LIVE: Oil price hike protest


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2245: Anwar has addressed the crowd of not more than 10,000 people, about 85-90 per cent Malay, mostly young people. He explained the political circumstances surrounding the sodomy allegations at this time, saying there was great fear among the BN that they could lose power.

Najib came under fire too and Anwar told the crowd they could see the DPM’s office if they had any problems.

He also maintained that he could reduce the price of oil. How exactly he would accomplish this, he didn’t say. Instead, he said he would reveal more details on the 15th. My source at the scene believes that, from the hints he got from Anwar’s address, this could involve plugging leakages of funds. The event has now drawn to a close, thankfully without any major incident. Malaysians have once again asserted their right to freedom of expression and to freedom of assembly.

2200: Charles Santiago in the stadium reports that the crowd has now swelled to 10,000 as Kit Siang address the crowd.

2105: About 7,000 people are in the stadium now as the main speakers start arriving one by one.

2042: The stadium and the field are filling up. People are still arriving. The roads to the stadium are jammed.

1947: Malaysiakini reports that sections of the crowd were unhappy with a couple of the performances by two different rock bands. A member of one of the bands had shown his rear to the crowd; it was unclear if he had boxer shorts on. A mob rained projectiles on them, mostly water bottles. Earlier, about 700 Pas Amal members pulled out in protest at another rock band performance. That could partly explain the traffic jams later.1940: “The whole family is having a good time but the message here is serious. How can we enjoy our lives when the government makes our survival difficult with all these sudden price increases?” Mohamed Helmy Nor, who picnicked with his family on the pitch, to AFP.

“We want prices lowered — we are suffering but the government appears to be doing nothing.” Aminah Rahman, who along with her two young daughters was dressed in a red T-shirts and scarf, to AFP.

1927: As the crowd at Kelana Jaya gears up for ceramah by the big guns later tonight, Berita Harian reports that police will use the Sedition Act against speakers in Kelana Jaya who spread untruths and slander.

Polis akan mengambil tindakan mengikut Akta Hasutan terhadap penganjur dan penceramah yang menyampaikan ucapan berbaur hasutan dan fitnah pada perhimpuanan memprotes harga minyak di Stadium Kelana Jaya, di sini, hari ini.

Ketua Polis Selangor, Datuk Khaled Abu Bakar, berkata tindakan itu dilakukan dengan mengambil kira kandungan ucapan pemimpin yang terbabit dalam perhimpunan itu.

Khaled berkata, sehingga tengah hari ini, tiada insiden kekacauan dilaporkan tetapi penduduk berhampiran mengadu mereka tidak selesa dengan keadaan itu.

1526: “I won’t be at the stadium due to fuel price hike. Howeve, I share the sentiment of the rakyat on the need to get the message across to the govt about the impact of such a huge increase in the petrol price. My family household expenses increased around 25%. Mana boleh tahan – no more holidays or family outings to the zoo or beach.” Malaccan via comments

1522: “Hi Anil, just came back from the Stadium. I went there in the morning, about 10k ppl in there and ppl are filing in (carnival like atmosphere). Tian Chua and Ronnie Liu gave speeches. No army in sight.

“DSAI, Lim Kit Siang and Nik Aziz will be there tonight. Crowds from East Coast and up North, some down south. The “red army” personnel said there are more coming from the East Coast, up North (they have hired buses). He is from Johor. He said there a few blocks on the way. I went from SS2 so no (road) blocks. But going back to town (after the PJ arch) there is block.

“Planning to go later again. Ppl from KL and Selangor, pls show your support. It is not as bad as the police and mainstream media have reported. The gathering is rather peaceful and well coordinated. Hope we can reach the 1 million figure tonite…See you all there!!!” Adrian Ng via comments

1430: People are going in and out of the stadium and surrounding areas, making it difficult to estimate the number who have come, but about 5,000 people are still in the stadium. The tempo is expected to pick up later this evening once the big names start addressing the rally.

1210: My other source inside the stadium confirms over the phone that the stadium looks more like a 20,000 seater. He says that about 5,000 are already inside the stadium and the programme could be extended to midnight.

1145: My source reports that the stadium is already half full. He said the stadium capacity is actually more like 20,000, so that would mean about 10,000 are already in the stadium. Traffic around the Sungai Way area seems all right but roads are blocked further away from Kelana Jaya.

