Message from Raja Petra’s wife Marina Lee


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yoyo woong
yoyo woong
28 Sep 2008 2.56am

you are right,i will forever support for you,do what your think is right!you are
my hero.i like your blog.

Anak Pulau Pinang
Anak Pulau Pinang
13 Sep 2008 1.42pm

This is the very darkest hour for Malaysia as we see a possible Ops Lalang 2. Our prayers are for the families of RPK, Teresa Kok. The threat of further action by the BN … is REAL. Our so-called leaders are very paranoid these days and we can see from their speech and action that they are just goingoverboard in dealing with any dissent and disagreement to their actions. BN must go for there to be any hope for Malaysia to find peace. Petition, lobby your ADUNs, MPs, Tell them that they cannot go on support this government. Love your… Read more »

13 Sep 2008 11.50am

RPK a TRUE MUSLIM always speak the truth. We are with him in spirit and always pary that he is safe and healthy.
GOD know that he is telling the truth.
We will pray for his safe return!!!

13 Sep 2008 10.15am


Please do keep us updated as to what’s happening on the ground. Word has it that Haris Ibrahim (coulod be) next. And I’ve been unable to contact him since 3 hours ago.

13 Sep 2008 9.09am

Hi Anil,

FYI…The message from Marina Lee does not appear.

God protect all of you and all Malaysians.

13 Sep 2008 2.50am

We must stay calm and never let emotion drive our action. The whole chain of events was aimed to provoke public anger so that they have valid reason to declare the country in the state of Emergency and apply martial law. This is an attempt by certain quaters to undermine the proposed opposition take over. It is unclear who gives the instruction, we only know that police had taken action to arrest someone under ISA. But at this stage, we are not sure it is under whose directive. In all likelihood, it is possible that certain quarters are manipulating this… Read more »

Please ISA Me
13 Sep 2008 2.02am

Looks like you could the next one.

Better join the “Please ISA Me” campaign (psygame playing lah) so that they will think twice before handcuffing you.

I am begging you to ISA me …

13 Sep 2008 1.35am

Please heed her warning! There are 2 models where UMNO has successfully used in the past. In the 1969 model, Tun Abdul Razak … instate an Emergency and eventually force Tunku Abdul Rahman out of power. In the 1987 model, where a massive internal struggle within Umno moved Mahathir to attack imaginary exterior “enemies (non-malays)” in a massive Operation Lallang to strengthen his own fledgling position within Umno. There is now an internal struggle within UMNO as well as fledging support from the malay voters. So their natural instinct (could be) to apply a combination of the 2 models. ….… Read more »

13 Sep 2008 1.31am

Don’t worry, we stand by you RPK. Hidup RPK.