My “disgusting” coverage: Blogger crackdown looms?


Oh dear, I guess you can’t please everyone.

“BN Partyman” sent in this comment, which contains a none-too-subtle threat.

Dear Anil,

Your biased live coverage of the PP buy-election was disgusting to say the least. It seemed like the Barisan Nasional was non-existent in PP. The fact that more than 15,000 people voted for Arif Shah is testimony to BN’s popularity. If it were not for the rough house tactics of the PKR goons, more legitimate voters would have made it to the polling stations. You and your ilk ought to be detained under the ISA and the keys thrown away.

You are partisan, unfair, biased, and a false witness to the events in PP. Like the 31,000 odd who voted for Anwar, you are ungrateful for the development and progress wrought by the BN. Honestly ask yourself: Would you even own a laptop or even know how to use the Internet if not for the education that the BN gave you? Just like the other bloggers and commentators on the blogsites, you bite the hand that feeds you. You are despicable and so is Raja Petra and the likes of him.

When the BN government finally wipes out the Opposition from the face of this Earth, we’ll be coming after you and all of your ilk for the lies and ridiculous untrue propaganda that you spread to the innocent rakyat. Unfortunately it seems now that a large minority of the rakyat are stupid enough to pay attention to the lies of the Opposition. The BN will educate them very soon and I assure you it will be a painful lesson indeed.

BN Sakthi!!!

Perhaps this should be seen in the context of the following excerpt from a 14 August news report from Al Jazeera:

‘Irresponsible media’

“In the name of freedom, these websites allow the broadcast of slander, lies and swearing, the use of harsh, degrading language and racial slurs without regard for the reader or those concerned”

Najib Abdul Razak, Malaysian deputy prime minister

On Tuesday Malaysia’s de facto law minister, Mohd Nazri Aziz, warned that it was “time to act” against what the government considers to be irresponsible or inflamatory blogging.
Speaking in Malaysia’s parliament he said preventive detention laws could be used against bloggers who raise issues the government considers as being sensitive to Malaysia’s multi-ethnic, multi-religious population.
His comments were echoed by Najib Abdul Razak, the Malaysian deputy prime minister, who told a gathering of the Malaysian Press Institute on Tuesday evening that the government was deeply troubled by the growth of what he called “irresponsible” alternative media.
He said bloggers needed to exercise moderation in postings which discuss race and religion or risk official action.
Webmasters and web journalists, he said, are not exempted from Malaysian laws.
“In the name of freedom, these websites allow the broadcast of slander, lies and swearing, the use of harsh, degrading language and racial slurs without regard for the reader or those concerned,” the New Straits Times quoted him as saying.
“Even though the government has been tolerant of anti-government positions and criticisms on the Internet, we are very concerned about statements that insult religion and reek of racism,” he added.
The warning comes amid increasingly frank discussions on the internet of such hot-topic issues as Malaysia’s status as an Islamic state, allegedly unjust policies and political corruption.
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who in the right frame of mind would say bn sakthi who ???? idiots like yemaisee prechident samy vellu are the only losers who remain ….


Go party yourself, maybe organise a N…-style one with all your UMNO… ****** *******; you’re too stupid to wven know when you get hit by a crow flying into your face!hahahahahaah!


This BN supporter sounds like a sore loser to me!!!

Sorry sore loser but facts still remain you are sore about losing.


BN partyman, in my generation, we have a name for people with your mentality — KAYU. Your backward mentality is so disgraceful that you had better not say anymore or you will only show even more of your stupidity.


The BN Partyman did not realize that BN was not the one that provided basic facilities to Malaysian, we are the ones that provided the facilities to ourselves; BN are merely our reps to manage “our” wealth. BN, or rather UMNO is nothing without the people! They did not pluck the laptops from the sky and give it to us! All these wealth are taken from our natural resources, income tax, etc etc. …


***”The brilliance of Dr Mahathir in elevating corruption to an acceptable way of life, and in fact perfecting it to an art had noble objectives.”***

I have videos for you, BN partyman:

This is what your brilliance Mahathir capable of


When I see Najib? N’s face, it makes me throwing up…


Why are you guys bother to reply to this BN partyman? Would you expect this imbecile would understand what we say here? Or would you believe people as stupid as he DOES exist.

L Lee

Dear BN Sakhti,
I am 210th entries since the time(hardly more than 2 days old)you posted your view. Just ask yourself, how many are against and how many responded favourably to you?
My advice to you is to get lost as otherwise the response from those against what you said will overwhelm Anil’s site, leaving no room for us to read what Anil writes.
If you respond again, the whole contingent of Malaysian Rayat will drown you and you will not be able to sing any more praise to whoever you adore!
Go get lost!


