Peaceful Assembly Bill passed as opposition MPs walk out


The heavens opened up to heavy rain in Penang as the Peaceful Assembly Bill was passed in Parliament after opposition MPs walked out in protest.

Earlier, the MPs were unhappy that the Speaker had restricted the scope of the debate to just three speakers from Pakatan.

It is a sad day for Malaysian democracy and even the skies appear to be weeping.

“Najib has taken the people of Malaysia for a ride.” Read Aliran’s statement.

This is a big mistake – a huge step backwards – by the BN government in this day and age when people all over the world are clamouring for greater democratic space.

So much for ushering in greater democracy and turning Malaysia into the world’s best democracy!

This Bill reflects all the insecurities of the present BN government and their lack of confidence in public support for their rule.

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Deep down we knew this would happen. This new Bill would have been passed with or without our intervention. It is a prelude for things to come. The new law was passed with intent and will be enforced by the PDRM to the full advantage of the BN and we know who is going to face the brunt of it. As a precursor, I would like to advice the PR politicians to be ready. They could charged for the simplest offense of gathering without a permit and with that the right to stand for the next general election. It is… Read more »


Just imagine what further damage BN can do if it getd 2/3 majority.


All the reason more to KICK out BN come this GE13!

Andrew I

Typical of the Star to end this news story on a sour note:

So Anil, it would seem Guan Eng is trying to encourage the use of bicycles. Trishaws have always been a part of Penang’s charm and it’s heart warming to know that the state government is acknowledging this by supplementing the pittance that trishaw riders earn to survive on. It’s an honest day’s work.

Sad to say, most of us have forgotten what an honest day’s work is.

Andrew I

The Star was quite quick to pick up news published by the UK Sun about the video footage of the Malaysian student mugging. Not so quick about this one:

Ribbit, ribbit. Frogs in the house. Burp.

Gerakan K

MPs walk out again ??? Hmmm, potong gaji mereka !!!

Andrew I

No need lah. You have to be actually present in the dewan to stage a walkout.

Ahmad Sobri

Good one, Andrew! That is the difference between someone who uses his brain and someone who does not!


Attend, present and walk out. At least it show their responsibilities and concern as an MP unlike irresponsible Adun who don`t attend Selangor assembly sittings or like the PM NajIb who sleep on his job at the APEC meeting.


Was watching the evening news on TV3, not much coverage on the bill being passed and no mention of the MPs walking out but I may have missed it. But there was a lot of coverage on the UMNO general assembly and an international convention that they were having. State manipulation of the media again.


It’s a great achievement. How often bolehland got into the front page of aljazeera? …

4th world country, and we’re on track. lol


Let us not weep. Let us kick out Najib and BN next GE once and for all


Racism, Religion, Sex is now dominating the Umno AGM They are not interested in the lack of transparency and accountability when it comes to government expenditure. They are not concern with the high inflation rate, diminishing rate of economic growth, high crime rate, lack of foreign investment, poor standard of education, corruption, lack of faith in the police, judiciary and the MACC These are testimony to UMNO and BN’s failure in governance. AMNO’s AGM should have allocate time to discuss all these issues instead of using emotions to stir up the delegates. They are more interested in restricting democracy and… Read more »

Ong Eu Soon

Sad day for Malaysians particularly BN. Until we get rid of BN from the federal, all those stupid politicians will never learn.


Ah Soon, am with you today !!!


Ah Soon koh.
Today, we are in the same 4WD hunting these B…N…
Your few words of ammo are enough.

Syiok Syiok

For once Ah Soon, tunglang, Yang, Andrew etc on same wavelengths to plan to get rid of barang naik, bravo.

dedicate this Shakatak video to you all. Shakatak will be performing live at Penang 8thJazz Festival this Saturday. No need to spend RM63 for standing on beach as I present the video here for you all to enjoy lah !

Anil, do you like Jazz music ? Jazz can calm your nerves after u get fed up with barang naik antics !


Jazz music makes me shake my head, lift my soul in positive mood. No need for shake-head pills, which is bad for your sanity and killer of precious health.
Much, much better than burying one’s head for decades in ostrich holes indifferent to what’s badly happening to his fellow Penangites.
Should recommend jazz music to LGE & Team for better performance comes GE 13.


Ahhh YESsSsSSSs!!!! Finally the BILL is passed & I finally can have a peace of mind there will be NO longer BARBARIANS demonstrating & parading the streets like some LOST FOOLS looking for wild strawberries. More importantly, there will be no more unnecessary traffic jams & shut down of business due to the activities of BARBARIANS marching our modern streets shouting whenever they see helicopters up above the sky thinking as if it’s GOD. What a relieve!!! This is indeed a HISTORIC day whereby we finally have NEW AGE LAW to disable CAVEMEN & CAVEWOMEN from executing their Stone Age… Read more »


In these days and age, the real binatang (animal-minded) are subterranean species far from all living animals of Nature’s Animal Kingdom but prowl in the midst of civilised and God fearing society, which incidentally is not fit for their binatang mentality and behaviour of devouring the peace, freedom, justice, wealth and free and fair election of a country. Binatang don’t think like human do nor have in-born capacity for human decency and kindness. Binatang are just ultra-species developed over times of millenia since the days before Noah and his Ark. That is why God in his wrath decided to wipe… Read more »


You have mirrors in the toilet ?SICK, seek help !