1135: Charles Santiago, the MP for Klang, tells me over the phone he has received reports that about 2,000-3,000 people are already inside the Kelana Jaya Stadium about half an hour ago. He is heading there tonight for the ceramahs.

1110: Apparently, certain roads/highways leading to Kelana Jaya have been blocked.

1055: “In one way, I am happy with the petrol price hike, because traffic is ligher these days and the usual journey from Ampang to Kelana Jaya takes half the time after the price hike – but people are suffering now,” says another KL resident who plans to go for the protest. “I don’t like Anwar, but I hope there will be a change of government.” But he says he has heard of horrendous traffic jams around Kelana Jaya this morning and there are three-lane roads reduced to a single lane. He is worried it could take him 3-5 hours to reach Kelana Jaya today.

1045: Rocky’s blog has reportedly gone “on strike”. But we welcome back Raja Petra: Malaysia Today is now accessible at this URL:

1030: A crowd of a few thousand is already inside the 50,000-capacity Kelana Jaya Stadium for this day-long event, culminating with ceramahs tonight. It’s not a huge crowd so far. A light police presence outside. Contrary to speculation, there is no sign of the army on the streets, says my source already in the stadium.

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The Yarning

I wish Anwar will stop doing that, making a stance/allegation/charge, stating a date that he will make further expose, and before we know it our attention is diverted by yet another scandalous happening in the country. why wait? i see a pattern emerging, and it’s beginning to wear thin.


Dear Anil, You did not post any new article today? What about PMs comment that “the people are fed up” with the opposition such as this “oil hike protest”? Well, he is only right on the part that we the people are FED UP.. BUT fed up on what?? thats the difference… WE ARE FED UP, YES, VERY VERY FED UP… with 1. (Badawi) as PM 2. … Fat Mama as DPM 3. Clowning act of SIL at 4th Flr 4. Mee Sodom as an on going topic… 5. Mamak … as the has been PM, with a loud mouth… Read more »

Siew Eng

“Showing his buttocks”? Mana ada? A mountain out of a molehill situation made worse by inaccurate description.

Anyway, congratulations to the crowd, whose unruly response proved that such rock concerts and protest gatherings spell ‘trouble’ and ‘violence’.

Civil society will find it a little harder to claim their democratic right to assemble peacefully now.

Bring on the FRU!

saw hoe teik

RM625/= rebate given by BN Govt to owners of cars up to 2000c.c. as well as rebates in cash of less than RM200/=to motorcycle owners. AAB says this is because the BN govt. understand the sufferings of the people and this is to reduce their burden. AAB had also said that the people should not depend on subsidies too much as the BN govt cannot afford to keep on subsidising. Now, if the reasons given by AAB are true I would have supported him 100%. But the 6th July 2008’s Mingguan Malaysia reported the KSU of Domestic Trade and Industry… Read more »


I really dont get it y malaysia ppl re still not thinking wisely! hmmmm doin rally and encourage ppl frm all over the state for support but in the end of rally also wat they gain or change? To think like this n participate in rally i think most stupid idea of a fellow thinking himself very smart but not actually. This malaysia is not public democratic country to hear the voice of malaysian public so wats the point of protest without direct action! If malaysians really all one heart to protest the gov for fuel hike why dont u… Read more »


Dear Anil

As usual Raj Raman sounds like he has posted a comment after downing 15 stouts. Totally irrelevant to the subject of ‘Oil price hike protest.’

Raj Raman has this habit of frequently s******g all over other peoples’ blogs with disjointed and jumbled up comments in pathetic English.

My advice to Raj Raman – sober up and start your own log. That way more serious-minded bloggers can avoid you!


Thank you for the link, Giko. And to think all those praises about Mahathir convert Mat Chang’s writings bore some validity. According to our friend, who considers himself a seasoned political strategist, Badawi denied any involvement but went on to say that he did not think that Najib had any intention to do that. Talk about taking things out of context. Badawi was responding to Anwar’s accusation that the BN was behind the latest sodomy allegations against him, so it would be natural for Badawi to deny them on behalf of the BN as a whole. That would presumably include… Read more »



I read in Malaysia today about the pull out if pas 700 party workers.

Do you have latest update?


