Malaysiakini feels the heat


Malaysiakini, a leading independent news portal, and Suaram, a human-rights organization, have come under heavy government pressure in the run-up to what is expected to be a hotly contested general election in Malaysia.

Both independent groups have reported on politically damaging scandals surrounding Prime Minister Najib Razak and his ruling United Malays National Organization (UMNO) party.

In particular, Suaram has exposed and Malaysiakini reported allegations of irregularities in the procurement of Scorpene submarines from France at a time when Najib served as defense minister. The murder of a Mongolian woman, allegedly the lover of a Najib aide connected to the deal, has raised the political stakes of the scandal.

Full article on Asia Times Online website

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19 Oct 2012 9.06am

from mysinchew portal : The most crazy civil officer: A former Customs officer, who ordered an additional 50 pieces of GPS Navman navigation system although he was authorised to purchase only 30 sets, at a price 10 times more expensive than the market price. In addition, he had also spent RM1.82 million on unnecessary equipment for his department. The most absurd department: The Health Ministry, which awarded contracts through direct negotiation instead of open tender and paid RM540,000 to employees who do not exist. The department also paid maintenance fees at prices dozens of times higher than the original prices… Read more »

semuanya OK kot
semuanya OK kot
21 Oct 2012 1.39pm
Reply to  LiveStronger

Is he crazy or is he living in a crazy culture? What made him so brave? I know an admin clerk in a private business who ordered RM 40,000 or so of office supplies from her husband’s business with no authorisation. She underwent “inquiry” but did not get fired.

18 Oct 2012 10.57pm

The word is that in private it is 1Mahmah who puts the lead in his pencil.

19 Oct 2012 8.45am
Reply to  VOTE ABU

The Heat Is On for those corrupted ones ?
Can’t wait for GE13 !

18 Oct 2012 8.50pm

In public, Najib has been careful to not show a ruthless private side of himself. In private, those who knows him will tell you he (allegedly) will make it clear that he wants extreme measures taken on his behalf.