MPPP must rise to the occasion this Friday and reject PGCC


Will they or won’t they? Throw a spanner into the PGCC works, that is.

The full council of the Penang Municipal Council (MPPP) will sit on Friday, 18 January 2007 2008 in a meeting that could very well decide the fate of the Penang Global City Centre project.

They will listen to the recommendations of the sub-committee on building and planning. The sub-committee deliberated on the PGCC at length during a meeting last Wednesday, 9 January.

At issue is the high density of the project and whether 40-storey towers should be allowed so close to residential areas.

Also, look out for the Council’s recommendation on whether a detailed EIA is needed. (Of course, it is needed!)

What I would really like the full council to do is to stop the PGCC project in its tracks and turn the land into a Penang State Park for the benefit of future generations. I am sure Penangites would welcome such a decision!

In case you need any reminding, Councillors, there is a general election coming up – and Penangites will be watching very closely. Know what I mean? The fate of your political masters hangs in the balance.

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support PGCC

People who rejects this project : 1) Residents of surrounding area. They would not want their area become crowded and congested. 2) Politician. To gain more politic capital. 3) Other’s developer. PGCC will become a threat to their product. People of Penang still need this project as to bring the state to another stage of economic growth, we want more jobs and opportunities in Penang itself so that our children do not have to leave Penang to else where to look for better opportunity. Do not portrait that PGCC is something like nuclear plant that will destroy the whole island.… Read more »

support PGCC

Most of Penang will not object this PGCC, except people from Jesselton, how the hell did they get the idea that they could really influence all Penang people to stand together with them, to fight and protect their “privilege” of owning this quiet and nice place. Do they really care whether there is enough public park for the people ? do they really care about the environment (this is not nuclear plant) ?


I don’t have any high hopes of the councillors rejecting the PGCC. After all the councillors are all BN members, and the … Hadhari has already given the green light. So what else is there to deliberate.

The only way out is, if Penangites really love their island, is to vote BN out!!! This is the only way to stop the PGCC dead in its tracks.


Hi, there is a mistake with the date of the meeting I guess. Shouldn’t it be 2008?

Eye on Penang

Will any of the members full council of the Penang Municipal Council (MPPP) sitting tomorrow have the integrity and courage to either reject or to impose strong, restrictive and binding conditions on the proposed PGCC? Whilst I am not optimistic about the former, there is perhaps a chance that some conditions may be imposed (these may however not be either strong or binding!) A Detailed Environmental Impact Assessment (DEIA) is, however, a minimum prerequisite for such a mammoth project, this requirement must be insisted upon. The Malaysian voters, the ones in Penang in particular will be watching events tomorrow with… Read more »


You are right, meehailam, it is 2008. Thanks for pointing that out.

As for whether the Councillors will reject the PGCC, they might not dare do so outrightly – but they could impose tough conditions on the developer that could amount to an effective rejection of the project as it is currently conceived. It would also keep alive the dream of turning the land into a Penang State Park.


The protests are not just from the rich people near the site. In fact, the Chief Minister has received 2,500 postcards and 500 emails, criticising the project. There are other ways to promote the economic interests of the people of Penang than allowing one company to destroy a precious green lung.

melayu penang

Is it true that the dream of turning the former race course site to a penang state park belongs to the majority of the penangite? or does the dream belongs to a bunch of rich people who lived around the site?

Yes, the PGCC plan and the proposed density is hideous, but to outright reject it is just plain selfish. Does the whims of bungalow owners around the PGCC site is more important that the overall economic needs of Penang?