Live – Hulu Selangor polling day and results


Who’s it going to be – Zaid or Kamalanathan, PKR or BN? All the action from polling day at Hulu Selangor and live coverage and discussion of the results.

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Gerakan K

Well done BN !!!

Thanks for your allocation/contribution in Hulu Selangor. The people love you very much.

p/s: reject muslim drinker anytime anywhere



A nice Frederick Douglass quote on slavery.

“I didn’t know I was a slave until I found out I couldn’t do the things I wanted”

Maybe we have become slaves unwittingly or unwillingly? Nonetheless,the ‘structural contradiction’ within our political nexus has to unravel itself with faster haste now. A wrong post-hoc conclusion might just make Hulu Selangor into what Ijok by-election was for Pak Lah. Dusk, night and then dawn. Can’t made omelette without breaking the eggs. In the meantime, let’s get back to the business of defending Mother Nature. 🙂


This vote is a DISASTER. Over the next two years, you will see at least a few hundred thousand educated Malaysian of all race leave and investments will go with them. PR may even break apart making the situation worst. In order to keep the unproductive economy going, BN will spend – Najib already blew his own budget deficit target literally only months after they announced it. GE 13 will happen before the effects are truly felt but it will be felt not very long after. We will have an economic crises before GE14, if there is one. And IT… Read more »


As long as the emigrants are non-bumi, UMNO will celebrate the reduction of non-bumi population.

I always encourage new generations in my family to emigrate and two nephews have get Singapore citizenship for good sake.


PR lose mainly due to Indian votes swing to BN. If 8-10% more Indians are still stick with PR, PR will win.


“PR lose mainly due to Indian votes swing to BN. If 8-10% more Indians are still stick with PR, PR will win.” Didn’t others claiming that 55% of Indians gonna vote for PR? Or after PR sent in Gobind and others to meet the estate Indians those Indians gonna be so impressed and they will vote for PR? So what happened? Did it work? Why not? In politics, delivery is the ultimate aim. Gobind and his gang can’t deliver the votes needed, can they? What was PR thinking? Why so little effort on getting the Malay votes? My friend from… Read more »


The winning formula is PR must get 40% Malay votes, 60% Indian votes and 70% Chinese votes.

As long as Ibrahim Ali is around to attack Chinese, I guarantee 70% Chinese will vote for PR.


60% Indian votes?

Is someone taking the wrong medicine or what???

That is a “sure-lose formula”, my dear friend.

The only working “formula” is the winning one – that is, getting as many votes from the biggest group of people as possible, the one that is used by BN.

Only harebrained PR campaigners would think of “40% Malay, 60% Indian, 70% Chinese” formula.


And oh, one more thing:

As long as Ibrahim Ali is around to attack Chinese, I guarantee 70% Chinese will vote for PR.

If this is the way Pakatan thinks, no wonder the Pakatan loses.

In a competition you do not expect your opponent to shoot himself in the foot. Because the one shooting his own feet may turn out to be you.

In any competition the only winning formula is to get ahead of your opponent, regardless of whether your opponent is healthy or sick, smart or stupid.


We are always salesmen. We are marketing our skills so that we can earn a living. There is nothing wrong with that. However, it’s pretty sickening that some clowns uses your money so as to sell it to you in return of several years of slavery.
Kinda pity don’t you think


Thanks for the nudge, “Jong/April 26th, 2010 at 1.41am.

Allow me to buy you some teh-tarik via PBB 4-543-7119-34 in appreciation of the sterling service you have rendered to us all, Anil. Aiming to head for the ATM after lunchtime today. If today tak sempat, latest tomorrow.


… From now on I guess the voters of HS don’t anything complaint ’bout.They decide this correct?After all the thing happened in front of our eyes still people vote for the same culprits of the nation.Nothing can change in this country…

Election analysis

PKR is lucky to have minimised the loss to 1,725 votes, which represents only 3.6% of the total votes. Apart from the monetary handouts that were conditional on voters voting for BN, which could have swung 1,000 votes or 2% to BN, I can find some solid reasons why PKR and Zaid could not convincingly swing the voters in their favour: 1. Constant harping on the APCO issue by Anwar Ibrahim. It is not relevant to Hulu Selangor and also the nation although a case can be made that the US$23m is tax payers money. It is as if Anwar… Read more »


If we read all the comments here and elsewhere, we come to a general conclusion. Whether it is Pakatan or UMNO-BN, it is about strategies or failures in getting the Malay votes, Chinese votes and Indian votes. Both are selling the same thing with a different sale pitch. So is it really wishful thinking on my part that we have changed after all. What is a few defeats and a longer wait for a good cause? What we need is a Malaysian class political leader who is large enough to unite Malaysia; not a better salesman.


