Penang govt says ‘yes’ to local council elections


Congratulations to the Penang government for asking the Election Commission to hold local council elections in Penang!

It’s a long-awaited move, coming two days before the second anniversary of the Pakatan’s coming to power in Penang. It not only attempts to fulfil the Pakatan’s general election pledge but shows that the administration has listened to sentiment on the ground from civil society and public opinion that is strongly in favour of the restoration of local democracy.

It will also go a long way towards promoting greater accountability.

The state exco decided in a meeting on 3 March that local council elections should be restored and the following day, the Penang government wrote to the Election Commission asking for polls to be conducted. In doing so, the Penang government has effectively lobbed the ball into the Election Commission’s court.

Now, don’t hold your breath for the Commission to respond positively. Expect the Commission will give all kinds of reasons – legal, financial or otherwise – for not holding the elections (though I hope I am proven wrong).

The Election Commission should heed the call of the rakyat, who are demanding local council elections. So get on with it.

A less-than-enthusiastic response from the Commission shouldn’t stop the Penang government from pressing ahead creatively. If the Penang government is serious about restoring local election, then there are all kinds of ways and means that some people have already suggested to maximise public participation in the selection of local councillors. These ways should be used as a prelude to the full restoration of local government elections.

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Long awaited move? Anil? Are you still dreaming or not? Where is that “move”, Anil? It’s a show only. It’s nothing but sandiwara. If Lim Guan Eng is really serious about our 3rd ballot, he could just carry it out. Instead of having an “election”, call it a “contest”. Instead of a “elected city council”, make it a “city-wide committee” or something equivalent. The law as it is, prohibits an “elected city council”, but there is NO LAW in the book prohibiting a contest for a “city-wide committee”. But then, Lim Guan Eng is never serious about giving the people… Read more »


Iron, You are spot on ! This is nothing but a sandiwara and if we need more proof just look at the way Selangor also jumped on the wagon. From Day 1 LGE had been giving one excuse after another and all of a sudden, like hit by a thuderbolt, our esteemed Cheap Minister agrees to have the local council election immediately. I bet that he has not the slightest intention to carry out this election and as usual, is just looking for a scapegoat to blame. Anil, I am surpised that you had not called off LGE’s bluff by… Read more »

Gerakan K

Anilnetto = PR supporter


Come on Gerakan K,

Again you are blaming Anil, whenever he writes on something that reveals the weaknesses of the previous administration.

Anil is a social activist! Respect him for his work, convictions and sacrifices!

You need to back your criticisms on facts, bro!


Gerakan K

This guy certainly one of retired rich one. He enjoys what he did.



Funnily I can’t seem to recall LGE mentioning their promise of Local Council elections subject to the approval of the EC during his pre-GE ceramahs.

This is an example of hiding under the skirt of the law which LGE has plenty of experience in his two year tenure. Remember KBP ?


Yes we remember KBP. The 15 who signed on will be getting their double storey house worth 600,000, 2 years from now just before the next GE. Good timing. And the 9 who will be watching these 15 move into their brand new house will feel very much regretted at listening to these idiots from MIC, UMNO, Steven & Sugu etc. And during election time, I just love to see these 9 start chasing Steven, Sugu and people from MIC and UMNO out with broom.


I had a good laugh at the comments of these PR cheerleaders. I am not sure if these folks are gullible or lack common sense perhaps both. This is obviously a not so smart political move to counter those people who had been clamouring for DAP to fulfill their electoral promises and also as a damage control mechanism over the hopelessly incompetent administration of LGE who has waddled into one controversy and scandal after another. What LGE is trying to is to shift the problem to the EC knowing well that the EC will not do anything that is specifically… Read more »

Ong Eu Soon

LGE finally do the right thing by passing the ball to the EC. Let EC and BN take the blame if EC refuse to conduct the local election for whatever reason. BN should take the opportunity to gauge how it would fare if there is a local election. Whether Najib has the political wisdom to grasp the opportunity is still waiting to be seem. Losing the local election is not a big deal, losing GE will be the end for BN.


After 40 years, it is good that the ratepayers will again have a say in how things are run instead of having appointed councillors. I do expect EC/UMNO to refuse giving all sorts of reasons. Anyway, well done for the state government. Not everything can be done within a short period of time after years of Gerakan being a (subservient to) UMNO, but this one is near the top of the list. The EC statement in saying that now DAP seems to trust them (EC) to run the local elections misses the point. It is not about trust, it is… Read more »


While it’s certainly a step in the right direction, I wonder why this move now, when the attitude toward local elections was so disappointing after the PR conference? The reports of “no local elections” after the conference were a public relations disaster. Why didn’t they say then that they might happen on a per-state basis?


