Penang school heads told not to invite State Govt leaders as VIPs


School heads in Penang have been instructed or “advised” not to invite State Government leaders and other elected representatives in Penang as VIPs and guests-of-honour. The message was conveyed during a briefing last Wednesday by a senior official from the Penang Education Department, which comes under the federal-level Education Ministry.

The directive/”advice” to play on the safe-side was made verbally (and not in writing), according to a principal of a school in Penang and confirmed by another senior staff member from the same school. They were understandably indignant at the ruling.

This just shows the kind of small-mindedness among certain Education Dept/Ministry officials. I believe even DAP-PKR state assembly members who are not holding exco posts may now not be invited as VIPs/guests-of-honour to schools.

Take a look at this year’s Penang Schools Sports Council (MSSPP) meet, which is opening today in Batu Kawan and closing on Friday. The Penang school sports meet traditionally has been officially opened by the Governor of Penang and closed by the Penang Chief Minister. But this time around, my second source said that the invitation cards issued to schools indicates that the closing ceremony will be officiated by the State Education Director.

I wonder if there is a similar ruling/”advice” in the other four opposition-controlled states. Perhaps readers of this blog who are school heads can tell us.

But I think there is a silver lining. This directive will, unwittingly, give the new Penang State Government leaders more time to spend on running the state efficiently, instead of wasting time officiating at routine school functions. Though I am sure the Education Department officials did not have that in mind!

Now, the question is, will USM officials follow suit and avoid State Government leaders like the plague?

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Show of arrogance will make the rakyat hate them more. This is the problem with those in power. They don’t realise that the ultimate power is in the hand of the rakyat.

raj raman

krismudin still playing is racial tone or our pm quitely behind krismudin supporting him (i read today pm have taken the points given by us with big thanks,but i think he keep on be the little and big napoleon).what will happen to malaysia will be brain drain or brain dead for our next generation.what future this country hold for our next generation?thanks.raj raman.race;malaysian;religion as you knows by now mr.anil.


That only shows how narrow-minded is BN lead by UMNO ! They never learn their lesson. These Opposition politicians are now state governors ! However, look at it at the bright side, it will be better for schools. Forget about wasting time on elaborate welcoming programme & protocol, concentrate on education . PP excels !


“It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.” – Aristotle

Exercise your democratic rights without fear or prejudice.

Cucu Terengganu

Even though the “advice” was given based on dubious intent, not only it could turn out to be a silver lining, it also would do away with unnecessary protocol. I was in the PIBG for some years and we were often so frustrated by these so-called VIPs who acted as if the school functions were their “grand-father’s” business. They can late, pulling their weights around, expected to be served, gave long and winding speeches to promote themselves, expected gifts… and the list goes on. The schools have been turned into a political arena for campaign. I suggested to my PIBG… Read more »


From past experiences, functions officiated by government officials, were , in most cases, occasions in which much animosity was generated against these officials. These ‘public servants’, allowing power to get into their heads, acted like lords. The rakyat was made to wait for the arrivals of such ‘big-shots’. Now that most of the them had been ‘shot’ and had left the scene, it would work to the benefits of the rakyat and the newly-elected members that such invitations are stopped. It is better not to lose the hard-earned goodwill of the public unnecessary.

Rusty Hammer

IMHO current CM should not feel upset for not being invited for such functions. We the rakyat have voted him there to serve us with honesty and just. Serve the state with the trust we’ve put onto you LGE, by the time the next election comes, the rakyat knows who does the real job in the office. These puny minded officials who instructed such directives to the schools should be ashamed of themselves. Akin to small kids throwing tantrum for not getting the ice cream! The time will come when the school heads will realise their mistake in collaborating (either… Read more »

Pin Pan Dan

The directive certainly comes from some UMNO hack in the Ministry of Education. Still smarting from its defeat in Penang, the UMNO/BN is behaving most childishly and with spite!


Well,I don’t think Guan Eng really mind for not be able to attend the function.However,what our education ministry is doing is definitely wrong as this is basic courtesy of a man.BN doesn’t need our support anyway,lets forget about them.

Delta Group

Let the small minded officals get their day in the sun. But lets make sure the safety and standards of our schools in Penang improve and surpass the BN led states.


So politics and the schools does mix because there is a silver lining between them? How sad it is to drop the status of school sports into deeper s*** with this decision.


Its frightening to think that the schools are manned by small-minded people like these education directors.

No wonder the standards are sliding…hanya ada masa untuk main politik sahaja.

