Malaysians demand clean and fair elections


Make no mistake: concerned Malaysians are demanding clean and fair elections and the reforms must be implemented before the coming general election.

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Dr. Amir

Dear Readers, Fair and clean election means only those eligible, Malaysian by citizen (not instant citizen, not a matter of convenience) and registered one time with the EC and voted at his place of choice, but preferably his home town or working site. This electoral list must be made available to the public, and published at every constituency for public viewing. This is openly practiced by the UK government. EC, must make this list available to the public and not changing them every now and then. It had to be made every year and added from time to time and… Read more »

Ahmad Sobri

Gerakan K , is another classic example of what the BN had inculcated in our society. One where there is absolute tolerance of whatever wrongdoings anytime, anywhere in the country. The lackadasical attitude shown by the dude is beyond human understanding. A reasonably educated dude who is so unable to identify what is right and what is wrong. 400,000 not a huge figure? Just imagine the numbers that the dude may allegedly know are phantom voters? Understanding that a mere 0.3 per cent may affect the scenario of who is in the Government and who is in the Opposition? Malaysians… Read more »

Gerakan K

Please help !!!

What is fair election ??? How election is not clean ???

Andrew I

You’re so clever why ask?

Gerakan K

You have to ask hardcore pakatan fanboy in order to understand THEIR PROBLEM. They have to specific about what is clean election and fair election.

You know, for pakatan fanboy, it’s not fair whenever BN win and it’s not also clean whenever BN win.

Is fair and clean election claim is part of pakatan syndrome ??? Sharing is caring. So, please help me to provide pakatan’s definition of fair and clean election.

You know lah, RM400000 is affordable housing according to pakatan definition. So, we to be precise for every pakatan definition. Sigh ~

Andrew I

What’s the point of explaining things to a barisan fanboy when the very fact that they are one shows their level of intelligence?

Andrew I

Not forgetting their state of mind as well.


Don’t play dumb, dumb!
Surely (I read) you are suggesting/hinting otherwise!!!
Oh, surely it’s time to go to the kampung, an easier place to do just like this dumb-dumb job.
Still desperate for help?
You have the ‘D’ & the deep blue sea of Blue Ocean Strategy to kau tim!


To prove that EC is also ‘clean’ & accountable, prove to us with a list of Malaysian Voters by citizenship & birth rights. Nothing less.
Not even a hair of Myanmar, Bangla, Indon or Vietnamese should be found in the list of eligibility to vote.
EC, prove to us now as an independent body of entrusted duty & not complain it is a hard task or a ‘cold-sweat’ endeavor.