Malay Chamber represented in MPPP


Few are aware that the Penang Malay Chamber of Commerce (DPMMPP) has had three current office bearers successively appointed to an allotted seat in the Penang Island Municipal Council (MPPP) since 2008.

Ironically, a DPMMPP leader was involved in the racially charged 5 Feb protest over allegedly discriminatory Council enforcement action against Malay hawkers and food-stalls operators on Penang Island.

The Penang government had allotted one seat to the DPMMPP and another to the Penang Chinese Chamber of Commerce in the MPPP. For 2008, the DPMMPP rep in the Council was Rizal Faris Mohideen, currently the head of DPMMPP. (Rizal was one of the speakers at the protest on Friday.) His successor as MPPP councillor in March 2009 was Yasir Hafiz Munawar Ali, currently the DPMMPP honorary assistant secretary. The present rep in the Council is Ali Akhbar Mohd Noor, a businessman and DPMMPP exco member.

It is within the jurisdiction of MPPP councillors to decide whether to grant “illegal traders” a moratorium or to enforce strictly or to determine which areas or categories comes first. A councillor may call up the enforcement officers and take them to task if they deviate from policy decisions but he or she cannot interfere once the committee-in-charge such as the permanent committee on public health and licensing has made a decision.

An MPPP councillor has the opportunity of highlighting the hawkers and food-stall operators’ cause within the MPPP. He or she can ask for statistics, which the MPPP should provide to clear the air or to disprove allegations, and question the figures. This would thus seem to be the obvious platform for the DPMMPP to raise such issues with the MPPP.

Rizal was reported as challenging the statistics issued by the state government. “As the state government, they can claim anything and lie as they are desperate to cover up their action. I have statistics from MPPP which show otherwise. Unless the state government has plagiarised the statistics to cover their tracks,” he was quoted in The Edge as saying.

He added that he had raised the matter numerous times but was accused of being a racist. “I had even proposed an action plan or an integrated approach to deal with the situation as Penang is a tourist destination and food haven, which could be affected by the enforcement taken against these hawkers.”

The question is, have the DPMMPP reps in the MPPP raised this issue loudly and persistently within the Council? It would be quite easy to check by looking up the minutes of meetings and memorandums submitted to the Council while they were reps.

Has the action plan Rizal mentioned been tabled in the MPPP or was it opposed by the other MPPP councillors? Who within the MPPP is blocking the councillors from adopting this integrated approach? I would be all for an integrated approach that would satisfy the various aspects such as regulation, hygiene, clean, conducive locations, the promotion of Penang as a food haven, the promotion of small local businesses, skills development, microcredit and job creation. It would be interesting to find out who in the MPPP is standing in the way of such an integrated and multi-ethnic approach – that is if it was actually brought up in the first place.

Do the DBMMPP reps really have no alternative avenue left that they have to highlight this as a racial issue on the streets?

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Dear Iron Please run for next election, come to Paya Terubong area. I will vote you in if you have a complete manifesto which is 100% guarantee will work. Please be mindful and don’t just leave a bad taste comment. I’m a rakyat, of course we deserve a good governance of government. I work in finance line and everytime start working in new area / branch I need time to blend in. Since it is less than 30 people, an approx 6 months to get things in place. 2 years are not long enough to see things from happening unless… Read more »


I believe the State and local governments by and large are sympathetic to small traders and hawkers. There are ample allocations of public funds for the setting up of hawker complexes in virtually every corner of the state, but what would you do if some hawkers insist on setting up their stalls on road sides and street corners (illegally)? Are they being stubborn and indisciplined or do they not have access to sites in hawker complexes? Or are they migrant workers who are not entitled to locate in Municipal hawker sites? Since the control and licensing of hawkers is under… Read more »


This is nothing new. The UMNO guys just know how to accuse others of injustice. when ask to show figures…dont know how and too lazy to bother. Remember the case with Koh Tsu Koon a few years ago where the UMNO guys said Penang malays are marginalised!!!…where till todate the figures/statistic is still forthcoming from this UMNO stooges.


Dear people I believe all Penangties are scruntizing the government work of the day. Anyway, less than 2 years people must slowly but surely will know what’s right or what’s wrong. In terms of communication it is sometime the middle management who create problem. It applies in any organization. LGE may say this and that but “HE” did not rephrase to his comrades in layman language thus this problem arises. Furthermore, with 3 parties + councillor please ask yourself do you thing they sent out email on CM or exco instructions? Do they read and understand? Its the same. During… Read more »


You mean —> Since BN has screwed up, PR is entitled to screw up as well, right?

What about the Rakyat?

BN screwed up so we boot them out.

Now PR screws up, and yeah, BN screwed up and PR is demanding their turn to screw up.

What about the Rakyat?

What about the Rakyat’ right to have a GOOD GOVERNMENT?

Just because of politics, we Rakyat do not deserve any good government?

Is that what you are trying to say?

Hard Facts

The gravy train has come to a halt for these racists. They and their BN cronies have moved from the denial mode to that of an angry one, hence all these accusations that fly in the face of the facts.


If anyone has any complaint about illegal hawkers in Penang, I think he/she should voice it directly to MPPP. Go to the MPPP website and register your complaints on line. You will get a response from them quite promptly. No point complaining here as this is not the official website for complaints to MPPP. One other thing. If Rizal has statistics from MPPP showing otherwise, why didn’t he reveal them? He should be as open as the state government in revealing the data he has to the public. Perhaps the real reason is that he is wary of being sued… Read more »


Hi, i already translate into BM here…
please spread it…

soul survivor

be brave and let’s get out from racial’s line politically,economically and sure socially!!!any issues in this country,the smallest to the biggest,have been the making of UMNO and all its … subsidiaries!the so-called issue in penang is yet another umno by-product.again it was painted by umno-controlled-medias in racial lines.coz umno can only survive and continue milking-out the nation’s wealth in this divide-and-rule stuff.btw PR states got to get tougher on all these umno (guys) still around in the administratives.its about time the PR switch to the ‘attacking’ mode and need no worry coz Allah is with us!


