Live – #KL112


The rally proper is supposed to start at 2.00pm. And coverage here will begin at 12.30pm.

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Gerakan K
Gerakan K
13 Jan 2013 11.12am

Malaysia population = 28,859,154

Eligible voters = 12 000 000++

kaki demo = 100 000 (including non-Malaysians + small babies)

Who cares ???

Syiok sendiri exercise again by pakatan supported by anil.

Andrew II
Andrew II
13 Jan 2013 6.51pm
Reply to  Anil Netto

Haha, foot in mouth disease, gherkin style.

Mrs lee
13 Jan 2013 10.47am



Where’s Gherkin? He’s usually fired up by now.

13 Jan 2013 9.27am

51% Malay, 75% Chinese, 1% Indian, 65% Bumiputras Sabah n Sarawak voting for change – enough for Putrajaya – Cheers for better future !!!!!!!!!!!

13 Jan 2013 8.59am

How are you Anil? Finally, I found your site!…not really a computer wizard you know. It was such an amazing sight…. like the beautiful colors of the rainbow. You can feel, the approaching of the winds of change. HM, eat your blooming heart out!

13 Jan 2013 8.27am

Selangor+KL has a population of 7.4m. The total numbers of eligible voters is some 4m..It means PR has at least over 2m supporting voters, yet only about 5% showed up…Too busy at the mall?

The real good news is that for every one that shows up, statistics shows that they will, on average, bring in 20 that will vote for PR…There is no way PR can lose Selangor…

Boo Soon Yew
Boo Soon Yew
13 Jan 2013 6.49am

SIMPLY FANTASTIC !!!! Truly together now as one.. we, the RAKYAT can look to a BETTER Malaysia !!! TQ for all yr efforts Anil.. in putting together the pieces to such an eventful gathering !!

13 Jan 2013 5.44am

Wow Over a hundred thousand K and the police chief & UMNO BN and sycophants say its only 45k. Does TheY know how to count. Seating capacity is 30K and what about field, walking areas and outside capacity. All seatings are being full to the brim including the field, walking areas and the surrounding. You don;t need a doctored photo like the Cheat and Cheap, It shows that PR rally can be peaceful as long as the police and provocateurs do not come to make trouble as in all previous rally. And we know who these provocateurs are. Businesses and… Read more »