LIVE: Perak Privileges Committee issues summons


1714: The Perak Rights and Privileges Committee wants Zambry, BN-appointed exco member Hamidah Osman and the state secretary to appear before them over the next few days, according to a source: Zambry and Hamidah for proposing and seconding a motion on 7 May to suspend the Speaker when they themselves had already been suspended from the assembly; the state secretary for blocking elected reps from entering the state government complex today.

Hamidah – and her staff, on her behalf – apparently refused to accept her summons while someone from the state secretary’s office accepted his. Both Hamidah and the state secretary are required to appear before the committee on Tuesday while Zambry is required to appear tomorrow.

1142: The stand-off has ended with the Pakatan reps holding a press conference. A letter has been submitted informing the state secretary and the state assembly secretary of a meeting to be held tomorrow in which Zambry will be required to appear.

The committee are now heading to Wisma DAP across the road for a quick word with their attorney, Kok Keong, before heading to Syuen Hotel.

Meanwhile, the police have used chains to lock the entrance gate to the state government complex.

1119: The Speaker and the Committee are still trying to find a way into the state government complex. Even a request from one of them, as an elected rep, to have a drink in the canteen was denied. The state secretary’s assistant is scurrying back and forth relaying messages between the state secretary and the Pakatan reps.

The situation got a little tense about 10 minutes ago, when the Adun for Simpang Pulai lost his cool and attempted to force his way through the gate.

The Pakatan reps have an alternative venue for the meeting at the Syuen Hotel nearby on standby.

Initially, about 20 police personnel were present. But eight more personnel, attired in riot gear, have arrived in a jeep.

1017: Speaker Sivakumar and the Perak Rights and Privileges Committee, which he chairs, are being denied entry into the Perak state government building complex in Ipoh for their 10.00am meeting.

They had earlier written to the State Secretary and the secretary of the Perak state assembly to informing them of the meeting, according to a source.

The reason given for denying them entry is that the Committee, which is mostly made up of Pakatan members, was purportedly dissolved after the 7 May sitting of the state assembly.

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Hello “Acuk Taruk” kepala hotak kau. Aku juga pribumi dan bumiputera. Nak minta biasiswa bagi anak saya pun di tolak. Saya terpaksa kerja tungkus lumus. Kau cuma goyang kakin tunggu makan suap. Yang kaya raya adalah kroni ‘be-end’. Keluar dari tempurung kamu. Pergi lihat istana Zakaria, istana Toyol. … Aku sekampung akan sokong Pakatan Rakyat.

ah hai

acuk taruk
below are the 52 years achieved by the BN Government and UMNO. 10% on development and 90% on corrupton? a lot of our malay friend in the kampong did not have the facility as alocated during what plan & what plan for but instead rob for other purpose. such as own pocket & ………..


acuk tarik,

Next time when you have your meal, do say a little prayer – bless the Malaysian tax-payers who are mainly Chinese and Indians for the food, education and the house that they help you to pay. And if you want to drive Mercedes and BMW, be prepared to work 14 hours a day, 6 days a week and one more thing, change your attitude towards others and be a little more accommodating!


acuk tarik,
I am a Malaysian (chinese) and now driving Mercedez and BMW (both). For your information I work average 14 hours a day (6 days a week) for the past 30 years. What about you???? DO NOT COMPARE IF YOU DO NOT WORK HARD ENOUGH??????

We did not benefit from any Goverment Organisation…We work for it as a LOYAL MALAYSIAN. In fact we contribute a lot for you and your siblings scholarship by paying High Tax every year.


acuk tarik,

Your agenda is MONEY FROM BN? Our Agenda is JUSTICE.
See the difference?????


I dare you to censor my comment, anilnetto, since you did not do so to the umno …. acuk taruk.

Here’s a shoutout to you acuk taruk:

acuk taruk = UMNO …. !!!

Good you cleaned up your blog a bit. 6 or 5 columns is way too much for the eyes.

Sorry, Nutmeg, like I mentioned, I reserve the right to edit based on my discretion. – Anil

Jebat musibat

no wonder now so many crime.
crime here.. crime there..

because the police already forgot what is their true job scope.


acuk taruk, i’m what you call a chinese, and i’m driving a kancil 660. i never received financial aid for my education, i pinjam from PTPTN which i am now paying back. i’m not dying because i worked, and i guess you are not dying because BN (could be) spoon feeding you…


PDRM (officers responsible) should be sacked… At least the rakyat dont have to pay them salary….

Lock man

Is locking up gates and buildings the new trend in malaysia ah? If so ah pls let us early all know so that we can also go out and start locking up everybody’s cars,bikes,houses,offices.I think its gonna be fun, better than Facebook.


comparing 52 years vs less than 1 year… Acuk Taruk, where is your brain???? …

acuk taruk

Yeah right, go ahead delet my comment because you PKR just want to write something negative to poison the rakyat’s mind. Well it will not corrupt my mind and my asli brothers. … not all rakyat can be fooled by PKR and DAP tau???????

acuk taruk

List down all all the 52 wrong doing by BN government over 52 years ruling the malaysian government. Dont just condemn the BN government and UMNO without defending your allegation. I as a pribumi and bumiputra had seen tremendous development since 1957 (during my grandfather’s time)until to this date have enjoyed so much help from the BN government including financial aid for my education and the rest of my asli brothers. But I want to know what PKR and DAP do these far beside criticising the the BN/UMNO for mistreating the chinese and indian in malaysia. What I see alot… Read more »


How come the police become jaga pintu? This is not in their job scope. This is abuse of power.


No again! PDRM answering its master’s call to lock the people’s elected representatives – State Aduns and Perak Privileges Committee Members out of SUK?

This is abuse of power by who – State Secretary? Menteri Besar? or BN… Speaker Ganesan?


The Sabah Istana gate locked to prevent the party president to be sworn in as Chief Minister after his party win the state election..reason…The Yang Dipertua Negeri is sick??????





Leong Yook Kong

Let the people teach BeEnd a lesson in GE13.