Malaysia’s folk hero Raja Petra opts for jail to prove a point


Spent the evening working with Mus on a press statement in response to the action taken against Raja Petra.

It is just three days after we marked World Press Freedom Day.

Not good. And downright depressing.

But mind you, this move could backfire. It is high stakes poker, and I guess they didn’t anticipate that Raja Petra would refuse bail. Now he is in jail and the glare of the international media will focus even more on him, the Malaysian government, the judiciary and the Altantuya trial.

Certain people are going to be shifting in their seats rather uncomfortably – or maybe having sleepless nights. They have no idea what Raja Petra is going to say in court, come October.

As Malaysiakini observes, hauling Raja Petra to court has only turned him into a legend – if he is not already one. For it was Raja Petra and his Malaysia Today website that played a not insignificant role in the fall of five states to Pakatan Rakyat.

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