Next change: Anwar out, Raja Petra in


So Anwar has been released on police bail and it’s now Raja Petra’s turn to face the music. He has been arrested and is being taken to court to face a charge of criminal defamation.

What on earth is happening to Malaysia? Many have drawn comparisons with the events of 1998. But there are a couple of crucial differences between then and now.

In 1998, Anwar’s arrest came before – and indeed sparked – the reformasi movement and Malaysia has never been the same since. (That said, that movement could not have taken off the way it did, if not for the ground work carried out by so many others in the decades before to further the cause of justice and human rights.)

This time around, Anwar’s arrest comes after the political tsunami and Makkal Sakthi. In many ways, the tsunami and Makkal Sakthi were the culmination of the process which began in 1998 – interrupted briefly in 2004, when Abdullah Badawi appeared to promise to introduce reforms. (But that, as we all know, was short-lived – a false dawn.)

The other difference is that a lot more Malaysians have access to alternative views this time around, and Malaysians will be much more sceptical of the official line.

Malaysians today are a much more politically mature lot. They voted for real change on 8 March – they want people-centred policies and people-powered democracy – and I doubt if they will settle for less. Politicians on both sides of the divide should take note.

If certain quarters are hoping that the arrest of these two public icons will now deflate public expectations for change, I think they are sadly mistaken. Reformasi, Makkal Sathi and people power go well beyond individuals. The people’s passion for justice will continue.

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It seems that Anuar has done it.Why use the Syariah court of having four witnesses.only he and the guy know what have happened.if he is not guilty,he should not be afraid of going to the other court.Why manipulate the system of justice?

Samuel Goh Kim Eng

As we look forward to the major next change
Let’s pray that it’ll be a much better change
That will cover all vital issues over a wide range
With no good stuff done ever considered as strange

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 170708
Thur. 17th July 2008.


AG and IGP don’t make it your personal fight against Anwar and RPK. We pay you to look after the problems of the whole nation. If both of you … cannot divorce your obsession from this mindset, please step aside. You are paid by the taxpayers to serve us, not your political masters. The country needs to move on.


The real criminals n murderer/s r not arrested but the whistleblowers got instead by our “highly efficient” police force.
Hv given up listening to their reasoning n excuses.
Our efficient police force r now in the same ELITE clique as Zambabwee and Sudan.
Wait a minute, Funny never hear anything from our beloved sleeping beauty since.!!
Oh forgot la, still zzzzzzzzzzzz..


Just like YB Lim kit siang wrote in his blog, the police already had 2 black-eyes (self inflicted). They are now blind and groping in the dark, they have to be directed where to go…Too bad the directors are all too drowzy to realise that the directions are all wrong


As a responsible tax payer I demand the govt and PDRM stop all this … activities immediately. Otherwise I will initiate a law suit against them for wasting public funds and causing unnecessary hardship to the public.


The repeat of the old Drama. Now it is time to bring in Najib as additonal actor together with Khairi. You have seen Dallas before right? Director Dollah (replacing previous Director M) must ensure Musa and Ghani hairs to be coloured bcos lot of grey hair already!


BN is insensitive. The next time you see a convoy of escorts of some ministers, try to be stay on your path and you will get a police flagging you down for obstructing their path. They may even intimidate you. The resf of us people need to wait in jam. The rest of us people need to queu to pay tolls. The fact that the case goes on so long may not prove that it is right. It may give the planner more time to work out a better plan and timeline of story… Saiful has now kept very quiet,… Read more »

Preston Lee

PDRM used 10+ patrol cars to arrest one 60year old accused of sodomy. How efficient are they when they are needed to serve and protect the people?? Have they found Nurins murderer/murderers?? Where is Sharlinie?? PDRM can gridlock the city with roadblocks over imaginary protests but totally useless at keeping the streets safe. The number of officers emerging from IPK Kl last night to confront Anwars supporters shows there is no shortage of officers , which is the common excuse for ther inability to ensure safety. …


Malaysians are Doomed? Rakyat Malaysia Pupus?

Jeyklls and Hydes in Malaysia. Are you? (Ask your children.)

Jeyklls dan Hydes di Malaysia. Adakah anda? (Tanyalah anak-anak anda).