Finally, yes finally PKR managed to pick up guts to sack that fanatic Zul Noordin, long overdue! Detoxification of PKR is in process, good!

If Zul has any dignity and integrity left, he should instantly resign his post afterall the NONs had given him their votes – haram lah, so get rid of it! 😀

Just resign and disappear!


Refreshing news people, after the rain. Kulim Bandar Baru MP Zulkifli Noordin have been SACK!!! A thorn in the flesh been removed… after all. Kudos PKR!!

tan, tanjong bungah

Hi everyone, Gerakan K has once again undermined his credibility, or reaffirm his lack of credibility! If CM LGE does not press for local govt elections, he’s accused of not attempting to fulfil his election manifesto, but if he presses for such elections, he’s accused instead of being ‘so clever to play politics’. Congrats. to the Pg State Govt for at least pursuing the authorities, the EC and BN Federal Govt, for their ‘committment’ to restore Local Govt Elections! The ball is at the feet of the EC and the Federal Govt to respond positively, or else, the public will… Read more »


Long awaited welcoming move, there’s hope! A step in the right direction Pakatan Rakyat!

Gerakan K,
Don’t just throwing stones, watch out for the earth beneath your feet!’s moving.


Going by the mood in Penang today, Gerakan will surely be wiped out in the local elections together with MCA if local elections are allowed.


The PK government under LGE and his team are trying their best in spite of having to clean up so much of dirt left behind by the previous govt. The “current issues” are created by corrupt centre. I say “way to Go! LGE.”


CONGRATULATIONS!! Penang CM is finally playing the “politics” game that everyone has been craving for. In politics, the ‘wayang kulit” is all that matters. People have only eyes for the what they see. Reasoning and logical thinking is secondary. Remember the Kg Buah Pala incident, a public relations nightmare on your indecisiveness. BN took advantage and when to town with it. After so many trials and errors, I think LGE has finally found a balance of both worlds. Mind you, political play-acting is normal in every country worldwide. (Its not the act of doing the right thing but the “act”… Read more »


Our country will be alright if all the politicians learn from small Lim to play clever politic…instead of resorting to money politic, racial politic and frogies politic. Kudos to the Penang Government.

K S Ong

Congratulations to Penang government for this long awaited decision.

I bet the Elections Commission will cite financial reasons for holding such local government elections.

Hopefully, it can be carried out and emulated by other state governments under Pakatan.

Jason Loh

Gerakan K,

…You are kecil in everything so learn to be good.


Hidup Pakatan – ke arah Ketuanan Rakyat!


Thank you Hamzah,

Towards competency, accountability and transparency! Well done Pakatan!


Gerakan K…
LGE knows how to manage the state well..unlike KTK who was just a office boy for UMNO just following their instructions!!!


And when UMNO said you sit, KTK will say Yes I will sit.


And when UMNO says, you jump, he will say,”Yes Sir, Sir, from what height do you want me to jump? Thank you very much Sir”. That is KTK and Gerakan K, admires such characters!

Gerakan K

And when LGE says Islamic State is not under PR election manifesto, then PAS only able to keep quiet. What to do PAS over there ??? They know the consequences of “melawan tauke”. Who is “kuli” and who is “tauke” ??? Ha ha no prize for the answer !!!


Gerakan K,

Good one, but the fact is that Malaysia is already an Islamic State, declared by your TDM, during his time. Remember? … Even so, when you have already converted to Islam, you will be identified as a Chinese Muslim, Indian Muslim, etc.etc.

PAS is the better deal always! Fair to all regardless of whether you are a Buddhist, Christians or Muslims!

Jom Sertai PAS, bro.


But PAS say we want hudud law and both as PR coalition member compromise… No Islamic state and hudud law for Muslim only. Thats the solidarity between PAS, DAP & PKR. No chicken in me or you and not subservient either unlike Gerakan… subservient to UMNO

Eyes Wide Open

Aiya…very easy ma… Just go ahead and have the local elections whether the EC says can or not. How? Simply DON’T call it an election la…call it a “referendum” or “public feedback day”. Let the election candidates campaign as usual, for whatever post is available. Put these candidates’ names on an official “candidates for consideration” roll. On an appointed day, invite the public to “feedback centres” to submit their “feedback” as who they want to be in which position. Then the state government announces that they have fully considered the sentiments of the public and have decided to appoint the… Read more »


Well done. Finally some backbone in a leader.


