Live – PR reps walk out after Nizar ordered out


The Perak State Assembly sitting today ended in chaos after Ganesan ordered Nizar out. Nizar refused to budge and all the Pakatan reps then staged a walk out.

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BN and its Cronies use Rakyat money to tell Rakyat why they decided the way they did at the last State Legislature. As if the Public is interested to read or know what rubbish they are spurting out. All we know is that they have Hee Hee Hee and 2(others) for support of an Unlawful government and (another) who purports to be the MB of Perak and Perakians.

… they surely know that Ganesan and they would be booted out at the next GE. Maybe even banished from the Elections roll for ever by the populace.


Anil, I wish to make a contribution to your request but, still have no idea how to make an online payment. Did’nt I TELL YOU I have a dull brain?


YB Nizar is the RIGHTFUL MB of Perak because he has the support of the MAJORITY of all races.
Hidup Pakatan Rakyat…..say NO to Umno/Bn RASUAH


Rightful doesn’t mean one can keep on playing this childish game forever. Rightful means you grow up, be a man, rather than a child, throwing temper tantrums. Yes, UMNO played foul. But UMNO _always_ plays foul or they would never be UMNO. What the PR DUNs should do is to attend the meeting, to straighten out whatever problem(s) their constituents are facing in the state assembly meeting. Grow up, PR DUNs in Perak, please grow up. We do not need this kind of shows to drag on and on and on. It is getting too tiring and it is an… Read more »


Once you give a little bit of power to an UMNO thamby, he gets over his head and start flexing his muscle. This sniffing…, has no dignity nor does he understands what shame is. Ganesan, learn to win a seat and be a legitimate representative of the people, otherwise, you are just a shoe shine boy!


Nizar, you are my hero too, i never expect you to be so bold and so brave, till the people saw you fighting for what is right when Perak was robbed.

You dont give in to intimidation. Yes, you are a born leader.

I love to see Pakatan’s group in Perak, they are always very spirited. The DAP, Keadilan and Pas they worked so well with each other in Perak. Bravo !!!

Hidup Pakatan !!!

p/s Gerakan K, dont you think sometimes you love to act
like a …? Sorry, brother.


Until the people of Perak are allowed to choose again, it is difficult for anyone to respect the present government in Perak.


Neither can I respect those “wakil rakyat” who walked out of the meeting without mewakili the rakyat who voted them in.

We all know UMNO is indecent, we all know that. But PR by doing the “walk out show” is acting as if they are in competition with UMNO in the “indecency” category.

Voters voted those DUNs to represent them.

Voters do not vote in the DUNs to walk out of the meeting.

Why should the voters, any voter, cast their votes for the DUN if the DUNs do not represent them in the state assembly meeting?


Dear Anil.

Apparently you are feeding the tweets from PR ADUNs and reporting from Malaysiainsider for your live report.

What about tweets from BN side for a balanced viewpoint since you are not doing an on site report. 🙂


That Chairman of (the) BN (side) – Ganesan is not even a Rakyat/People’s elected rep and he has no business to order our chosen MP/State Adun Nizar Jamaluddin out of Perak SUK! Who is Ganesan? He’s just a BN …!

Let’s make sure the whole lot of them never make it to Perak SUK come next GE-13.


The Chairman of BN … at the Perak SUK today, was not interested to let Pakatan Rakyat Adun opportunity to debate and even when PR Adun managed to stand up to speak, the microphones on their side were switched off.

Those idiots aren’t fit to manage the government of Perak!

Look what’s happening to our beloved Perak…


Why should we vote for anyone if the reps walk out of the meeting all the time?

I am sick and tired of all the politicking !

Why are we voting them in for?

To work for the people or to play all these politic games?


We vote them in to be the government. UMNO and Najib usurped a legally legitimate government.The right and truth shall never be tired or sick because they are fighting for something that has been unjustifiably taken away. Only (the culprit) can be sick and tired because he has done something that should not have been. This is what … UMNO (is), the worst of all..


Dear machai,

Can you please stop propagandising, for once?

We voters vote them in to serve us, whether they be in the government or not, their job is to serve the voters who voted them in.

Please have some decency, machai.

I have enough of your partisan politicising.


Where is the decency in Perak politics?

When the rightful PR state gomen can be usurped from power by dubious means!

When … Frogs can be rich overnight! Hee-Haw … politics!

When the rightful Speaker Sivakumar can be dragged from state assembly in contemptuous mockery of the Rakyat’s trust and confidence in the rule of decent laws!

When Perakian don’t get the gomen they deserve.


Where is the decency in walking out of the meeting?

What is the purpose of the voters who voted them in in the first place?

To attend those meeting, to represent (mewakili) the rakyat, to seek ways in iron out whatever problem faced by the rakyat.

In walking out of the meeting those “wakil rakyat” has betrayed the rakyat’s trust.

But then you machai never understand the concept of “wakil rakyat” in the first place.


You are exceedingly in love with Machais!
Machais here! Machais there!
Do you dream-dream of them every night?

Gerakan K

Nizar ordered out !!!

Kah kah kah kah kah kah kah kah

Balik kampung tanam jagung !!!


Gerakan, He shall never balik kampong because not only does the Malays like him, the Chinese, Indian and other non Malay now love him even more. Like I said previously we are scare of PAS, now we love them ever more than the racist and chauvinist UMNO and Najib. What can we expect from a wannabe except to keep lapping on their Master Majib and UMNO.


For those in Perak who were robbed of better things and a clean government of their choice …. go read this.


Open Tender is the way to go, but the zombies voted down my observation at TMI that 70% by count is (possibly) the wrong statistic to quote. If there were 3 1-billion contracts and 7 1-thousand contracts, the 70% would really be 0%! The correct statistic to quote would be percentage by tender value. Even then it’s not a full story, as we don’t know how many tenders were submitted by what kind of contractors. For example, if 3,000 non-Malay Contractors got 30% and 7 Malay contractors got 70% while submitting similarly competitive tenders, then we might still reasonably wonder… Read more »