Penang State Assembly: No Q & A sends wrong signal


Some people are wondering why there was no Q and A on the first day of the sitting of the Penang State Assembly.

Pakatan elected reps have been on the receiving end of not a few rulings in Parliament. So they should not emulate such action in the Penang State Assembly as a tit-for-tat.

Q & A is an important component of assembly proceedings. If anything, priority should be given to it as this is time when issues of public concern can be raised for responses from elected reps.

Though there will be other opportunities for Q and A this week, to use “time constraints” to bar questioning on the first day does not get the state assembly off to the best of starts. “Time constraints” should be used to cut down on other components of the programme, not Q & A.

By the way, will our Aduns include in their agenda the poor maintenance and conditions at low-cost flats in the state and raise some hard questions in the assembly?

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Lim Guan Eng did the right and expected thing by apologising for the Q & A issue and he did it unreservedly without trying to make excuses and in fact acknowledged that ultimately, he as Chief Minister was responsible for the error. By the same token, the Opposition leader Zahara is equally to be admired and appreciated. She immediately accepted the apology and moved on with the business of the assembly rather than making the usual song and dance about a simple mistake, offering also certain suggestions which would certainly make assembly sessions more effective and meaningful. Can we hope… Read more »


First Day is like ‘Orientation Day’.
Let the ADUN and YBs familiarise with the setting and get to know one another first.
There are plenty of time for serious Q&A and debating.

buah pala

what happened? question fatigue or answer fatigue? or politicking fatigue?

Ong Eu Soon

we voted for same not for change! Happily accept the reality that PR is no different from BN. Both suck to the core, good for nothing except corruption and abuse of power.


If there is no Q & A how these ADUNS going to ask about the update of Penang tunnel project, rampant hill clearing activities and so on? Please remember we are a democratic country. The state government should acted like one. These ADUNS are the people voices. If you suppress the Q & A, it means you disregard the people voices. No Q & A means no check and balance. It also means blackbox operation. Nobody knows gomen actions and the rationale behind those actions. What was the purpose of doing a assembly when no questions allowed? These elected ADUNS… Read more »