I read through all the replies, even those from me, and I just have to reply to this. “If we read all the comments here and elsewhere, we come to a general conclusion. Whether it is Pakatan or UMNO-BN, it is about strategies or failures in getting the Malay votes, Chinese votes and Indian votes.” Let me be very frank. In the Peninsular, which group has the most number? The Malays. Whoever has the support of the Malays will win. Whether or not the Chinese or the Indians support you, doesn’t matter, as long as you have the support from… Read more »


Well, congrats to BN. And now hopefully they fulfill whatever their promises to the ppl there.

This election can be lesson learned for both BN & PKR, to take stock in the coming 13th General election.

PKR need more work on the rural votes, BN need to satisfy the urban votes.


Dear All,

There’s a little greenbox in the middle of the screen “Support Independent Journalism.. , please click and do the necessary. Thank you Anil for keeping us far and near updated.


At least two clear cases of vote buying from BN.

– 100 Felda household receives RM50,000

– A Chinese school receives RM3,000,000

if BN win the election.

I doubt MACC and SPR got gut to take Najib to court.

Chinese voters did the right thing by one hand receiving money while another hand is casting for PR.

Indian voters still being fooled by UMNO and MIC although they were sidelined by BN for last 50 years in every aspect.


Its a fabricated win for the big guns BN coz u have the monies to close the mind of the uneducated!!! well one day the nation will come to know the truth of the unworthy BN!!!


That’s a meaninglessly small change in fortunes at the polls, even if first-past-the-post turns the result upside down. With last time’s hair’s breadth win, and no game-changing local developments in the meantime, the by-election must always have been something of a coin-toss. I still don’t think people should read much into a shift toward BN at by-elections. With absolutely no chance of realising the benefit from voting on principle, the only thing to vote for is a little ‘pork’ from the barrel.. BN weren’t the only ones to promise benefits in the last few days, were they? I hope PR… Read more »


Like I said earlier, Hulu Selangor will be fluid while Sibu will be 99%. Don`t worry we will win back this Sibu seat to make it 1-1


No, BN has lost ! With so much money pouring in, with advantages of rural area folks who are not exposed to the internet media, with millions of TV/MSM media advertisements and all kinds of dirty tricks they played, they only managed to get a majority of 1,725. 160 million divided by 24,997 is RM6,400 per vote, LOL ! HS voters don’t forget to claim what has been promised to you, whether you voted for BN or not, makesure they fullfilled their promises ! Those who voted for BN will be among the Malaysian victims who have to pay back… Read more »


congrats P. Kamalanathan =P


It’s official.

Hand-kisser wins !

Justice takes yet another tumble.

But I ain’t gonna be sad, Anil. All of us should learn a lesson – and I ain’t trying to be racist here – we can only help those who want to help themselves, and for those who don’t want to help themselves, let them rot.

PKR better understand this – or it will fail again and again if it relies on those people who don’t want to help themselves.


I foresee UNLIMITED COMMENT here by tomorrow morning & the IRONIC thing will be that 99.9% of these comments will be….

EXCUSES, EXCUSES & EXCUSES on why ZAID IBRAHIM lost. I hope all commentators will NOT behave like some SORE LOSER crying & blaming others for their own defeat.

Take it like a MAN, ok????


Nice try PKR but too bad….try harder next time.


Then be a jantan, bubar DUN Perak. Kenapa takut?

Kak Rose

Wish that PR will win.BIG


Thanks Anil for keeping us updated. It’s sad that Zaid lost. People need to be educated still.

Vincent Huan

Congratulations BN!To all future voters, vote BN if u want allocations(money) and developements in ur area.Oppositions don’t have money to carry out any development projects.


Please ask BN to stop developing KL because all MP seats are falling to PR.


this shows money can buy anything


Winning and losing is part of the game.. u win some, u lose some


BN is always using dirty tactics in any election because they lack confidence. This is not a real win. They wrestled the votes by force. Shame

fair deal

Lim Guan Eng.. apasai senyap saja ? ini indian vote swing back to BN because need to teach u guys a lesson.. still wanna deny ??


Who kenna taught a lesson? The Indians or LGE? Still can’t get over KBP thingy right.

I susgest you open your eyes & read the results carefuly

Is it the case of Menang sorak kampung tergadai? With 60 million promised by Najib, what Zaid got to do is to hold Najib/Muhyiddin & the gang accountable? Remember 2 years only to fulfill the promises

Fair deal,
See! Same tactic can be used against BN


KBP issue has pissed off many Indians. 20% Indian votes flow back to BN is undeniable signal to LGE that do not take Indian votes for granted.

If 60% indian votes go to BN, Anwar can say sayonana to Putrajaya forever because 70% Chinese votes is the highest votes PR can get.

Do not expect 80% Chinese votes to PR…that is surreal in Malaysia politics.

LGE, be humble and stop talking (rubbish).