LIVE: 7 May in Ipoh


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Kenny Chu

This is really a shame of all of us (Malaysian), and I can see this is truly an one sided incidents expecially the Police. This will really let us all very angry towards this incidents. This will show to the world how good our Government are capable of doing these!! Let us wait for the next general election !!


U orang 1malaysia dah tahu pihak yg mengheret YB speaker nak stand di penanti .


cant hold my tears reading about what happened in my beloved country..tanah tumpahnya darahku…it turns ugly when msian fight against msian…it doesnt matter cina, india, melayu..WE ARE ALL MALAYSIANS…i always introduce myself as MALAYSIAN here in australia..i always thought parliament is a place to discuss how to create a better msia, not a place to show the world how ridiculous we are..wake up msian…

Ahmad Shah

The case of Perak Govt.: In my opinion the case is simple but the present govt.makes it difficult for everybody. I believe as a concern citizen of Malaysia, the govt. must be fair. In other words, PR is still the head of Perak Govt. this is because Ir. Nizar is still the MB. After all the 3 wakil rakyat that wons the seat as wakil won the seat under the tickets of PKR & DAP. Tapi mereka berpaling tadah dan tidak berparti. So kalau mereka berpaling tadah rakyat tidak menyokong mereka lagi. So the best is pilihan raya kecil sekali… Read more »


The power grab in Perak is indeed literally a power grab with the police illegally removing the state-sanctioned Speaker. Online bloggers like Anil or Harris Ibrahim should conduct a nation poll on the current sentiments of the Rakyat. Many are still ignorant about the separation of powers between the legislature and the executive thanks to the bias of the Star newspaper (read Jocelyn Tan’s story claiming BN had the numbers). Here is my proposal for an online vote, subject to technical refinements: 1. Do you think the BN’s attempts to establish its MB and rule over Perak is legal? 2.… Read more »

Oh! Fatimah

Fatimah, why should Nizar bertaubat? He is following the righteous path in accordance to God’s teachings.

Are you and all BN followers practising something different from Nizar that you see the need for him to bertaubat to something else instead of the Almighty so that he can join you all?

I pity our country Malaysia!


i will not waste my time to even addressing this fatimah…

UMNo/BN – thank you for the barbaric act. you finally open our eyes and make majority of us decided that we will never do the same mistake.

coming GE, you will know your place – down the gutter.


Remember Perak. Remember Injustice.


What happened is Mugabe behaviour.
I feel so sad for my country.

Why can’t we have an election and settle this issue once and for all?

Deepak Gill

Let them continue digging their own graves. It’s quite obvious only the dumb ones rose up in Umno & BN, and now they’re paying for that


LOL… Fools..! Clowns..! Kids..!
Dear Malaysians… Wake up! It’s time for change!!!

We don’t want immature and sore losers as our leaders!

Angela Ooi

Now we all know for sure that the police force is for the use of UMNO/BN govt.

Mat Rempits, gangsters, thieves, rapists,etc (continue) to wreck havoc on the hapless, defenceless rakyat.


Anil, you did such a good job with your live updates of the Perak State Assembly fiasco. It is a black day for Malaysians and Malaysia. I was so depressed after reading about BN goondas actions and illegal power grab. I have always voted for the opposition and I hope good sense will prevail at G13. How long more can we go on like this? A country thta has sunk to such lawlessness, my heart bleeds with sadness. Don’t we deserve better? How can any right thinking citizen who respects his/her own intelligence accept this? My daughter from Australia was… Read more »


BN forcefully claimed the Perak State Govenment & are disrecpectful to the Rakyat. We will make sure they get severe punishment in the next General Elections whether they hang on to the power now or till then……

ng boon tat

someone needs to make a police report first before she can be arrested for tearing up RM50 note..!!


Yeah right Fatimah, what do you mean by Nizar has to bertaubat? He has done nothing wrong as if you know what has transpired between Nizar and Nazrin. You ni halimunan ke boleh dengar dan tengok perbincangan mereka? BN boleh lah berlagak pakai semua goverment machineries utk tangkap orang sewenang-wenangnya. Bawa SB Polis masuk dewan tangkap orang…apa rah. Namun jangan underestimate the power of the rakyat. So see you in Penanti. Anil, be careful of this person as she has been to other blogs as well for example Susan Loone’s blog and gave her stupid comments. She is a throll.… Read more »

christie sagayam

I salute YB Sivakumar for his braveness and courage fighting BN and their goons… We need more brave man like him. Minority , Indian and Chinese always afraid to get involve as they know BN will use the police to arrest them. I am a indian by the way. Let us all not be afraid to fight for our right as citizen of this great country.

Dr Su

I am dressed in black today and I surely do mourn the death of democracy in Ipoh today


Maverick, are living under a coconut shell???


Hee should be charge for deframing our national flag. Why is she not arrested?


So it’s confirmed. The police is another ‘party’ in the Barisan Nasional coalition.


BN action in Ipoh is shameful.

Fatimah Zuhri

1. HRH Raja Muda requested Nizar to meet him eye to eye in the Royal Chambers.

2. At first Ngeh wanted to follow Nizar but Raja Muda objected to it (Padan muka!)

3. Hopefully Raja Nazrin can wake some senses in that thick head of Nizar’s.

4. Hopefully after the eye to eye talk with Raja Nazrin, Nizar will bertaubat.


Ong Eu Soon

Shame! Malu! Stupid!


thomas gave hee a rm50 note & she tore it into pieces : is it an offence !?