Local polls possible, legal experts tell Pg govt


It is legally possible to hold local government elections, a team of legal experts advising the Penang state government has found.

The team comprises Tommy Thomas, Malik Imtiaz and Yeoh Yang Poh (former Bar Council chairman, who also led the team). The Penang government will now decide whether to seek a court declaration on the issue.

Prof Francis Loh has the story here.

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Look at Selangor – those damn PRK very sacred of local election. Hannah Yeoh of DAP in Subang jaya has been asking for local election. But PRK have been with tails underthe legs and lost the marbles to conduct the local election. No one from PKR even whisper about localelection. Kiasu … PKR



Sorry for veering of the topic. I think you should look into the claims of Azhar that the state contracts awards despite the so-called open tender system, is a sham.

In particular, his allegations that Taiyo Resorts awarded a contract despite the company’s poor financial health is very troubling.

With your accountant’s backgroud, perhaps you could shed some lights on this issue.


I think Gerakan supporters here should push the PM/cabinet to allow local elections for all states, or if not, at least in states where the government is in favour of such an arrangement through the amendment of the necessary acts.

No point doing it the long (or wrong) way by pushing the state governments to take this to court which, we already know, ultimately bows to the wishes of the executive thereby wasting rakyat’s time and money.

If Gerakan is successful in this, at least they may end up having a few municipal councilors serving the community in Penang.


The biggest hurdle ain’t legal.

It’s DAP that does NOT (seem to) want local council election !!!

They blame it on that bad law to cover up their own disdain regarding the matter.


Iron I concur. LGE doesnt want a local council election and just trying find any excuse to not to hold it, by blaming EC, BN, the law, etc. Now with this news, if he still refuses to hold an election, then his political gamemanship will be exposed. I have a theory why this was not reported in non Chinese media. We all know that there are DAP sympathisers with the media who (may) have torpedoed this news so not to have hurt their idol. I wonder why Himanshu, such a socially aware Penang reporter, failed to report this news of… Read more »


At first when they mentioned that bad law I actually believed them. That was just after 308. Sometime after that some lawyers quote the laws and told DAP that there are ways around that freaking law. DAP won’t budge. Still insisted that the bad law must go before they can go ahead for the local council election. More lawyers offered more advises. And they offer even more ways around that bad law. Still DAP refused to do anything. Still insisting that they couldn’t anything. … by that time I started to get suspicious, for DAP isn’t really famous for “OBEYING… Read more »


Hi Anil, I’m really not sure why but this news is out in Chinese version of Malaysiakini more than one week ago but interestingly it wasn’t reported anywhere else in English media… I wonder why…


Dear Anil,

It’s time you start learning Chinese !

Gerakan K

Ha ha,

this time LGE has no excuse to skip local election. Be prepared for massive loses !!!

Opss, he may then say money not enough !!!


Gerakan K,

Read this and respond accordingly. Hopefully, you do not bring out the issue of Local Council Elections again as it will spilt … on your face.

Get it bro? Will the Federal Courts favour the PR Governments appeal? Your guess is as good as mine Gerakan K.

Cheers bro.

Gerakan K

… Back to local election issue. Now it is clear that local election is possible and up to your hero to go ahead with it.

After so many mistakes and sub-standard quality of management, I highly doubt your hero will go ahead with it even legally OK.

Dictatorship style of management, nepotism, cronyism and racist policies easily exposed to public if the council members are not your hero’s machai.

PASti bungkus


Gerakan K,

Negative thinkers like you cannot be helped! Even before the matter is brought up to higher authorities, you are doubting whether PR will take the matter to courts.

Honestly, you know deep in your heart what the outcome of an appeal or for that matter any appeal by PR. You all at BN today are such poor opposition, compared to PR, you all are nursery kids.

Do something more purposeful for the Rakyat please. Your performance is so disappointing!

Gerakan K

O, the alleged RM100000/month corruption issue[1] in Selangor still not resolved. Why the PR MP (Kapar, Selangor) keep threatening to lodge police report and the Selangor MB seemed not bother at all ??? According to report, PR MPs for Indera Mahkota, Merbok, Balik Pulau, Kuala Kedah, Ampang, Tanah Merah, Selayang, Teluk Kemang, Kepong, Wangsa Maju and Kelana Jaya also supported the move. This gonna be some truth behind the allegation. O, why you are not interested in corruption allegation in PR state ??? Close one eye already ??? Or RM100000/month corruption is too small to warrant your attention ??? I… Read more »


Gerakan K, Trust me, you will never see democracy in UMNO Baru/BN, actually, I am sure you will agree that in BN there is only UMNO Baru and the rest are there just to kowtow, like you and KTK, you know just to make up the numbers. Here in PR, this is democracy at work, but, at the end of the day, they love the party too much, except for one or two, who cannot get their problems settled! Anyway, let them settle their own problems, the best way they can, PKR will only grow from strength to strength. The… Read more »


Look at PKR Government never do anything as compare with DAP. (Certain) PKR ADUNs and MPs are looking for goodies and some writers here also did not get anything and so making (noise). Show PKR Government, ADUNs and MPs is (allegedly) more corrup that DAP. Good thing that DAP Government tells PKR wanting goodies to fly kite.