Penang Bersih 3.0 on track


It’s been a busy day for the Aliran team preparing for Penang Bersih 3.0. They had two separate meetings today with Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng and George Town OCPD Asst Comm Gan Kong Meng over the Bersih 3.0 assembly in Penang.

To find out what transpired, read the full statement on the Aliran website.

I wish there were fewer obstacles in the way of the main event in KL and the solidarity event in JB.

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Boo Soon Yew

And in the aftermath of the chaos in KL, with tear gas, overturned police car and all.. in contrast with the peaceful it went elsewhere like here in Penang..

Read this post-script by Muhammad Farouk on The Malaysian Insider.. republished by Lim Kit Siang..

Boo Soon Yew

Boo Soon Yew

WOW !!! Very cool Pemidato & Pemantun in Bahasa Malaysia !!! 🙂
Thanks for posting Justice & Equality

dr mana

Yellow is the symbol of our pride. Go Yellow tomorrow. Just be present. The world will be seeing you all protesting for a good cause.

We need a clean electoral process. We have no faith in Umno or Najib. We want a fair and clean election.

Pala Richie


Did anyone inform the Penang CPO about this peacefull gathering.

The Penang CPO never read news or your blog, he wasn’t informed and didn’t know about the past hijau protest in Penang.

Also tell him, Penangites called police ‘mata’, but did not literally means use you eye to see only. If can give him some crash course on their duty.

Noor Hassan

Hai Anil,

Wishing that you are in the best of health.

Where in Penang can we get the cool Lynas/Bersih 3.0 T-Shirts?

My relatives in KL said that there are yellow on one side and green on the other T-shirts on sale. Search on google shown nothing. Can you email me the h/p or address of vendors, if you know any?

Thanks very much.

God bless.


Kedah famous as hijau kuning football.

Kedahans don’t mind if Penangites wear their jersey colours this Sat.

being ex-Penangite, i now also support Kedah football as i live in adopted home in SP.


Yes. Hijab Kuning will beat Kelantan in FA Cup!

Pala Richie

I think Digi has them…

Gerakan K

What is so GREAT about this BERSIH ??? I will never risk myself for this useless and for-losers event. Instead, this is very good time for me to enjoy opposition fanboys and girls KENA AJAR properly.

Pala Richie

Kena ajar biar pi la… bro. You miss the fun and satidfaction to be a ‘good’ men.

By the way, we alredy informed the penang CPO, we have the mata’s protection from your friends.


One final call to all of Anil’s readers, no point sitting comfortably at home and criticise, please come out this Sat at 2pm @ Esplanade, duduk bantah, to show that you care.

It is a peaceful one jangan takut mati orang Penang !!!

I will be at Dataran Merdeka !!!

It really will be now or never. If you dont come out i bet you will regret for life !!!

Many thanks Anil, great work !!! God bless you !!!

Ahmad Sobri

Bro, Ah Kee,

Gua ada sama rombongan PAS di Dataran!

Salam 1Bersih Malaysia! Kini bangyak kotok!

Remember, come PRU 13, obliterate MCA/MIC/GELAKAN! Once we do this, we may very well be on our way to Putrajaya!

Selamatkan Malaysia!

Gerakan K

kee: “It is a peaceful one jangan takut mati orang Penang”

What a contradicting statement. Any mass gathering is never a safe one. You know what are “self-directed drama” of provocation, damage and for next day newspapers headline actions ??? Somebody probably will do something at that day, in order to portray the event organizer (a.k.a. pakatan) as the biggest VICTIMs of 2012.

… My advise is that just stay at home to avoid any problems. You have to understand that any desperate actions by losers are potentially damaging. You know who are the losers !!!


Thks for your kind advice. Malaysia today is in such a sorry state is because of our takut mati attitude… Aunty Ooi in Malaysiakini said we cant afford to sit quietly any more lest the nation will die off real soon, we dont have time anymore. We either ACT now or we shall ‘die’ amass, including you, Gelakan and your whole family you know??? National laureate, A Samad even at 77 has all the reason to stay at home but he will brave all the storms to be at Dataran Merdeka this Saturday. Yang, tunglang, tuakee, Richie Pala, Sunny, Ah… Read more »


hello hello hello
still checking if there’s sit-in at SP.
otherwise shall come over to Esplanade 428.
after that meet old penang pals may be have chendol.

Waterfall Rangers

i think most critics at anil’s blog would chicken out to stay at home.

these people don’t know what democracy is all about.

They only surf for news and wait for others to sit on their behalf.

Chickens you know who you are.

Boo Soon Yew

Waterfall Rangers was aTOP football team.. on par with teams like PPC which had the services of Isa Bakar et al.. in the 80s (my era 🙂

About Bersih3.0 in Penang.. never underestimate the Penang Kia.. When the tough keeps coming.. The Band Of Brothers will materialise and gel together !!

TOGETHER we strive for a BERSIH Penang & BERSIH GE13 !!

Pala Richie

Semua orang takut kalah, takut mati la, who don’t… we all Kia-su and Kia-si.

But we have these little moral courage. Courage give us strength to overcome fears. Moral as the compass of conscience, the ability to descent right from wrong.

They say evil triumph because good men did nothing.

GK come joint these good men, we believe ‘Rakyat bersih, Evil perish”.


BN has been putting the 513 fear factor on the mind of many older generation Malaysians. But Gen X of Penangites should fear not.

No need to worry about Gerakan, as the unhappy Umno Penang and (their) gang will sabotage its effort!


It is often quoted “True love conquers all.”
Well let me share this commercial for TIDE.
It goes at greater length: Love, confront, kiss & rid of evidence!

Now I know why Indians like to cook hot curry.
Can easily get ‘hot’ & also can easily rid of dirts & evidence!!!


tunglang thks, had a good laugh !!!

Boo Soon Yew

I see you were part of the Aliran delegation that met both the CM and the OCPD..


Tears Of Malaysia

Bakar Brothers

got tears but not from tear gas


Boo soon Yew should update his photo to show himself in yellow attire.