PKR relations in the state, although reports indicate PKR leaders have been consulted. Johari’s removal was a stern warning by the state government to the other MPSP councillors who followed him in the boycott, a state exco member was reported as saying.

One critic, however, labelled the sacking as “another indication of the arrogance and authoritarian tendencies” of the present administration.

Part of the problem is that some of the leaders and members of the Pakatan parties still have the BN mentality of viewing appointments to municipal council posts as rewards for faithful service rendered to their respective parties over the years.  Such appointments have sometimes even caused discontentment among the parties’ own loyal veteran supporters who may feel they have been overlooked by newcomers ‘parachuted’ in.

To avoid all this unpleasantness, it would much better and more democratic to bring back local council elections, including elections for the post of mayor or council president.

In another development, friends of mine in Taman Merbau in Butterworth, which falls under MPSP jurisdiction, have complained that they were traumatised by the harsh methods used by dog-catchers in the area a couple of weeks ago. “We couldn’t bring ourselves to have our lunch after that,” they told me.

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Chauncey Gardener

How interesting it is.

Some think LGE is being decisive. Others think he is arrogant.

But of course, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. LGE has to make decisions – that’s his job for the next 4 years since he cannot practise as an accountant anymore due to his standing up for the rights of a fellow Malaysian.


I agree with LGE. The PKR councillors’ boycott of the swearing-in reeked of UMNO’s ways, where bullying was resorted to. Ransom politics, as someone aptly described above. That is precisely what the UMNO ruffians did to the old CM, who of course kow-towed cos he was merely UMNO’s puppet. LGE had little choice but to show who’s boss. If the councillors don’t respect LGE personally, they should at least respect the office, the position of the CM. That is what LGE had to establish. This time around, the appointments in both MPPP and MPSP were not party-based. They were, in… Read more »


If PKR cannot discipline its leader and supporter, then the state exco, through its control of the state administration, should discipline insubordination.

Remember, the state government is responsible to the voters whereas the appointed councilor is only responsible to his party.
It’s for the same reason why a local council election is so important.


How could LGE having the guts to dismiss a rebllious staff be compared to the previous CM who dared not even ask for apology when his photograph was torn down and torn and stepped on in front of national TV? Sudahlah NKKhoo…


Don’t think DAP is one term government. At least better than the coward Ong Takut and the corrupted UMNO . Even Mahathir said UMNO is corrupted. hahah!!!


Nkkhoo, I have lived in Penang all my 50 years and flash floods have occurred all these times – where were you? And the BN government under Koh Tsu Khoon had access to all the federal funds but did nothing! Now you are whining about LGE not doing anything, very aggressively too. Listen, try again in 2018, after 2 terms yah!


I think this DAP government and LGE will be just a one term government. So much c*** in the PR lead state governments.

Just like a Malay Saying “Paku Dulang Paku Serepih, Mengata Orang, Awak Yang Lebih’.


I say well done LGE. Good riddance of bad rubbish.


I don’t understand some of you who thought PKR is in the mess or not doing great things for the people, PKR as far as i am concern are doing the great job otherwise not many land scam and white elephant were found. PKFZ , Selangor,Perak,Kedah and Penang will never know all these money gone to . Now we all knows. BN supporters need a “Reality Check”not PR.


Way to go LGE. Dont play favouritism, dont be like BN.

As said. …if PKR think Johari shd retain the seat..well pls relect him again. Tats wat Pg governance suggested.

This is to say…PKR doesnt want Johari to stay.


Honestly, he deserves to be sacked. What’s eating him anyway? Can’t get his way and the start to throw tantrums? Good riddance I say.


There is a BIG DIFFERENCE between opposing and governing. The PR Coalition come from a culture that developed over time. I do not wish to comment on DAP-PAS as I have no personal experience in these parties. However, I believe that PKR is only beginning to accept the fact (in denial since 8 March 2008)that it has to firmly establish a new mindset to bring about ” A NEW DAWN FOR MALAYSIA”. HARAPAN BARU UNTUK MALAYSIA cannot be achieved with “otak lama”. A party that is mainly made up of disgruntled Ex-UMNO, Ex-MIC, Ex-MCA, Ex-Gerakan, Ex-PRM and many current social-activists… Read more »


I agree BN mentality must be got rid of.

