On the arrests of teens at the Abolish ISA rally


Also, check out a poll on the ISA at the news portal of the Home Affairs Ministry, no less.

As at 8.06pm, 91 per cent of over 9,000 respondents want the ISA abolished – an identical result (91 per cent) to what my own blog poll revealed in May.

Also check out the Al Jazeera videos on the Abolish ISA rally here.

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If the traders choose to be partisan in this and blame their losses on GMI, I think they are inviting a boycott which they may ultimately regret.


Najib was talking … about revising as nothing was done since the law was enacted….except tangkap lepas, tangkap lepas…….Hope (BN leaders supporting the law) spend time under ISA for 2 years to feel good about it.

Hope the law is not repealed, the govt changed and PKR takes over, and all these fellows who supported it sent to the camp without trial to serve time for 2 years before the law abolished…..


Terima kasih di atas video clip ini tentang hak kanak2.Sangat2 berguna. Anak saya Ammar Bad Latif 13 tahun adalah salah seorang yang telah ditahan bersama dengan Suhaib Mat Sah anak tahanan ISA 8 tahun. Mereka ditahan bersama2 kami saya, Pn Norlaila ibu Suhaib dan 3 orang sahabat lagi. Ketika dibawa ke lokap mereka telah ‘dikidnap’ oleh polis hingga kami lansung tidak tahu ke mana mereka dibawa. Abah Ammar bersama peguam telah mencari mereka di merata tempat. Sungguh sedih dan sayu bila kami ketahui mereka telah dibawa ke lokap juvana, digari, dipakai pakaian lokap dan terpksa dihadapkan ke hadapan majistret. Namun… Read more »

Dr.Hamid Ibrahim

It is with regret to note that the police have arresed juveniles. The Child Act is very clear that they should not be arrested. But this is how the Police act – under the direction of the Administrators. These are being watched by the PEOPLE and at the right time the BN will be rewarded -ie in the forthcoming general election – only then they will realise their mistakes and stupidity. Human Rights Acts exists for name sake only – it is not put into practice. And the SUHAKAM is only a watchdog without tooth. It has no power at… Read more »


whatever law that infringe on human rights should be abolish. All suspects to any wrong should have a right to a legal counsel to represent him/her at all material time.

about the anti ISA rally, cabbies or traders who are alligned to GMI or supportive of GMI action should take legal action to claim damages from the police and the BN govt for idiotically setting up massive road blocks and rioting against the peaceful demonstrators. This should be a tit-for-tat action to counter the pro BN/umno baru cabbies and traders outrageous claims for damages.