Lingam inquiry: Memory loss epidemic spreads among witnesses


An impartial observer from Mars sitting in at the Lingam video inquiry would be forgiven for thinking that there is an outbreak of amnesia and dementia in Malaysia. Witnesses don’t seem to remember basic details. Why, Lingam was even unable to positively identify himself in the video, uttering the now legendary words, “It looks like me; it sounds like me.”

And when they appear to be incriminating themselves on the stand, they are very generously given time off to go and find a lawyer.

There is also considerable dilly-dallying in calling key witnesses such as Anwar Ibrahim, who first made the video public. And why does another potentially key witness, Lingam’s brother, have to literally beg to testify before the inquiry?

Anyway, I believe most Malaysians can see for themselves how the judiciary functioned during Mahathir’s administration. And it’s not a pretty picture. As my fellow correspondent with Inter Press Service, Baradan, observes below, Mahathir, who throughout his 22-year tenure managed to avoid being scrutinised in court, has well and truly exposed himself for the world to see.

POLITICS-MALAYSIA: Hearing Exposes Mahathir, His Corrupt Times
By Baradan Kuppusamy

KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 22 (IPS) – A public hearing into corruption in the higher judiciary is giving Malaysians a rare peep into the way top judges were appointed, demoted or promoted during the tenure of former prime minister Mahathir Mohamad.

The revelations are offering hope to lawyers, judges and civil society leaders that, for the first time in three decades, a cleanup of the judiciary is possible. Full story

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