My whole hearted support to the people at the rally. It is too expensive for me to drive down to KL all the way. Cheers

raj raman666

The above information is leaked out.If anyone have is H/P number try out now.
rajraman.Next time i will take out the battery of my H/p

raj raman666

Lets talk about Bala. 1.His nephew said the phone ring but no anwser – ok he refuse to anwser. 2.Latest statement from police – Bala dispear and they asking for Interpol/Asianpol or whatever polls standing. Handphone is a tools of communication.(dont believe) If the hp is onn mode there is a signal – from here any smart inteligence cops/army/special branch/the polls can trace where they are.(by contacting the telcoms provider) If the handphone is off and have roaming but not anwsered – the voice mail of the country sexy woman voice will ask to leave message or cant be contacted… Read more »


due to logistic n lack of expenditure,we won’t be able to make it to “protes’,but we are definitely wearing ‘red’ as chorus!!hidup bangsa malaysia!!!!


I won’t be at the stadium due to fuel price hike. Howeve, I share the sentiment of rakyats the need to get the message across to the govt about the impact to such huge increase in the petrol price. My family household expenses increased around 25%. Mana boleh tahan and no more holiday or family outings to zoo or beach.


Hahaha, judging by uncle Najib’s response today, the purpose of the exercise was to create doubt about Bala’s credibility, but get this, only in relation to the first sd.

Ken Destino

you see, it is not the issue of anuar or najib or dolah. what the rakyat will gain most is when there is a 2-party system in the country. it is the governmnet versus the opposition and the opposition versus the governmnet. the rakyat wants a better deal as the country’s economy is going down the drains. let’s not turn leaders into a cult figure. this is bad for the rakyat. leaders come and go. if anuar is not there, nurul can take over. if dolah is not there, perhaps another BN leader can take over. but, they must be… Read more »

Adrian CF Ng

Hi Anil, just came back from the Stadium. I went there in the morning, about 10k ppl in there and ppl are filing in (carnival like atmosphere). Tian Chua and Ronnie Liu gave speeches. No army in sight. DSAI, Lim Kit Siang and Nik Aziz will be there tonight. Crowds from East Coast and up North, some down south. The Red Army personnel said there are more coming from the East Coast, up North (they have hired buses). He is from Johor. He said there a few blocks on the way. I went from SS2 so no blocks. But going… Read more »


This kind of politicking is obsolete.We have seen this in many countries and it only leads you nowhere.Malaysia is really behind in time when it comes to healthy politics. There is not even one leader in Malaysia who is capable of leading the people with integrity,uprightness,honesty,selflessness with true commitment to good public service and justice to the people and nation. All Malaysians have to learn a lot from other countries that have succeeded in the long past.We are seriously behind many countries when it comes to politics.Why don’t we humble ourselves and learn the good things in life instead of… Read more »

BK Lim

Bias Video Clip – Anwar’s price hike rally from BK Lim to [email protected] In your recent video clip on the above, you incorrectly showed UMNO youths protesting outside the US Embassy for the comments made by Casey – as interference into the Malaysian political affairs. At the same time, your commentators was reading news about Anwar’s impending Mass Rally against the recent petrol price hike on 6th July. This gives the impression that the present Malaysian Govt is tolerant of peaceful public demonstrations which could not be further from the truth. Further the video clip focused on the signboard which… Read more »


Very regret cannot join the party, KL too far from Penang. However, we support ur move……. Gambade Malaysian. Today we all are Hero!


are we being diverted on July 6th, 2008 at 11.17am,

mathias chang agrees with you =


keep d live updates coming!!
good job!


A thought has just cross my mind, my concern is for Bala, a ‘flip, flop’ person (may not his intention) is of no use to the … anymore because he has served their objective. The … men are in town and I think Bala is aware of it. … I genuinely fear for Bala and his family and I hope, I AM WRONG. Give that poor chap a break! His sds have brought to everybody’s minds the suspicion of the evil doers and further doubts on AG and IGP efficiency….let’s wait and see what more dirty tricks will be used… Read more »


Thanks Anil, I will be following this.

Meantime, RPK’s Malaysia Today is also up at


Thanks Anil for the live feed. Although I cannot be there at the stadium, I do share the sentiments of those present.


…….and the best part is, you don’t actually have to throw the stone.