BN Sakhi should not be biased in condemning bloggers. Each time there is an election or by-election, the government controlled media will go all out to condemn the Opposition. it is just sisckening to hear and watch all the craps and cheats they dish out. Even a kindergarten dropout knows what stupid things they are telling the people through these controlled media. Does he realise this? or, is he pretending not to know? or, does he feel that what the governmnet media does is right and when the truth is told by the alternative media (the Internet) it is wrong?… Read more »


BN Sakthi, my foot! Before u make more stupid comment, go n get get some lesson that can help you understand the different between the party (such as UMNO) and the government (of Malaysia). If your tutor (leader) teach you right, you will appreciate that the government’s money is not UMNO’s money. Your tutor will also tell you the party’s (meaning UMNO’s) income is the RM1.00 yearly subscription from its members (thus totaling RM3.5m/annum from the 3,5m members). Yr tutor can also can also enlighten u as to how UMNO can accumulate millions / billions for its activities. The govt… Read more »


i may be late giving my view but i can see that the BN partyman is just another of the failure of the BN. you claim that “ bite the hand that feeds you..” and that is what the BN is doing. the BN is biting the rakyat that feed them. “..The fact that more than 15,000 people voted for Arif Shah is testimony to BN’s popularity” yes. the popularity is shifting down to the drain. thanks for reminding that the BN popularity is droping faster than the KLSE. “..Would you even own a laptop or even know how to… Read more »


Dearest hot headed BN Partyman, Your are just demonstrating the trademark attitude of the almighty powerful BN. Arrogant, full of threats, big talker and having short memory (those in power seem to forget how and who were the ones responsible for entrusting these power to them). Keep it up with that kind of arrogance and ignorant threats, let’s see how you guys swallow your own bad medicine in the end. We are not the ones that needed reminding and lectures, it’s the other way round.. and you guys are not half the men to learn to accept and respect the… Read more »


Dear BN Party Man,

Reading your post really made me believing that you really are an idoit.

Kah Seng

Oh, another point. Malaysian corporations and businesses also pay taxes, and therefore pay for our education.

While we don’t have to be “grateful” to some particular corporation, we should be grateful to a legal system and commercial eco-system that allows companies to compete to be the best, grow, profit, and pay taxes.

Sometimes my liberal-minded friends do forget that. Corporations do pay taxes without representation. So don’t be too tough on the businesses when they compete fairly. I don’t think tomorrow’s budget will cut taxes for businesses. It should though.

Kah Seng

Wow, what planet does this guy come from?

BN gave us the education? No, it’s the kindness of other Malaysian tax payers.

I, WE, could have gotten a BETTER education if not for BN.

The only true point is that 15k voted for BN. We have to respect these other side of Malaysia, even if we don’t agree with them.

PR Sakhti

Dear Barang naik(BN) sakhti

u got 2000+ view just BECAUSE of a link that RPK post on his blog..if not we dont give a damn s*** to you, about your BN educated blog writing . Podah ! ! !


Dear Anil,

I dont think we want to waste our time on that BN Sakhti fellow.

You and your group on the ground reporting was personalised, help us feel involved too.

It is just amazing and looking at the coments, the majority of us really appreciate your contributions.

Many thanks to you all Anil.
and for BN Sakhti … oops sorry you are not worth my time

Woman in Malaysia

I have a message for BN partyman: you said we should be grateful because BN provided us the opportunity to have access to computers and the internet. Oh please, give me a break. If we did not have BN for the past few decades, Malaysia would be at par with countries like Singapore and Korea. BN is the reason why Malaysia is lagging behind and why we are still not a developed nation.

Mohd. Nazri

BN Sakhti is the superlative of a fool that has not the slightest idea about what is a government. To BN Sakhti, do you think BN O-W-N-S Malaysia, idiot? Does UMNO fork out its’ own money to ‘educate’ anilnetto to write this blog, idiot? All the developments were done with money COLLECTED from the PEOPLE, idiot! We, the people own Malaysia, not BN, you hopeless … uneducated uncivilised utter FOOL!!!


“you bite the hand that feeds you”

We the rakyat “feed” the BN/UMNO with our tax-money.

Yeah, you said it right. Who have voted the BN/UMNO …. into the government? And it is the same …. that have given us this deterioting state of national economy, the increasing inflation rate, the deprivation of education opportuinities, by swallowing our money …

Yong NC


GO and swear to your GOD that whatever you have written comes from your heart and not from your …


We the voters are the one that put you there for 50 years to do the job. We did not bit any hands, it is you that have bit our hands. We the voters will change the CEO on the next general election is you continue to not perform.

I believe that BN Sakthi’s letter was written tongue-in-cheek. Reading between the lines, I think the writer is actually ridiculing BN by
Another thing is, no self-respecting BN man would ever use the word “sakhti” for anything beacuse of what it has come to symbolize. Also the amusing “large minority” phrase, gives you a clue as to the writer’s intention. And “Wipe out the opposition from the face of the earth”? Ha. Ha.
It’s supposed to be a joke guys. Lighten up.

P.S. Then again, zero-opposition. Mmmm…sounds familiar….


frankly, if u ask me, i think it’s just sarcasm, of what we really feel with the MSM…