LIVE: Seeing double at Perak State Assembly


Two Mentris Besar, two Speakers, two assembly sessions, two sets of rules. Only in OneMalaysia.

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Gerakan K

LGE even does not have datukship title. Who cares?

anak kulim

Gerakan K (could be) an UMNO agent provocateur who should know better that the BN/UMNO govt in Perak is an illegal one….


Yang, thks v much…

Ya, i hv that one by RPK, what we can do is coming the next GE we can photostat and distribute…

But Anil is not scared to bash Lim Guan Eng/DAP/Pakatan, see everyone bullies Lim Guan Eng… never mind la…


Anil, what are u scared of ?

Why did u delete my last sentence abt the palace of perak. I am just telling how i feel that is all. Dont tell me this Boleh Land do not allow its citizen to express their feelings?

Dont tell me, i will be ISA becos of that or you will be ISA becos it is under your domain???

I see that other bloggers did not delete anything of the redaders’ comments, some are full of foul languages…

Gerakan K

You are free to make nasty and uncivilised comment in RPK website.


Gerakan K
RPK website tell the truth that no one dare to write especially people like you who are so afraid of UMNO that you are willing to sell your soul…


You can`t blame Anil. He is just trying to protect himself and his rice bowl. I posted the RPK blog address on “`Why Pakatan government fall in Perak“` but he deleted it…

He has a family and has to protect himself. You know, these days you can be hauled up for anything that is not against the UMNO governmenoyalty. So forgive him.

Gerakan K

I think many PR supporters addicted with election/by-election. Why?


Now, those who have eyes can see the true colour of BN,ya. They will do whatever to grab back Perak. Do you all think the 3 frogs just jumped without anything in return?

Yet, some of the readers here have eyes but see not… how sad…

In all fairness and justice, i think, the right thing to do is, dissolve the state assembly and call for a fresh election. But that was not done, why???

Now, I understand, fairness la, justice la are all “cakap manis” only, no substance indeed. Just like flowers without fragrance…what for…


No doubt is a losing battle but at least they fight for rakyat. BN’s rep fight for ????


Kunta,ok if u say d BN would win then prove it.
… call for a fresh election.

James jame

Sure you look good and smell good, and … serve your master well CPO Perak…

the priest

Very serious lah…

Are the allegations by RPK substantiated / true?



the priest,

Whether substantially true or not there is one that is definitely correct. Sabah case, overpayment of 600 million. Who is the one that has a substantial stake in the company that over billed the government 600 million.



No need to beg …

A few more years are we would be able to show the … BN on their behaviour.


The illegal Perak gomen is supported Bn … so how now?


harapkan pagar, pagar makan padi . . .


Hello Ganesan, tell me face to face, how low can you go?


Looking at the way things proceed, Pakatan may not stand a chance to win in the fresh election as it wud happen much earlier. The heat and steam for Pakatan is diminishing gradually. Some non malay voters have returned to Barisan and so do the majority Malay voters. Sorry to say that people here are more concern about commercial value than anything else in this land and this is where the fort of the Barisan “lie ” .. They know they can do anything they like and will make amends at the last pace with all the goodies for the… Read more »


If as you said Pakatan does not stand a chance in a fresh election, why does UMNO and BN does not have the gut to call for dissolution of the state assembly. In such case then you must show your gut and tell that to Najib and UMNO, which I believed you do not have.

Nanchao Silver

This is the worst kind of shame from … Bolehland’s so called Great Leader of Reform and his gang … who keep on (denying) the people of Silver State their rights again and again.

Shame on you, Najib and gang.

Gerakan K

I think all PR ADUNs must resign if they cannot function as ADUN. Every time there is sitting they will cause a lot of trouble. I feel sick for these trouble makers. A lot of people also fedup with these antic, eg people in Bagan Pinang. Luckily some trouble maker from PR already down, eg Tian Chua–the police bitter. I expect more of this to be happened later.

ADUNs from PR = a bunch of streetfighters

Steven Yang

A bunch of street fighter is better than a bunch of corrupters that cheats on the people misery

Farhan Zahri

ADUNs from UMNO & BN + 3 KATAKS = …!!! (that includes Gerakan!)

Gerakan K

The greatly respected, with greatest possible knowledge and wisdom, the person I admire so much, i.e. the SULTAN of PERAK consented BN Perak government because they have the majority in the state seat. The sore losers of PR ADUNsm please behave yourself. Our image suffers greatly because of PR ADUNs’ thuggish actions! Respect the democracy and stop your democrazy.


The Supreme law of the country and state is Parliament and State Assembly respectively. Any change of government must go through a no confident vote in the state assembly. If BN has that majorities, why are they so afraid to go through a no confident motion in the state assembly….

THIS IS WHAT WE CALL TRUE DEMOCRACY not a democrazy that is snatched and grabbed against the rule of law.

Gerakan K

The sultan said OK. We have to follow his decision.


The Sultan OK the appointment but did not dismiss the earlier appointment because by law he could not. Only the state assembly with a vote of no confident has the right to dismiss….


Bottom line is this – as a society we have crappy leaders in general, be it in politics or business. We expect them to take the public interest first and by a far margin, while they so called leader think we are fools and look after their own interest first WAY before they look after the public interest.

More than anything else we need laws that check on our leaders worst impulses and yet, we give them way more leeways than other nations who have better leeway.


Apa yg terjadi adalah satu peristiwa yang sangat memalukan malah ianya akan menjadi satu trajedi yang pastinya tidak akan dilupakan oleh rakyat Perak khususnya dan rakyat Malaysia amnya. BN sepatutnya berlaku adil jika ingin mendapat kepercayaan dari rakyat Malaysia tapi sekarang terjadi sebaliknya. BN perlu beri kepentingan kpd rakyat.


Inilah yang akan berlaku jika pemerintah tidak lagi memerintah dengan adil.

Kunta Kinte

This is an absolute mockery of our democratic process and a total travesty of our political system. If our politicians cannot respect the very system of which they are a part, what is there left for the rakyat? As a lawyer, Ganesan should know better than to do what he has done. That knowledge is imputed. Dissolve the Assembly, for goodness’ sake, and let the people of Perak decide instead of perpetuating a situation where we have two Speakers and two Menteri Besar. This is NOT an achievement. This is shameful. Even Britain, America, Canada, India, Australia and New Zealand… Read more »


Ganesan kononnya peguam, tak tahu ikut undang-undang. Masih disenaraikan sebagai peguam tapi nak jadi ‘speaker haram’….


Keadaan politik yang tidak menghormati kedaulatan perlembagaan dan institusi demokrasi di negara Malaysia semakin memalukan rakyat Malaysia. BN akan tumbang kerana rakyat jelata telah bosan dan geram dengan tindakannya di Perak.

0 Malaysia/ 0 Perak

Please, we want the Honourable Sultan of Perak to move and DISSOLVE the ASSEMBLY and let the Rakyat of PERAK give the MANDATE….

Steven Yang

Can or will the Sultan dissolve the Assembly. Go to RPK blog and you will understand why it will not be dissolved no matter what. Its all because of …

hj salam

Bubar DUN Perak!