Live – Perak MB judgment; Anwar trial


Live updates on: 1) the Federal Court verdict on who is the rightful chief minister of Perak and 2) the application in the High Court to recuse the Anwar trial judge.

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This does not mean our Justice system A okay now, it is only a show piece. More has to be done for the people to gain back the confidence of the judiciary. The AG’s chambers requires a complete overhaul.

Phua Kai Lit

One important lesson from history:

If you do not possess legitimacy in the eyes of the people, you can only rule through fraud and the use of force.

The “MB” (who has immodestly compared himself to Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King and Mohandas Gandhi)should remember this.


Iron, thick as iron. expect PR to perform with both hands tied to the back. Comment similar to Zamry’s ‘challenge’ to Perak PR assemblymen to resign.

Gerakan K

The justice is served. The majority rules. Even Nizar won this, he will be ousted via motion of no confidence by BN ADUNs. So no matter what, BN has the majority and that is the key point. Instead of letting the minority to create chaos, the HRH did the right thing instantly. Grow up and learn to accept defeat.

PR Perak = One year wonder


Gerakan K,
Yes through corruptible adun and the decision …. based on a case in down trodden Nigeria….

k c low

It is expected, the decision: 5-0. …. they call the shots.

Now, when the 13GE takes place, the Rakyat must make sure that the Rakyat calls the shot by kicking out BN without mercy. Let’s do it for the sake of RPK. Cheers.


It is time to let go the MB issue because we need to concentrate on next election. Perak will go back to PR again. BN can call it justice but those in the middle will see otherwise thus BN will be voted out. PR please get ready for next PRU.

… PR come to power need to sack all those BN people in all area or render them powerless first.


The ball is in PR’s court right now. The Rakyat are watching. Nizar can appeal and appeal and appeal until the cows come home, but if the Rakyat are not served the way PR has promised us, gone la, PR. Don’t care which party you from, PAS, DAP or PKR. You promised us the local council election. You broke that promise. And you give us that lousy excuse of 1976 law. That is no excuse at all. Rakyat have suggested a lot of legal maneuvers to break that 1976 logjam, but you guys at PR still stick on your lousy… Read more »


If Pakatan Rakyat implements local government election & yet BN frustrates it, then what! Don’t making excuses that you represent the masses

Sedaq is also an NGO. Ah so, must satisfy Sedaq. Ignoring NGO at your peril.


You say: ” If Pakatan Rakyat implements local government election & yet BN frustrates it, then what!

Read what you have said.

If …

Now, tell me, on the local election issue, has PR ever implement _anything_ ?

I mean, has the PR government in Kelantan, Kedah, Penang and Selangor ever done _anything_ on that issue?

Let’s not talk about ” BN frustrated the thing ” since PR hasn’t even taken the first step.


It is a shame that Perak is governed with the power of 3 “frogs”. The 3 “frogs” decide the majority. BN has 28 seats and PR has 28 seats too. With 3 “frogs” as independents that side BN.

How if PR buy seats?

Then Perak will fall into very messy situation. Again Perak will be fall into deep trouble.

R.Prem Kumar

Perhaps, when the situation is considered as a whole, the timing of economic woes being against the whole globe; we could give a leeway to these blokes especially knowing very well the BN fellas are with their arms deep in mud creating all kinds of obstacles for these new kids on the block.


Its a boring subject. PR needs to learn from this. Its not only about BN pulling MPs or ADUNs away. Its about why such things actually happened? This is something PR never wanted to address but rather want to say that each were paid RM20M. How nice … blame others again. If you see what is happening in Penang its the same problem. There is a lot of infighting and with Penang happening it makes me wonder if PR is truly cohesive. See the latest resignations? See how Zul Nordin is able to say there will be defections? Zul is… Read more »


Gerakan K,

Tell Zambry to try convince the people of Perak he has won. They will tell him he has not, go fly kite. It’s a pyrrhic victory!

Perakians are an unforgiving lot just incase you aren’t aware.

Ong Eu Soon

It is just the wishful thinking of Pakatan that the judiciary, without going thru’ thorough reform, will give an impartial judgement…. Pakatan after taking over several state governments become so complacent, thinking that the day will be theirs. That to me is just another wishful thinking. Come next election, Pakatan’s defeat will be inevitable in the face of mounting frauds and cheating.


I bet with every hair on my body, you will never satisfy yourself even when you become CM.

Ong seem to be clueless on the functions of a state government. Read the book, Men in Whites, why Goh Kheng Swee strongly proposes to let Singapore secede from Malaysia?


PK have themselves to blame for the outcome. It is no secret that the PK is very divisive among themselves. In every PK component party there are many selfish and arrogant representatives that doesn’t give a hoot of what the public expect of them. And the worse of the lot are those from PKR. The PKR is supposed to be the middle-ground party but it disappoints big time. The PKR is crawling with trojan horses and self-inflated egoistic individuals. Its leadership is lackadaisical and does not possess the ability to do what is right. The Perak crisis is the direct… Read more »


It’s a triumph for justice in Malaysia. It’s a glory day for Perak and Malaysia. Thank you for a clear ruling. Wait for the 2nd wave to ‘review’ the decision and empanel new judges to hear yet another ‘set aside’ …


the judiciary & democracy has now gone to the …


The judiciary is an absolute ….

The ruling against Nizar was not unexpected and it only served to confirm how far down the totem pole Malaysia has descended under the abuse of UMNO Baru.

It is a very sad day for Malaysia.

Can the Agong now sack/dismiss the PM?

Ikmal Hijaz

Manusia bersabar itu manusia yang beriman.


While I sympathise with PR It is a fact before the Sultan that Nizar has lost command of the majority in the assembly.Hence who ever commands the majority in the assembly was appointed by Tuanku.


Dear all

Please move on. Continue to carry out the good work. Time will tell.
Please no more politicking. Economy is not really on track as I see. Interest rate (OPR) in Malaysia is going up soon. The situation looks bleak. As such, cooperate and do the best and when GE13 comes, people will decide. If PR continue to have infighting, BN will be back. Sorry folks, that’s the scenario.

Gerakan K

Congratulation to Zambry as the legitimate Perak MB. Nizar should keep quiet now.

kinta kid

here we go again come april… at the next state assembly sitting. Lets get ready to roll out the barbed wire, polish those water cannons and cancel all leave then. cheers!


So Federal Court decides – Zambry the ‘legitimate’ MB who commands confidence of majority? Let the ‘man’ prove the court right, call for a Perak State election straightaway, Perakians will further show him if he commands confidence of majority!


The “fancy dressed man” lives again!!!


The writing is on the wall already this morning when Zambry was not in Court and not interested to attend…


Another blow to the Malaysian by the Executives. The only way is to gather all Malaysian inside or outside Malaysia to vote for PR …

Shaharudin Ali

Thank god. If the live reporting is correct at this second, then Order and constitutional proviso as they ought to be, prevail. The role of the Malay Ruler re-asserted in determining majority confidence clarified.


“limkitsiang: Federal ct holds state assembly vote not the only way to establish majority”
Does that establish some sort of precedent for Malaysian democracy?