LIVE: Perak State Assembly sitting


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ainuddin ridzuan

The recent event by PR representatives is highly deplorable.It only implies that they are arrogant,abusive,power crazy. Perhaps its high time Nizar and gang put a stop to this crazy antics and avoid further damage to their reputations.


Najib, stop wasting time appeasing chinese.No matter what you do, the chinese will be always chinese.You know that better. Who need their vote if the Malay are reunified?. Talk to PAS. Implement syariah laws. Sooner or later they realize their real vote power in Malaysia.Their vote are nothing but just ‘pelengkap’.


Look like Nizar, Sivakumar having a circus show.What a complete shame from pakatan rakyat


truly 1Malaysia in display by Zambry and his gang…


tanah perak dah jatuh dikt bn….tetapi raja di persalah kn ape citer ni


They are all trying to wear Pakatan down! Cow issue, Buah Pala, Perak – as a rakyat we see and we will remember. Don’t be like that ex Penangite Zambry who acts like he is master to all race. He is not!


You call this IMalaysia.What a … shame….


Return Perak to the people!

Dissolve the State Assembly and set new state elections.

Bye bye Zambry!


To end all this ‘drama’ is simple. Let the people choose who they want once and for all. Dissolve the assembly and call for an election. Why is BN so scared? BN could win big if they have a good strategy. Stop calling others traitors, anti-Islam and puppets. Stop racial politics. Stop the ‘cow head’ kind of politics. Stop using the Courts and Police for political expediency. Come up with a clean uncorrupted government. The people are getting fed up. What the world is watching now is all ‘negatives’ in the country. DISSOLVE THE ASSEMBLY AND GET A NEW MANDATE… Read more »


thanks for the live blog. But sad you didn’t continue. Can you consider live blog as webcast always falls in the category of internet streaming and blocked in office setting. Thank you for your hard work on the perak case.


Thank you again Anil for this.

See you sooner or later.

1 Black Malaysia. Democracy First. Elections Now.


BN is ridiculously afraid of everything,,people wearing black, drinking black coffee, candlelight vigils, and now..cartoons..kakakaka..
Now they want to review Astro’s licence cos their follies are exposed to the general public and the whole world to see


Hidup Rakyat,, hidup PR..
BN is still in denial.even after they lose support of the people. Signs of old age and impending demise.

anti-mat monggol

This country is going to be Zimbabwe S.E.A.


Perak State Assembly The party goons reign Is democracy has no value? Even state reps going “home” chasing away Trucks of FRU and cannon trucks Blocking the entrace 30m radius Court order issued by a magistrate Why must judiciary interfere State Assembly? The people will not forgive The party is on the way out Grasping for air mind running wild It is how perception rides 1Malaysia slogan It will never work Only those who get fooled Believe it close one eye Of the incidents and unfair treatments Call for state snap election Don’t hide through backdoor… Heed the wishes of… Read more »


Sori. Anil… Tapi tak tahan tenguk you. You everytime you cover itu PR punye event. Tapi kata independent.


BN government in Perak peoples’ choice?
Don’t make me puke !

It is the choice of 3 frogs, 2 of which were diligently pursued by MACC before they leaped…

The remaining one is more interested in her Camry than in carrying out the wishes of her electorate. She is a persona non grata in Jelapang, the constituency she is supposed to represent.


Go head YB siva,
Do the sitting in the hotel.Even it said that the prophet once convince sitting under the teree is its valid.
As long as all the ADUN are in a plce and do the sitting its legal. No law state that the sitting is valid only if done in state assembly building.

The whole counntry know gettin to to know who are PRDM and The UBN Regime….

BUBAR DUN lah … kalau berani.


People of Malaysian will sent BN to National Museum on next general election…


The 2nd Merdeka in the making. Greatest event after Pangkor Treaty that changed the concept of nationhood and kingship. Congrats to those who stood up for democracy in Malaysia. Now or never!


Viva Pakatan Rakayat ! True fighter of democracy rights of rakyat!

Reject the racist, corrupt, arrogant, abusive, manipulative, immoral, UMNO-BN !


Thanks Anil but where is all of this going and when can we see an end to it. The rakyat already knows and will do the right thing at the right time, I know I will. Nothing is going to happen here today, look at Kedah, seat seems vacant and the EC comes out with a rationale beyond belief, so I give up for the moment.


Déjà vu!

Wong Ka Wai

To PR assemblyman, impose charge to fake speaker and the 3 frogs.

No mercy for them.