Vigils: 14 arrests in KL, 10 in Kuching, one in Penang



Police moved in on the vigil in Penang – Photo by Romerz

Fourteen people were arrested in Brickfields tonight at a vigil to express solidarity with activist Wong Chin Huat.

Of the 14, seven of them were from the students’ movement Dema and two from the KL Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall youth section. They are now at a car-park at the Brickfields police stations, though their statements have not yet been recorded. The arrests today come on the heels of 14 arrests last night (though that batch were later released).

Over in Penang, USM masters student Ng Eng Kiat was detained after a “Democracy First” vigil in Penang attended by between 50 and a hundred people outside the Dewan Sri Pinang tonight. He was the emcee of the event.

The Penang vigil, organised by human rights group Suaram, was to express dissatisfaction over the state of democracy in the country. It is not clear what charge he has been arrested under. Eng Kiat, who is also a Suaram member, is now believed to be at the Patani Road police station. About a dozen police also moved in to remove banners.

Meanwhile, Lina Soo reports that 10 PKR members were arrested in Kuching during a similar vigil but were later released on police bail. They were Dominique Ng, Wong Liong Hin, Yong Sen Chan, Mark Murau, Mrs Dominique Ng, S H Hung, Bob, Zaidi, Sharifah and Aidil.

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8 May 2009 11.41am

We are getting a taste of what life is under Najib’s regime. Left, right and centre, seems like there is no safe ground for the many voice of conscience…. (Those in) UMNO realise the alternative could mean subjecting themselves to the rule of law. Quite obvious many are culpable from their years of wanton abuse of position to enrich UMNO(somewhat) and themselves. No doubt UMNO would sound out and play the race card to extremes. That said, our only salvation… would come from our Malay brethren(the non-UMNO faction). My gut feel indicate a not so comfy ride in the interim… Read more »

Lina Soo
8 May 2009 7.55am

10 were arrested in Kuching.

8 May 2009 2.22am


Being a lousy photographer, you can get some of the lousy photos I took at the candlelight vigil at Dewan Sri Pinang.

Congrats on a job well done in Ipoh.

8 May 2009 12.46am

He was arrested under illegal gathering without permit section one seven six (or something like that).

7 May 2009 11.33pm

Malaysia under Najib: “1 Black Malaysia”.