Posted at


The Yarning,

Your reasoning is childish and peurile. The opposition is represented by Anwar if you don’t know that. Secondly, why do the police wait if they have evidence? They even refused to give him the police report. Do you think they will wait for a day if they have evidence? You are a blockhead and an empty vessel barking at the wrong place.


from the way the police/government are executing these arrests, it looks kinda familiar….ISA?
ISA in a way I meant. The people have voice up against the use of ISA, so as an alternative to show who is the boss, to flex their almighty power…they resorted to the police force. Anyone standing in their way, simple…… make a police report, then get a warrant (our warrant of arrest seems easy to be obtained) to capture him/her. Or if someone make a SD, the SD (could be) a lie, a ‘fitnah’…so arrest the person who made the SD.


Hi ,
a bunch of w****** what do you expect from them………


Anonymous said… Why the PeeM and DPeeM must go now because these … who blocked and spin… in the MSM of the non-existent Oil Subsidies and hike the fuels prices to revenge against the Rakyats for their Poll Defeats in losing the 5 States & 2/3 majority in Parliament, cannot rule for long as they have destroyed the BN and lost the trust of all the Rakyats??? This is why Tun Dr. Mahathir is always correct, they the cancerous dual must be removed by surgical knife immediately internally or externally. Why the Malaysian Police is more interested in the allegation… Read more »


I was so fed up and truely ‘Applauded’ the commando style arrest of DSAI. PDRM really showed the world what an efficient outfit they were yesterday. Arrest plan were executed with ‘ FLAWLESS’ precision.

For heaven sake, DSAI is not a terrorist. He was not armed to his teeth and did not wrap himself with C4.

Why a need for such a commando style arrest?

I think the PDRM was really sick.


Ah Seng, normal procedure yes. Applicability to all?


Malaysia has started to come of age. As evidenced by the cross-ethnic, cross-religious, cross-sectarian voting trend in the recent March 8 General Elections, the nation has beome significantly more mature. We, the rakyat, have a long, very long, way to go, but the first proper steps have been taken. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of the still-hanging-on Barisan Nasional coalition and its component politicians. Scare tactics and dirty politics are not ingredients for progress. I would like to think that even within the BN, even deep inside the current leaders and certainly in a number of the numerous members,… Read more »

The Yarning

Raja Petra cannot not have seen this coming. In any case, the comparison between Anwar’s arrest now and 10 years ago cannot be done without some glaring differences. Whereas it was ONLY politically motivated from the very top in 98; I actually think this time there might be some truth to the charge, and that there has been almost a month from the date of the report until the arrest might mean something, that they’re not gonna make the same mistake twice. Do bear in mind the technical ground upon which he was acquitted of the charge last time. In… Read more »




We support the introduction of foreign investigators as an independent voice to counter any allegations currently leveled against the Government and our nation’s Institution.

We urge the authorities to be transparent in whatever they do so as to avoid the never-ending speculation as to their honesty and integrity.

We further urge the authorities to suspend or remove from duties the current IGP, and the current AG, pending the ACA investigation.

We finally hope and wish that DS Anwar will extend his fullest co-operation to the police investigation.

We believe in the truth.



Ah Seng

Both of them need to face the police and investigation because both are currently charged with criminal offenses. This is a normal procedure, but became an offense when somebody high-profile was arrested.
The saying ‘Nobody is above the law’ became unheard and unnoticed.


I sense RPK is just waiting for his day in court and that in his mind, they cant charge him fast enough.

I hope N Razak is prepared for the revelation that will probably blow that s***head to pieces!

Concerned Citizen

UM-No just do down the drain. The show has just begun. In Anwar (saga), we have a lot to thanks Tun Dr M, he iniatiated this drama series back in 1998, now N continues his legagy. I think the director and main producer behind this high rated drama is still Tun Dr M. (I believe) he still serves as the advisor of N and as of my opinion M is (allegedly) the main mastermind, N only runs the front show. Anwar might be a great and charatismatic leader but yet he still looses to the cunning old fox… So the… Read more »


Raja Petra to meet his old “friend” Bakri Zinin 7 years down the line. Read as to how they related by then.