Y Leong

How much lower can the BN and their lackeys go? But then again, the Education Ministry (and indeed every other Ministry in the BN Govt are filled with hordes of self serving and self – elevated pompous Napoleons, Julius Ceasars…. Can’t help looking forward to the day and I am very certain it won’t be a long wait) when the BN will be thrown out. That would be the time when the Barisan Rakyat can do a complete overhaul of the entire government apparatus and hopefully boot out all the dead wood, ball carriers and toe kissers. Pak Lah and… Read more »

l tom

What can one expect from the minister when he sends his daughter to study in Australia after completing her SPM. Goes to show that even he does not have the confidence in the standard of our education. Alas, one must not forget that the so-called senior official is still a salaried worker of the federal government. If he has any form of intelligence, he would have been in the private sector.


This was exactly happened in Terengganu when PAS took over in 1999. All school heads were reminded not to invite anyone from the PAS-led government to attend any function at schools. They were also reminded not to seek any donation from the state government and to reject it if being offered.Meaning that, they don’t want anything to do with the non-BN led government, to act as if the government of the day doesn’t exist and function at all.

This is democracy,… BN style.


I am ashame of such Education officers. Are they really educationists? If they are , they should teach the students to respect the government ofthe day. Instead they are teaching them to do the opposite.
Given the substandard qualification of these so called educatioinsts, I am not surprise to hear such stupid act of them.
Only Godcanhelp Malaysia

HJ Angus

With these small-minded people in charge of the Education Ministry, no wonder the school standards keep falling.

If it is a directive from the top, it shows they have not been humbled enough.

John Keadilan Borneo

It seems UMNO BN never learn their lessons after 50 years. They are in perpetual state of denial, still thinking only them are given by GOD the right to rule in Malaysia. All others including new CM of Penang are considered outsiders as if they are not citizen, who are also paying taxes that goes into the government funds. Now with the Opposition in Parliment in huge number, all the DAP PKR PAS mps should speak up in one voice and stop this nonsence once and for all. Teach these UMNO (supporters) to recognised that the “oppostion” is now government… Read more »


I am totally speechless and disappointed with this government official. In fact i will be surprise if this kind of things don’t happened!

We should not be bothered by this kind of nonsense and get down to the real business.

It is good of you to highlight to us that there are still many small-minded people among us!


Depending on how you look at it. If the instruction is done with good intension, this is actually a good thing. VIPs meaning politicians spent too much time in ceremonial events rather than doing work that they were elected to do. Some school heads also like to invite VIPs for personal glory, you know rubbibg shoulders with VIPs etc and seeing their picture in the local papers. And the amount of time and expense to host an event puts a lot of strain and financial resources on students, parents and teachers. I say do away with them. Maybe for opening… Read more »


UMNO and its partners Oh well they don’t learn at all! Giving verbal instruction Telling school heads not to invite The state political leaders For the school functions and events How shallow these education officers are! The so called ‘little napoleon’ The wall is crumbling around them Maybe within 100 days A new light shining in our lives These education officers And the UMNO leaders still Thinking about race Please stop think of Malaysia Aren’t we all Malaysians? The trouble with our race base leaders They can’t think themselves as Malaysians When they open their eyes to see around The… Read more »

Mr Smith

Similar directive will propel the total annihilation of BN in the next general elections.
This is nothing new. Schools were never allowed to invite even elected Opposition MPs and SA members to official and unofficial functions. This is an unwritten rule.
This is an indication of how difficult it will be for the 5 Opposition held state to be administered when we have small-minded-little Napoleans.
BN allows then freedom to use and abuse their powers and funds. They will lose these privileges under BR.


Some little bird told me this. Those in middle management are in dilemma. All of them wanted to get CM because for school kids, CM shown up has always been morale and ego boost for the youngsters. So I heard that, though not invited , some of them will still show up as surprise visit as not to disappoint the kids. No politics whatsoever, for the kids and kids only. Well, for the education department politburo from the top. Shame on you all !!! You only seek educate younglings of hatred and nothing short of sectarianism and guess what ?… Read more »


the rot starts from the head. dont expect goodwill when the Head’s way to deal with opposing views is to brandish the keris. the battle is not won by how many school functions being attended. it will boil down to a clean and efficient administration. before that, remember to tell the rakyat how, all these while in the name of NEP and service, the state assets had been plundered by the BN politicians. And lets see what state education directors say? what do they teach our youth, anyway? SHAME ON THESE EDUCATION DEPT FELLAS. But then, they are known to… Read more »


I have always maintained that a large part of the failure of the BN is attributed to senior officr at every dept. Instaead of carrying out there duty as are required, they get involve in politics. It is at the administrative level that all the manipulation and duscrimination happened and it is quite possible that even the respective minister are in the dark about the inexcusable conduct of these officials. It is hope that the CM and MB and executive councillors take note to ensure that they are not undermined by these … officers. Transfer them back to the federal… Read more »