LIVE: 35,000 throng Nizar’s residence in show of support



Show of support: This is just a small section of the crowd at the MB’s residence tonight

4,000 join a Makkal Sakthi Thaipusam procession calling for the dissolution of the State Assembly and the release of ISA detainees


Kataks feel the heat: DAP supporters express their support for Nizar and demand the dissolution of the assembly


Nizar addressing the crowd at his official residence after midnight: “Keep praying for a favourable court decision”

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Dr.Hamid Ibrahim

Dear Anil: The Opposition MPs should boycott all the sittings for about 3 months. The useless Bar Council chairman should be dismissed and she should be asked to return the Datoship; There have many illustrious sons as Chairmen but none of them were given Datoship; …. Again, she is not firm and supporting the administration. On the whole the BAR has become VERY inactive body. In India, the Bar IS SO POWERFUL THAT IT Can shake the Federal and State Governments because they are a determined lot. Do you know the number of Committees the Bar has: more than the… Read more »


I salute for your courage and principle. Fight corruption at all level. One day even UMNO will realise the well being of Malaysia is due to very few people like you.


They should now ask Mohd Nizar to fight for the Bukti Gantang parliament side. Imagine the peoples victory if Mohd Nizar wins. This will be a slap in teh face of …BN. Not uncommon to have MBs also as MPs. Khalid Ibrahim and Lim Guan Eng to name just 2. Mohd Nizar for Parliament.!!! If Mohd Nizar wins, this will b a real slap in the face of people like Najib Razak… and if Mohd Nizar wins, we have the moral standing even for the Perak state assembly. Pls pls ask Perak PAS to nominate Mohd Nizar for parliament. You… Read more »


Hi Anil…
Apprently a PAS MP from Perak passed away.


Maybe there’s a silver lining to the crisis.
I’ve seen with my own eyes, the Malays, the Chinese and the Indians mingling together at the MB’s house…united by their support for Nizar.
I really hope that this is the manifestation of issue-based politics rather than race-based politics in Malaysia.



Thank you very much for covering the events in Perak. It’s truly appreciated.

shoba mano

Dear Anil Please don’t get upset about PAS screening journalists. The public have for a very long time now asked the Opposition Coalition to do this especially during the campaigning period for the March 8 elections. The mainstream media are rotten in their reporting, twisting and turning facts and I kept wondering for a long time why the Coalition is still allowing them into their conferences. I’ve even asked mainstream journalists why they bother coming when they are going to write fiction anyway. They looked very uncomfortable and one or two told me that they report the “truth” but their… Read more »

Dr Su

I was surprised that the news of the 35,000 crowd was not on any blog but yours and it was not on Malaysiakini until I realised it is because of the negative treatment the ‘guards’ meted out towards journalist and bloggers.
The psychological impact of the event is lost !

i'm angry

anil… we want more picture from last night ceramah !


Thanks Anil fot the great coverage this past few days. God bless you and your great work. Regards from Melbourne


hey Anil, i was there on a short trip and now back in KL.. i must say the crowd was quite huge but could be bigger if it was not for the many cops guarding the city..

anyways thanks for your live updates for the past updates.. cant wait for tuesday on who will clock into office early, i hope its Nizar!


Terima kasih Anil for the great job – you captured important mmoments of history as it was made!

Maybe next time can hook up a contraction with Skype and add pix and audio. Must be a way to do it!

julie ong soo kim

Thanks, Anil. You have done a fantastic job, keeping us in the know. Take good care of yourself n all the best to you.

julie ong soo kim

thanks, anil. u have been doing a fantastic job keeping us in the know. God blesss U. Take care.


Dear Anil
Thank you for updating us on what is happening on the ground in Perak. We will miss you when you return to Penang tomorrow. The number of people at the MB’s residence tonight shows a very strong support for the legitimate government of Perak, Hidup PR


The way MB Nizar was treated cannot be accepted by many. MB Nizar that I know of is such a gentleman. He was and is a humble and pleasant person who has charisma of sort to become a leader. A good leader, sincere and not tainted with any scandal is liked by almoat all the people in Perak. Even many of his adversaries in politics like him. He should remain as the MB of Perak because of his positive attributes. No, he has not condemned the palace, never. The BN controlled media is confusing the people – a great sin,… Read more »


Thanks Anil for carrying the events live for us.


anil, thank you for the wonderful work. Safe journey back to Penang.


excellent coverage.

you put the well-funded MSM to shame.

Star paper, move aside with your slanted reporting. OKT, pls move aside with your lies too.


Thanks, Anil, for the excellent coverage – hanging on to your every update. I hope Perakians see that Nizar/PR’s rakyat-friendly measures were an integral part of PR’s philosophy and stated objectives. In contrast, Zambry/BN’s ostentatious display of largesse (brownies or crumbs) is crude, arbitrary and coldly calculated to win allegiance/power. I would not have joined the applause if he had offered my school orchestra RM30,000 or my temple RM100,000 under those circumstances. There’s a vital and fundamental difference. With $$$ being thrown at them left, right and centre, I hope the Perakians will not be ‘won over’ by the next… Read more »

Perakian in France

I’m praying along with others here for peace for Perak, for the Sultan and I can’t help adding ‘that God frustrate the plans of the wicked’…

I’m looking at the Psalm for today and I see where it says…’Le Seigneur élève les humbles et rabaisse jusqu’à terre les impies’. The Lord lifts up the lowly, but casts the wicked to the ground. Amen.

Anthony Tan


Thanks a lot for your updates to keep the Malaysian abreast on what all of us don’t get from MSM which carries all good news of BeNd only.

While yours is reports on the ground, I found this blog:

is getting a lot of attention/comments (160+) on The Prostitute of Jelapang and I recommend you people log in and see how angry the people is getting by the minutes.

Looks like all the people are pushing for a BY-ELECTIONS. I hope it can happen and settle this once and for all.


There should be some State employees manning certain fuction directly pertaining to particular matters and there should be clear guidelines between Federal and State on financial responsibilities.

Anybody who has info please share.


Bernama just reported that Karpal wants Anwar to step down as leader of PKR and DAP wants to leave Pakatan.
Fellas, at the first sign of trouble, JUST ABANDON SHIP why don’t u?
Now is the time to stand TOGETHER.
Can someone just ask Karpal to keep quiet for now?
Anyway does Karpal speak for the whole DAP, or just himself.
BN would be laughing themselves silly.
LGE please clarify – is this the way u wanna go?
FOOLS – both DAP and I, for supporting them.


Sultan has cancelled the Silver Jubilee celebrations in Batu Gajah