Najib thinks twice on reform


What is happening to Najib’s promise to usher in greater democracy?

In this piece I wrote for Asia Times, I try to explain why he appears to be having second thoughts about moving towards real democracy. You could call it Najib’s Dilemma.

The speedy passage of the ironically named Peaceful Assembly Bill – which effectively legally bars street protests – has put Prime Minister Najib Razak’s avowed commitment to ushering in greater democracy and civil liberties under intense new scrutiny.

On 15 September, Najib surprised many when he announced a repeal of the Internal Security Act, the lifting of various 1970s era “emergency” promulgations and related orders, and an easing of strict laws governing publication permits and public gatherings.

Since then, however, little has actually changed in practice. The ISA will be repealed in March, but detention without trial will continue under two new laws to deal with terrorism and maintain public order. Last month 13 people, including six Indonesians, were detained under the ISA in Tawau, Sabah, for alleged terrorist activities, sparking criticism that the arrests made a mockery of Najib’s earlier avowal to repeal the law.

Full article in Asia Times.

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4 Dec 2011 11.15am

I do not think Najib is having Second Thoughts at all regarding the “Reforms”. The objective, right from the beginning was “How do we spin this to generate maximum publicity to give the appearance of reform, without really giving up any Government powers..”

Swatow Pek
Swatow Pek
4 Dec 2011 10.18am

Jibby suffers from ‘flip flop’ syndrome. simple as that.
So what he says cannot pakai.

3 Dec 2011 3.25pm

Reminds me of his offer for a stadium for BERSIH 2:0 marchers and then blocking all entrances and exits to KL!

3 Dec 2011 1.28pm

Life of politicians They want the power in their hands They don’t go to earn it They steal by dubious means They use words to sing The way of blues and jazz singers They can’t sing like rock stars They are out of reach So they sing in groups Hiding the best as they could Of the low keys and out of tune They say they have sore throats The black knight gallops away He uses his words to beat the action With his lance on his hands He feels so heavy he dares not charge So he gallops in… Read more »

3 Dec 2011 1.28pm

how to trust him.

this is even worse than Myanmar and he tells us the Bill is revolutionary.

3 Dec 2011 1.19pm

Najib too familiar with Transform & don’t know what Reform is !

transform   [v. trans-fawrm; n. trans-fawrm]
verb (used with object) change in form, appearance, or structure; metamorphose. change in condition, nature, or character; convert. change into another substance; transmute.

re-form   [ree-fawrm]
verb (used with object), verb (used without object)
to form again.
Reformation : the act of reforming; state of being reformed.

Malaysia needs to be transformed or Reformed ?
Results of GE13 will tell the rakyat !!!

Andrew I
Andrew I
3 Dec 2011 1.02pm

B.S. = backslide, made famous by Michael Jackson’s sifu:

Syiok Syiok
Syiok Syiok
4 Dec 2011 11.12am
Reply to  Andrew I

Anderw I and company

another good song by Shalamar – Make That Move to get rid of barang naik syndrome !

3 Dec 2011 11.38am

Sigh… What else is new? One thing I have stressed time and time again to my son is that to judge someone by his actions not his words. Sweet promises count for nought if his actions prove otherwise. I have hammered home into my son that integrity involves keeping one’s promises, and it is of paramount importance to mean what one says. So come GE13, Najib will be judged by the electorate by what he has done. Given the numerous times when he has U-turned and flip-flopped, how much would any voter believe him? Would more rounds of “You help… Read more »