Outside the Lotus Restaurant last night



Too close for comfort. This is just away from the Civic Centre, across the main road from the Lotus Restaurant. Photos by Rakyat@work


Can you see the guy behind the police line? What is he holding? This is just metres away from the people.

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3 Feb 2009 9.58pm

poobalan, yup, I saw it that day at MBPJ.

They DID bring gun.

2 Feb 2009 11.37pm

People tend to take everything for granted. We are all born into a world where GOVERNMENTS already exist along with POLICE, ARMED FORCES, TAXES, COURTROOMS, SCHOOLS, HOSPITALS, JAILS, and so on. These institutions were established to prop up the feudal hierarchy, that’s all, NOT TO SERVE THE PEOPLE. Once you wake up and acknowledge this simple reality… you will know what sort of future to design for your children & grandchildren. One in which policemen only exist to be of service & to resolve problems as they arise within a community by being neutral & non-aggressive…. and governments are appointed… Read more »

2 Feb 2009 8.33pm

Police should patrol neighbourhoods, that is more important. Crime is so rampant. Look, even the Criminal Court also can be broken into.


Anthony Tan
Anthony Tan
2 Feb 2009 8.13pm

When the title “Royal” was been given, the (police) are suppose to be impartial and not taking political affilation. I think Eric has said it all. At the same time, Botak is thinking the Malaysians are all stupid. I don’t think he should treat us like morons and we, as rightful and legal Malaysians should have some respect. It is so sad that the PM had selected a bunch of half past six ministers to run the country (some of whom) are interested in getting rid of him ASAP. Maybe the PM deserved it for his deed been a lame… Read more »

johanssm / khun Pana
johanssm / khun Pana
2 Feb 2009 4.22pm

That “guy” behind the FRU line is holding a “launcher”.
It can be use to fire tear gas canister,grenade and smoke bomb.
They are prepared to torture the rakyat.

2 Feb 2009 12.20pm

Botak Hamid, are you using the taxpayers’ money to employ FRU officers as security for Lotus Restaurant?
Not only you as Home Minister oozes out rubbish statements, you act stupidly as well. Resign man, if you can’t perform. …

2 Feb 2009 11.08am

Is that a gun?

2 Feb 2009 10.59am

I was shocked to see MEENA’s comment, requesting Lotus to sue the Vigilers and vote PR out of PJ!!

I believe she must be the fortunate one, who don’t know Kugan or knows anyone who knows Kugan and the other dead, guess she doesn’t know about the funeral parlour, the billboards, Altantuya, …..

Hey Meena, open your eyes look and read, keep your ears open listen and analyse, and lastly if U don’t do both, keep your mouth shut!!

Just go to Mentari Flats and see how the Indians are living, remember the HINDRAF 5 & 1 in UK!!

2 Feb 2009 10.58am

Is the Police a BN component member? I think this question is more and more relevant in view: 1) selective police permits. ProBN groups almost always get police permits for their demos without any concern for traffic (roads are blocked without any alternative or warning) or safety (during a Pewaris proISA event, a woman was heckled). Sometimes approval is made in less than 24 hours like for the UiTM students. By contrast, peaceful protests (i.e. before the police shoots or arrests people) which are not BN-endorsed (eg Bersih or Vigils) do not get police permits, and if they do with… Read more »

2 Feb 2009 10.43am

The rakyat and the taxpayers should be the ones protected but instead they bring huge tear-gas guns…. it is obvious the cops in this country has lost their foucs and directions.

2 Feb 2009 9.57am

Good to keep de police alert..atleast we know dey got some job to do

2 Feb 2009 9.34am

Yes i can see the man behind the police line with (some kind of) gun….