Agree with Gerakan K. Another LGE efforts to get back people support after saw a lot of jump ship activities.. Anyway, it not to late to fool people before next election…. After two years only remember your promise?amnesia for 2 years?

Ahmad Syafiq

Why don’t you become a politician and see how easy it is to implement local council elections. ;P Shish, you guys shooting yourselves in the mouth. Besides, what’s wrong with PR making good on its promise on this? It’s their promise to implement it and so be it. When PR gov’t screw up, you criticise. When PR gov’t goes for a good move like this, you also criticise. WHAT THE HELL DO YOU WANT THEM TO DO THEN? BREAK THEIR ELECTION PROMISES? Then you’ll still criticise them anyway. Besides, we all know how GERAKAN desperately wants to retain Penang anyway,… Read more »

Gerakan K

Use BM/BI when giving press conference. Show some respect for the national language.


Young Boy, This is a responsible peoples Government of the Pakatan Rakyat! Policies had got to be properly formulated, before being implemented! Cannot just say, local council elections, and we do it tomorrow! Look, for example, the BN Government’s efforts to implement the new fuel pricings, see, how hasty and systemless and utterly irresponsible they had been? They spent so much monies of the Rakyat, without conducting a responsible survey! They announced the pending implementation, and then say, they cannot do it because it is not workable! This is indeed laughable, not surprising if it comes from the BN, all… Read more »

Gerakan K

Thanks for support in this PR supporters’ blog. Please comment actively to balance the bias view from PR cybertroopers !!!


Thanks, I comment based on reality only without spinning or without being a tool to other parties.

I will continue to support you, Gerakan K


Gerakan K,

LGE and his team is responding to the aspiration of Penangites. What’s wrong with you?


Let me tell you what wrong with Gerakan K. He is a WANNABE…… A WANNABE what, you guess ?.

Gerakan K

Whoah !

This Lim “kecil” already so clever to play politic. He knows how to use diversion tactic to divert current issue to forgotten election promise.


Gerakan K,

Whenever the PR Government, does something good, you will criticize them, whenever, they do not do something you also criticize them. Just what do you want? Gerakan to form the Government again? That you need to have the mandate of the Rakyat! I would love to give it to you if I can, but, this is democracy and it is the majority that makes the decision. So you gotta wait ok?



a wannabe will always be a wannabe and will always act as one no matter how good LGE and the government will be. They just wont be able to reason thing out

Gerakan K

Have you buy a copy of our constitution. Few hours ago I saw it in Popular bookstore. Trust me, you will understand it better if you get one and read it.

Fire Melts Iron

Gerakan K, Bro! Hahaha, Finally, PR led Government, to hold local council elections! Syabas! Gerakan never has the guts to do so! Must ask political boss la. Bet you, the EC is going to dilly dally and give all sorts of excuses, because the political master, does not condone the actions la. What is diversion tactic bro? Current issue created intentionally by your idol, PM? Come on la, bro, let there be more competency, accountability and transparency la. Good for everyone is it not? We make the money and let the future generations have a chance ok? If PR takes… Read more »

Fire Melts Iron

Gerakan K,

So disappointed, all those in higher institutions of higher learnings are so anti BN. We can only debate and exchange ideas on the blogs, but, those youngsters, so pro Opposition and their numbers are so huge, what to do huh?

Gerakan K

They are even not a registered voter. Why bother ??? BN 2/3 is on the way. The game map will be redraw soon. Let’s see the next GE result.


Fire Melts Iron

Have you been living in the caves lately ? Please do your homework before you post…

A majority of the Student Councils in the local universities are controlled by pro-BN factions and in the last elections pro-PR cheerleaders suffered a rout.

The problem with Mkini and MInsider is that they only report when the pro-PR students win or create some ruckus. But they will adopt a deathly silence when they lose.


Karen! Continue to dream! I have been reading your comments, and you are really a katak di bawah tempurung type! You just refused to know or do not know what is actually happening! I reserved my comments but, I guess you are just someone who is moving within your area of habitat only without moving out to see what is happening in the real world! You just have not been following the happenings in the campus lately, and until you are well informed with facts, you please do not post your opinions, do not let people (criticise) you unnnecessarily! Read… Read more »