More than 20 apply to contest polls


So far, more than 20 people have applied to contest polls to become civil society’s nominees to serve as MPPP or MPSP councillors.

Information on the potential candidates is being uploaded onto the Penang Forum website. Closing date for applications to contest the elections is tomorrow. (The application form is available on the PF website.) Polling will be on 14 Nov.

Penang residents who want to vote in the polls will have to pre-register with the Penang Forum by 12 November. Please email aliran (at) streamyx (d0t) com

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Ong Eu Soon

I just read the news report from the mandarin version of Malaysia Kini that the contestants only allowed few minutes to introduce themselves. They are not allow to campaign freely and distributing pamphlets. Those who disobey will be disqualified. Why Penang Forum 3 prohibits the contestants from campaigning and distributing pamphlet? Isn’t it important for those who want to contest to campaign openly and freely? Do we really need just to educate people on how to cast a vote? Isn’t the mock election should mimic real election and provide opportunity for all contestant to voice out their manifesto and their… Read more »