Perak PR leaders pile pressure on Ganesan, BN


Perak Pakatan leaders question Ganesan’s legitimacy – Photo by Kinta Kid

Perak Pakatan leaders have further questioned Ganesan’s legitimacy as Speaker, piling pressure on the BN.

They claim that even if Ganesan was rightfully elected – “which he was not” – as Speaker on 7 May, “his failure to cease practice as a lawyer would have disqualified him”.

The Pakatan leaders cite Article XXX VIA (5) of the Perak Constitution which states that a Speaker would be disqualified if after three months from his date of appointment, he remains as a member of any board of directors or management or if he works for or engages in the affairs of any organisation (except for welfare or charitable organisations).

They produced an information sheet from the Bar confirming that Ganesan was the sole proprietor of a firm as at 11 August, he had a valid practising certificate and his status was “active”.

I got in touch with a senior lawyer who told me that having a valid practising certificate alone may not be sufficient to prove that Ganesan was engaging in business as a practising lawyer. “The Perak Pakatan leaders may have to show that Ganesan had actually engaged in business as a practising lawyer or carried out related transactions.”

Ganesan, for his part, has pointed out that he had written to the Bar Council on 4 August informing them that he would cease business on 6 August, according to a Malaysiakini report.

Pakatan leaders say the next “legitimate” State Assembly meeting has been scheduled for Wednesday, 2 September – six months after their last sitting under the Democracy Tree.

Nizar has thus called on the BN to respect the rule of law and recognise V Sivakumar as the only legitimate Speaker of the Perak State Assembly.

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This Gana is very Kiasu. He tried to step onto both boats at one time. In case if he does not get the Speaker post, he scared that he will lost his lawyer licence. He is a very cunning… But he can equate to fatimah who is (probably) a he…


We all know this Fatimah Zuri is who’s puppet. I wonder if she herself knows? Or is she really a she? Or is she really Fatimah Zuri?? Why Fatimah Zuri anyway, why not just Fatimah or Zuri? Are ur even real? If so ur english is excellent and since u do have so many views, why not open a blog? Maybe u already have one? tell us where ur is ur blog? I am eager to read it and comment 🙂


What pressure? In the first place he is not even a Speaker. The rightful Speaker is Sivakumar. Let him practise law if he wants to. He knows that he lost in Sungkai and he knows that he is not the rightful speaker. He now has to think of his ‘periuk nasi’. Just dissolve the state assembly and call for an election. See who will win.


Thanks to PAS and PKR, DAP is now accepted by all Malaysians. DAP will do more to help the Malays and Indians then MCA and MIC. Give them a chance and they will prove it. I have personally seen how dedicated these DAP people are to help the poor among the Malays and Indians. Nizar is a great leader. What puppet? Despite DAP having more seats in Perak, it does not mind the CM post be given to PAS candidate. This is true Malaysian spirit. See how PAS and DAP work together in Perak. When DAP of Penang and Perak… Read more »


Fatimah Zuhri. For you info, in case you are not that observant or stupid, the picture shows what we learnt in school…that is a true picture of MUHIBBAH. This is what we called 1 MALAYSIAN. Not like the case in Johore during the ‘Anwar Traitor’ demo where there is only 1Malaysia=UMNO!!!!!

Wong Ka Wai

So sad to this never ending saga

The only way to solve this is to do state election again!

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Fatimah Zuhri,
I think your thinking is skewed towards racial line.
Nizar in the presence of mmore Chinese , to you, is a puppet of the Chines. This shows how narrow your thinking is.
By the same extension, just look at the photo of Obama surrounded by whites. To you, he is a White’ puppet.
Wake up! Your way of thinking will definitely bring our country decades behind others.
Most of the comments on you is very correct!!!


It proves that we still have naive Malaysians. Anyway, I hope that recent happenings does not turn folks in “Benjamins”

New Malaysian

Dear Fatimah Zuhri,

I hope you are open to a fair and rational dialogue. You obviously support the moves made by BN in usurping power in Perak. Can you please tell us why? Do you really condone the way the Speaker was bundled out? What about the presence of the police in that august house? Do you really think that was right? Come, share with us why you would support Zambri….

New Malaysian


macc has broken the camel’s back

Morning Dew

Fart-timah zoo-ri, I had looked and looked at the picture I still could not see what you wanted us to see. There were so many malays there and your suggestion was rather mischievous and malicious. If they had held the press conference in a PAS office where the pas symbols are everywhere would you then say that the dap is the puppet of pas ?

Nizar is a nice guy and as such you have to destroy his image before you could destroy the man. Is this the kind of islamic behaviour umno is condoning and promoting ?


Fatimah, Yes Nizar is a puppet but he is a puppet for the PEOPLE. He got the Perak people’s support to serve the people of Perak and so he is definitely puppet of Perak people. Your court appointed MB Zambry is only the court + Police + holigans’ MB. No matter how or what you say, the people had spoken and the votes are there to show. What more do you want us to prove? If you are not satisfied, then ask BN to dissolve the state assembly and let the people of Perak decide once and for all who… Read more »


Hi Anil,

Agree with Penangite, Najib’s exceptionally quiet, must be busy consulting and cooking up a royal stew!

Btw Fatimah Zhri you can’t be color-blind, just being nasty and shame on you!!


Fatimah Zuhri

Hey, you are here again…oozing out toxic waste?
Why don’t you have a good look at the BN coalition. You will not only see puppets, you also see beggars!!!
All these political beggars in the component parties, MCA, MIC and Gerakan have to kiss… the Ketuanan UMNO Melayu…. what blooming low beings!!


Please ignore Fatimah Zuhri,

he/she (sounds like an) UMNO… blogger


Hei, Fatimah Zhri ….YB NIZar is a DAP puppet? DAP puppet better than puppet of Uncivelised law and constitution raping …

Bryan Lee

Malaysian must wake up now and kick BN out from the federal govt. If Malaysian dreaming about BN can change, it will be a disaster for Malaysia. I don’t want to mention all the wrongdoing of BN it will be a long list that this page will never able to feed in. Hope have somebody give one wrong doing of BN govt for the past 50 years.

1. BN=Corruption


Is Malaysia becoming a lawless state? Just read what they write about this country overseas. Many unpleasant news. We are losing investors because of all this. When the law is not respected, the economy will find its way out through the window. Malaysia needs a change in governance.


Sue after Sue , probe after probe , protest after protest ,
ivestigation after investigation- Abuk pun tak ada.


Do all of you notice something? Najib has been so quiet lately. I think something is really cooking in Selangor!!! PR better get your underground people working full time.


Rakyat believes that Pakatan is the legally elected Govt and Sivakumar is the Speaker.
BN has lost and will continuously loose whatever strength.Look at the way they are abusing their power by bending the laws to their favour.
BN is power crazy. Well, they got to be or else (many) BN reps will be exposed (corruption )
At one time Nazri was attacking former PM. Now he too talks like him. No difference.

Leong Yook Kong

Perak PR leaders, have you forgotten the MB appointed by the court? The MB appointed by the court announced in June 2009 that the RM9 billion Vale investment agreement should be signed on or before 20 June 2009. Plie pressure on him for talking big.


PR, keep up the pressure. keep putting pressure on BN up to the next GE so that the rakyat will never forget the dirty work of BN/UMNO!!!


zamry… good for nothing.

now , they want to topple selangor.

previously, najib acted like a child and said that the other kid started it.

Fatimah Zuhri

If anyone needed any proof that Nizar is a DAP puppet look no further than the aboved photo..