Hey Penang protestors, If you guys want to progress and prosper, then fine-tune your mentality. No one is stopping you from doing business. But if you want to do business, then do it through proper channel by applying licenses and carry out your trade at designated areas, not suka-suka by the road side or in front of people’s shops. Let’s accept the fact that you’re called ILLEGAL traders because you’ve flouted the laws. And if you’re illegal, the authorities have every right to demolish your establishment. It’s that simple and straight-forward. It has got nothing to do with supressing or… Read more »


“if you want to do business, then do it through proper channel by applying licenses and carry out your trade at designated areas” I think you have mistaken. Penang is not Singapore. We do not have a wise gentleman like Lee Kuan Yew to help us. The one we have is an exact opposite of Lee Kuan Yew. Instead of leading us out of troubles – like Lee Kuan Yew has done for the Singaporeans – our guy has lead us into MORE AND MORE troubles. Like the Kampung Buah Pala trouble. Like the roboh hawker stall just before CNY… Read more »


“As the state government, they can claim anything and lie as they are desperate to cover up their action. I have statistics from MPPP which show otherwise. Unless the state government has plagiarised the statistics to cover their tracks,” so says Rizal.

Let’s hear them. Or did they just light it up after the UMNO/police sanctioned demo?

Loh Yeow Boo - Penang

DAP is …. Looks at Jalan Sungai Kelian in Hillside….no actions against the illegal … hawkers operating there…….causing traffic jam and inconvenience to people living there. After so MANY complaints no actions….

All the houses in Jalan Sungai Kelian are converted from residential to commercial illegally AND no action taken against them.



You superhero. 2 years can sapu everything due to (certain political partoes) taikohs for 50 years? Many warungs are still under Mafia/Triads Taikohs. They do not want to lose their protection income. The chinese triads have gone and (allegedly) overtaken by (certain political parties). (They have) been grumbling about their share.


Sudah la !

That “they got 50 years and we only got 2 years” lie has gone stale.

Very stale !

The Rakyat are not gonna wait 50 more years for you to fool around, PR !


(Certain of) these Malay NGOs are nothing but hooligans. I cannot tolerate their behavior in burning the effigy of LGE. What did they accomplish? Nothing because there was not a message that I gather from their protest. If you have the real stats, then publish them so that we can read for ourselves what you are complaining about. To said the the state stats are fictitious does not mean a thing if you don’t have the stats to refute it. It is time for the Malays to realize that not everything their Malay NGOs are doing is for their own… Read more »


The fella above says: “these Malay NGOs are nothing but hooligans


Just because they express they way they express, and you disapprove of it, they automatically become hooligans?

Do you know how to spell R A C I S M, my friend?…

Gerakan K

I read PAS MP Khalid Samad blog days ago. He claimed that internal communication within PAS not working. Any issue raised being silenced. So he had not choice but to raise that issue publicly via media and subsequently being punished by the party. I think this is also same for this case. Issue raised but silenced by someone. I salute Rizal Faris Mohideen for being brave for truth. Look at Rizal statement: —————————– “As the state government, they can claim anything and lie as they are desperate to cover up their action. I have statistics from MPPP which show otherwise.… Read more »


If you do and the result shows that LGE is telling the truth, you must post your picture here and apologize to readers here and LGE. How come you do not question anything coming from BN/UMNO. Do you think that they are telling the truth?


Gerakan K and this bloke are telling lies UNLESS they refute with statistic as they claim to have.


This has nothing to do with race. We cannot have illegal hawkers all over Penang, it must be regulated to ensure the hygine, cleaniness, environment and to protect the consumers. The government is no doing the job if they allow illegal hawkers set up stalls all over Penang.

These Malay NGO is so racist they don’t think in the interest of the consumers or the environment.


Anil – good one. Let’s catch up for coffee soon. Glad to have met you the other day.


this is clearly the use of the Malay NGO to destabilise another state government.If not careful,Malay NGO will loose their credibility as their behavior r no different than um-nos.In time they (could end up being) labelled as our local growned ‘(extremist)’ should not create so much problems fr the PR States as PR States r there to serve the can their excel if they r always disturbed by the feds.Please let Penang Government to develop Penang peacefully.Let them do what BN-Umno could not do despite governing for the last 20 years there. zahrain problems r internal n he… Read more »


go on, let (them) have their day in judgment. publish minutes of meetings; those which were attended by (them).

and shut them off once and for all.

and please, translate into bahasa malaysia and distribute far and wide into the malay heartlands.

we need malays to speak up.

not in the english language.
not in mandarin.

it must be in bahasa malaysia.


Gerakan K

Don’t talk about publishing the minutes of meetings. They will not do that. I still waiting the exco minutes regarding to Kg Buah Pala cruel demolition.


… Cakap satu bikin lain.


I have works in Penang island and the mainland. From the traders and hawkers I frequented, I hear that the current administration is quite understanding and co-operative towards them. Some even tell me that LGE has asked his officers to go easier on them since they are only trying to ‘cari-makan’. An African proverb says “Until lions have their historians, tales of the hunt shall always glorify the hunter.” Are we only hearing the tales from one rather vocal side? In Selangor, it is definitely easier to get licenses without needing the ‘middle-men’. Small steps for hawkers but a definite… Read more »


I suppose now as a matter of honour, Ali Akhbar Mohd Noor would have to resign in protest from the MPPP.

There is no reason whatsoever to doubt he is an “honourable” man, is there?