LIVE: Tumultuous scenes as Perakians roar and jeer


kk-palace-022 Thumbs down: KK town residents jeer as VIP vehicles emerge from the palace Photo by Anil Netto

Excellent photos by Amiruddin here.

kkmosque Protesters outside the Masjid Ubudiah this afternoon calling for the dissolution of the state assembly Photos by Annuar Ismail

mbgate MB Nizar tries to enter the gate to the state government complex before being allowed in.

mbpc MB Nizar addressing a packed and dramatic press conference in the state government complex this morning

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Disolve the Perak State Assemble… let the Rakyat Decide… Perak is not like Sabah or Sarawak…. here we will not let you sleep…. Najip… please understand….


why dont they let the people decide wat is good for themselves????
have a re-election please!!!!!


Dont give up Nizar. Fight till the end. Make sure these immorals have no peace. We are with you all the way.

Long live PKR!!!!!


Thank you, Anil for the great coverage though it was sad seeing democracy being denied.Well, at least now we knew who can talk but cannot walk.

Teruskan perjuangan.


My take is if you are lost for words at the shenanigan in the silver state and unable to restraint your anger but still want to stay sane, you can swear and still stay saintly! This blog has a link in how to curse your enemies without losing your cool! 🙂


Malaysia politic is in turmoil. MP in Malaysia is the most lucrative business in the world. Those MP who want to make millions or even billions, now have a chance. They can resign and become independent and sell their seats by bidding. Why don’t you all start selling your seats and make millions and migrated and enjoyed good life while the government still have plenty to spare, after all Malaysia is in hopeless state. General election will be meaningless and democracy in Malaysia is already dead.NOW BN find their winning formula, no one can stop them. They have police, Chief… Read more »


DS Anwar please stop your nonsense “katak” defection game first. You have toppled PBS state government with this dirty tactic when you were in UMNO.

Defection of any assemplypersons is against the will of rakyats who voted them in. PR stands no higher moral ground than BN in this “katak” game plan.

Amend constitution to have anti-hopping law to settle this “katak” game once and forever.


ALHAMDULILLAH !! saw the silver lining 🙂 out of these Perak mess answered the longing disturbing thought – who is next in line after Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim..i saw “Nizar” sculpted between the clouds 🙂

Tony Wong

Be strong MB Nizar and PR leaders. There must be some benefits behind this. The God is sending a message that we need to clear out. Let them be.


Brilliant work, Anil. A salute to your dedication & stamina!

Barbara J

Thank you so much Anil for your reporting. You were the first one with news of the rioting. Fab work!

johanssm / khun Pana

We will take the struggle another day.
Chief Minister Nizar have to let it go.
Theres a wise saying in ancient Chinese ” You can do the 1st but i can do it on the 15th ”
Means one can have the glory now but wait till my return to wipe you off.


kudos anil.

Mat Cendana

Based on Anil’s Live reporting here, it looks like the Federal government is keeping alive that other option. And these people are just walking into its trap… ..


jolly good job anil!

perhaps it’ll take teargas in our eyes for us to be proudly called malaysians! =)

you certainly earn my respect

Shams Fatani

Great deed Anilnetto…bloggeur san frontier, (blogger without frontier, is my caption), a guerrilla blogger, front line blogger, an overnight hero blogger at this critical reporting, a lone blogger with revolutionary formidable tool platform, front runner with tool & brain & selfless commitment to changes & visionary blogger that bring internet 2.1 with twitter convergence to the forefront surpasses other online reporters & make them copying your foot step. Keep up…we are bloggeur san frontier….


Just know what Zambry … and its clans occupying the present Perak state government just like the Vichy France……..

Nizar can styled himself as Charles De Gaule……Libre de France

It can be called Libre de Perak gouvernement…….Free Perak Government…….

Heck, lets pit against those clowns. I know that damn Zambry…..He never give a damned about Nizar. Never let him get away……….

Kunta Kinte

Great work, Anil.

You even beat both Malaysiakini and Malaysianinsider on the picture front.

To think of it: just one person, one committed person can make such a vast difference.

I am sure that the impact of your dedication will be felt in later years.


Fall of Perak to BN

Fall of BN nation-wide at next election.


yb nizar & his brave comrades

i) dont let that #&*$*& SUK and that CPO bother u much. they are spineless
ii) the MAJORITY is with u
iii) lawan tetap lawan!!



.. if we don’t address this conflicting constitutional issue who will ??? the RAKYAT needs leader who can speak for them !


My sympathy to Perakians. Be strong and show them another EXIT DOOR in PRU 13!!!

DS Nizar….in 11 months, you did “damn” good job!

Anok negeri TGNA.

Andrew I

Here’s a conspiracy theory to consider:

Anwar has been going on and on about this scenario albeit vice versa. Knowing full well that it is something that would be next to impossible to achieve, one would wonder what he was rattling on about.

Ask any advertiser about the power of suggestion. Maybe this was something that was meant to happen. So what’s the pay off for him? Sustain and increase anti- BN sentiment would be the most obvious and logical answer. My pawn for your king.

Like the spider who said to the fly, come into my parlour.