But, mind your DAP/Pakatan mentality as well. Of course, the ling liong sik made famous — fish rot starts at the head.

And the fish head rots because too many bodek heads around.

Making a Koh Tsu Koon clone is it?


A true Malaysian

Another thing, Anil. I disagree with your title “PKR Councilor …”.

A Councilor once appointed or elected, is deemed as People Councilor. He or she supposed to be “impartial”, “non-partisan” and “people’s interest comes first”. He or she should not be deemed as representative of a political party at all.

Better still, a councilor should be someone who is not a politician. Patronage politics should be out of their minds in awarding contracts.


Andrew, as an individual, what have u done to make Penang progress besides continue barking non stop here? Are you another smart aXs who just talk a lot but no contribution to this society

A true Malaysian

LGE did the right thing here. PKR should get rid of its Umno’s mentality of its ex-Umno members, the sooner, the better.

The act of this sacked guy was an example of “Ransom Politics”.

Keep it up, Guan Eng and make Penang an envy of of other states of Malaysia.


Everyone in Penang are happy with LGE policies.
So cut the c*** that DAP is not doing anything. DAP must get rid of the BN remnants still inhibiting inside the system . Penang will be Free soon.

What is 1 year plus as compare to BN . Penang will change in 5 years time if DAP in power.


A good move indeed. We need a no nonsense government in Penang. Lim knows what he is doing.


If RM20.0m is spread over the tenure of office of 3 say years, some RM7.0 is worth the value for the community to regulate itself. Overtime, with early implementation, subject to promulgation of appropriate laws, we’ll have started the learning curves earlier instead of delaying it. For the BN, it’s a useful way to “control” rather than regulate life. It should certainly not be the same for PR Penang, it is hoped!

Penang Working Group Report


When a decision is made For the collective good of the state It is best that who had disagreed To show solidarity to agree Thrashed it out in inter-party meetings Raining dissatisfaction claiming of prior agreement It is for the people benefits one must remember It isnt for the politician whims and likes PKR must teach its boys To be a man to accept decisions Good or bad intention it is for the council to play It is the people who will criticize The cracks appear In a party of different plateform The boys should respect the leaders Runnin the… Read more »


It’s best to get rid of thorns and bad apples, before the Perak episode repeats. Pakatan has yet to prove themselves to the rakyat. PKR members are ex-UMNO so it is not surprising if they behave like UMNO idiots.

DAP seems to be an empty vessel. They make some much noise but have not shown any improvement. Whatever it is the rakyat is still losing BIG TIME to the so called politicians.


in theory, it is hard to discard the old bn mentality of rewarding loyal party soldiers with plump govt or glc posts. it’s realpolitik. but i hope this practice ends soon… in this case, i agree with lge. he has to crack the whip. in effect, he’s showing, who’s the boss. not lge. not that guy. not dap, not pkr. it’s the rakyat.

politicians shouldn’t … around with the rakyat’s interests.

local counncil elections? again, tie that to realpolitik. all things being equal and normal, i’d bet my money on lge anytime over any individuals from bn.



That is absurd to say local council election cannot be held by state government.

State government can call an “unofficial” local council election and then State government appoints those winners to council chamber as per current procedure. This is absolutely legal because the councillors are still beinbg appointed directly by state government!

E-voting can be considered to cut down administrative cost.

The truth is LGE and his gang is inheriting BN mindset of using council seats to award their “machai”.


To those detractors, Remember the Extraordinary judges on their extraordinary judgements on Nizar’s case. I rest my case.


LGE with 2/3 majority in Penang still cannot match the ex-Pakatan government in Perak on their seriousness to fulfill the promises made during the election.

I support Johari to be removed for revolting against Pakatan government, but I also too sick with LGE’s “NATO” style.

Have him came out solutions to solve flash flooding in Georgetown? He only know to complain that no huge funds from Federal government for him to mitigate flooding problem.

LGE and his gang shall watch National Geographic discovery channel on how mega cities in USA solving “longkang” clogging problem.