Perak Pakatan reps hindered, pushed, dragged


Why did the authorities hinder Pakatan reps – and drag one of them – as they entered the Perak State Assembly yesterday? So that they could forcibly remove the Speaker’s attire from Sivakumar?

It’s not good public relations for Najib’s OneMalaysia, is it?

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Hi Gerakan!
You are a real ‘dungu’ man.
Watch d govt. policies closely.
What is done to td ethnic groups?
U r a real ‘kuda tunggangan’
to the UMNOistic BN.
KSK had done ‘nuts’ compared to LGE.
Don’t be in G.There is nobody to
voice out things.


After several days, Gerakan Youth has finally decided to protest. That’s it. Anybody can protest…. After Ahmad Ismail got away with it by having a 3 year suspension…..What’s 3 years suspension? Isa got 6 years, reduced to 3 years. Then, got chance to stand for election & win. Perhaps, Isa might take back Negeri Sembilan’s MB ship Gerakan folks, Isa can do it. What stops Ahmad Ismail fro being the first malay Penang CM? Anyway, Gerakan got the chance of standing more than a meagre 13 state seats. UMNO stood for 15 last time. Gerakan used to stand 2o out… Read more »


I think Pakatan is under the battle of Bulge

Even the dying kuomintang got huge striking force to be reckoned with……

Yet, they are defeated

Morning Dew

Now I know why our PDRM is not effective. They forgot to purchase cattle prod. Maybe with the new allocations they could improve their performance with their new super-duper cattle prod.

Police are supposed to be neutral and yet it is obvious they are doing the bidding of a political master.


sometime we do need a CLOWN for entertainment. just learn to ‘enjoy the humor’ n laugh it out.

just my 2-cent opinion . . .

Gerakan K

Agree! Particularly the PR supporters think that in September 16 2008, PR will take over federal government. By the way who is that the chief clown in Malaysia?

Gerakan K

How many times I wanted to reiterated that Gerakan has a equal standing in BN and no issue of begging to UMNO. The same goes to MCA. I know many PR supporters feel very sad because PKR ADUN turns independent and support BN instead. Please grow up and learn how to accept defeat/setback. KTK is a real leader that do not mind his picture being torn. If KTK reacted strongly, uncontrollable chaos may be happened… Please respect KTK for that consideration. He values peace more than you all.


Even after the EGM, the MCA crisis between CSL and OTK continues. After meeting Najib, only then they shake hand and reconcile to work together.CSL said I am forced to work with OTK. It means that they do not have the guts to retort their master. After GE08, UMNO Penang Ahmad Said outrage and their member Penang tore of KTK photo. Gerakan meekly complain to UMNO and Admad said was given a 3 years suspension but he refuse to apologise. Yes I agree, if KTK react strongly, uncontrollable chaos may happen…


Gerakan K, What equal standing are you talking about? Does Gerakan have the right to choose Prime Minister of Malaysia? Anyway, UMNO does not have majority within BN, does UMNO. Screw the convention so long as no party with the coaliation holds majority, every political parties have the right to choose. Nobody in Gerakan can answer what happen to the episode of the torn up Gerakan President’s picture. What about one heavyweight UMNO goon asking Koh Tsu Koon? How about the outcome of the UMNO retreat, insisting that UMNO should not be generous in giving concessions to non UMNO political… Read more »


Guys, don’t allow Gerakan K to annoy and distract you from topic of this thread. He’s happy if you stray, so just ignore him.


Why? I cannot claim to be party to the words and thoughts of those in BN who decided on this course of action. But I can say what I feel and think. Immediate thought – the actions remind me of uncouth bullies, intent on showing off their bigger-than-thou physical force. Not a care for law and order, not a care for right and wrong, not a care for democracy. If indeed that was what went on in BN, then it reminds me that for all its feel-good, benevolent “penyayang” PR image, Najib’s government is shielding its covert Big Stick side.… Read more »


This is going to be it. BN is now in disarray. BN (UMNO) backbendchers has call for their coalition partners leaders from Gerakan and MCA to resign. Earlier MIC Samy Veloo was ignored by UMNO. And yet these 3 coalition partners still go a begging to UMNO. What a shame


Gerakan K,

zane grey

What business has the polis got to bother people especially our elected reps?

Gerakan K

The majority of ADUNs in the state assembly have no problem regarding to current MB and speaker. Thus, they already decided there is no issue with current MB and speaker. Only minority ADUNs from PR causing trouble and refuse to take part in actual business of elected ADUN, but instead to involve in cheap publicity stunt in attempt to paint a bad image for BN, Perak and also Malaysia in general. Former PM Tun Abdullah also said that PR was a threat to national security. I support that view.


Who is that idiot Gerakan K….never learn the lesson unless he himself feel the pain. Pain in…



why bother with thAT K….


The Supreme law of the state, the State Assembly has not decided.


Gerakan K – base on your stmt dd 29 Oct 10.48pm:-
“The court also decided” = likewise in KBP case.
“Sultan accepted BN Gov” = equiv of CM LGE having to accept the courts’ rule, and brokered a relatively good deal for the KPB residents.

Yet you foul mouthed PR Govt. In this forum you nailed “thuggerism in PR”. The only thing consistent about you is – blindly banging up PR. Nothing else. I feel sorry for you


How could a nerd like Gerakan K understand being inconsistent always like his UMNO brothers specially that Najib…


You just got to ask Gerakan K what happen to the episode of torn up Koh Tsu Koon’s photo. By the way, there is another UMNO goon asking Koh Tsu Koon, Gerakan President to quit.

How does Gerakan gonna contain UMNO with such attitude? Still wanna vote for Gerakan again.

Gerakan K

KBP demolition can be avoided if LGE put his priority to this indian settlement right after March 2008 election. If LGE had acted then the villagers no longer pursue the legal action (and lost it). Second, selective transparency by LGE to reveal relevant and important info regarding to this KBP. If LGE done nothing wrong, why hesitated to do so?


Priority is for the general interest of the state and people of Penang not just 24 familes in particular

Gerakan K

The Sultan already accepted BN government. The court also decided. But why PR still causing problem? This is a fine example of thuggerism in PR

Samuel Goh Kim Eng


Imagine being robbed of your robe
Yet you can’t go to the police to probe
When the robe has been manhandled by microbes
Leaving you no choice but in the state of disrobe

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 291009
Thur. 29th Oct. 2009.


BN & UMNO always claims that this is not their culture. But as always THUGGERY is their way of doing thing.


what i see from the start, those assembly guy is behaving like… the police look like a being very patience with them….is this the standard of representive that we have now??????????

Gerakan K

Sivakumar already ousted and thus he is illegal speaker. The security force must act.


Sivakumar was ousted but he is not an illegal speaker. He has not even convened the last assembly in May when he was robbed of it. Yes, the security force has acted but as thugs and ruffians