Officers raid Suara Keadilan printing firm


The Najib administration has not got off to a bright, democratic start.

Just 90 minutes after Najib was sworn in as the PM, KDN officers raided the firm that prints the PKR newspaper, Suara Keadilan, its editor Zunar told me.

He said the officers left the firm in Shah Alam empty-handed as the newspapers had already been sent out.

The permit for Suara Keadilan was recently suspended for three months, but PKR was planning to come up with a one-off publication, Suara Keamanan, which doesn’t require a permit.

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muhammad khalifah

finally some real news on the internet
had enough with the morning papers
propaganda to the max


The biggest sandiwara…Najib so-called lifted ban on the two opposition newspapers but his officers raided suara keadilan firm…who is he trying to fool. Apr 3 marks the end of media freedom in M’sia…thank God we still have the internet media to rely on for real news. Thanks Anil for keeping us updated.

Dalbinder Singh

I agree 100 percent with Ex Neutral, those who have free time should come out and do constituency work, help your leaders. I myself am consistently pursuing constituency work.

Ex Neutral

I always hear things like kick them out, down with umno, show them rakyats power. Glad to hear all these, but brothers are we all doing enough. Writting comments and giving our votes may not be enough. We have to step out and be counted. Volunteer your time and effort for our future. Maybe one can help out PR in any of the by elections. Go to any PR office/centre, I’m sure they are all willing to accept any expertise one can offer. You see, day one as PM Suara Keadilan printer raided, RPK ordered to pay 1mil to umno… Read more »


the new pm just announced that he will release 15 isa detainees and cancel suspension of the 2 newspaper. like that also can score point ah? i don buy any of it. chinese say: he is the man and he is the ghost ! everything also he direct one la…


They learned from Lame duck that softy dont work.

Now with the return of the old …, “Iron Fist ”
returns again. Kejam is just another easy word and sorry seems to be the hardest word..


They learned from Lame duck that softy dont work.

Now with the return of the old fox, “Iron Fist ”
returns again. Kejam is just another easy word….

Right On

Andrew….you are right on….REFORMASI…LAWAN TETAP LAWAN…. UNTIL WE ARE ALL CALL ONE MALAYSIAN (not one Malaysia as NTR said).


Najib CAKAP TAK SERUPA BIKIN..!!! He is full of media spin trying to portray himself as a reformer when in effect he is just another political … He is just following in the hopeless footsteps of Badawi when he came to power in 2004. Make all the “correct” noises that people want to hear. Don’t bother about the delivery. Ultimately, all these UMNO politicians are so pedestrian, Najib included. Just kick them all outlah…! Hidup Rakyat..! REFORMASI.!!

johanssm / khun Pana

As PKR announces the “Big Shock” revelation slotted for tomorrow’s ceramah..kdn raided the printer office.
I dont think they will find anything at all there.
I wont play down whats Anwar have to say tomorrow.
Some said it will be another 916 letdown.
Why dont we say it will be another VK Lingam type of revelation ? Aint the VKLingam revelation big enough? It jolted the entire nation and asia. It put the Malaysian judges in disgrace.


Evil.. highly orchestrated