LIVE: Zaid Ibrahim addresses crowd in Penang


Zaid Ibrahim is speaking at the Caring Society Complex in Penang tonight on a two-coalition system in Malaysia.

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“I thought Zaid is on a six month vacation. Probably no one from PKR to finance his overseas vacation.” – ilham That was mischievous, I suppose you were thinking of man with the RM24million villa who flew biz-class globe trotting, stayed 6-star hotels with wife, children and maids at rakyat’s expense yet MACC’s still looking the other way and dragging its feet? Zaid needs no one to finance him if he should need an overseas vacation. He’s a successful lawyer in his own right. He probably just needs peace time away from those “insecured cry-babies within PKR” to spend more… Read more »


I was also at the ceramah last night and was shocked by the antics of the thug and his abusive behaviour.


You know what, your mouth spewed true lies and half truth … I was also at the the forum. What he talks, Anwar, PKR, PR, PAS and DAP should reflect on that.


I thought Zaid is on a six month vacation.

Probably no one from PKR to finance his overseas vacation.


Dato Zaid Ibrahim is one of Malaysia’s best hope for the future.Together with Anwar,Tengku Razaleigh ,Pas & Dap Leaders Zaid Ibrahim will bring positive changes to Malaysia riddled with Corruption,Police Custody deaths,MACC ‘gestapo role’ & Political tool machinery of Umno/Bn, Judiciary fixing and selective prosecution etc.
Malaysia image & reputation at home and abroad have been severely damaged by past & current events-Altantuya,Kugan,Hindraf,Teoh Beng Hock, Scandals, Corruption, Deaths in Malaysia Police custody and the use of the judiciary to (deal with) opponents as started by Mahathir on Anwar.
REFORMASI cannot come quick enough for Malaysia !