Tide turns against BN; landslide win for Pakatan?


BN supporters feeling the heat (Photo credit: Abang Benet)

I was on the mainland yesterday and ran into a few people. From my conversations with them, it sounded like quite a few people were determined to teach the BN a lesson in the by-election.

The Christians are utterly disgusted with the “show cause” letter to The Herald. They are definitely not impressed. Many of them are urging their friends and family members to vote for the opposition.

Najib and Khairy’s  presence – and Saiful’s via video – in Permatang Pauh could prove to be counterproductive, to put it politely.

I ran into a DAP grassroots worker and he said that they are going all out to ensure the BN candidate loses his deposit – and he seemed confident it was within reach! (That remains to be seen.) Rural Penanti and Permatang Pasir are in the Pakatan bag, he claimed. The only concern he had was with the low-rise low- and medium-cost flats in the ethnically mixed urban area of Seberang Jaya, which he said the BN could easily pinpoint for targeted campaigning.

A Malay petrol pump attendant in neighbouring Butterworth told me that there was a great need for check and balance at the national level. Among the local issues he cited were:

  • the imposition of tolls on the Butterworth-Seberang Jaya stretch of the Butterworth-Kulim Expressway (BKE). Until recently, this stretch had been toll-free for years.  “50 sen toll put dia orang mau,” he grumbled.
  • the proposed Second Penang Bridge, which the attendant said was a waste of funds. (He doesn’t have a car.) He said it would only be used by those heading to the island from the south. He has a point, especially when you consider that the cross-channel ferry service has been allowed to deteriorate to a pathetic level. Long waits are the order of the day, and if you try to take a ferry after 9.00pm, good luck to you. Why they don’t increase the number of ferries when the Penang Bridge is so congested continues to baffle me. Actually, no, it doesn’t puzzle me; they just want to prove to Penangites that we desperately need another bridge – and a RM5 billion bridge at that. Big money-la.
  • the higher cost of living.

One veteran KL-based journalist warned about the digital divide among rural voters who rely heavily on the mainstream media for their news.  These older voters especially, he said, could be influenced by Saiful’s oath-taking and challenge to Anwar to swear by the Qur’an.

But Anwar has been campaigning at a blistering pace: three ceramah a night at different locations, walkabouts, and his presence at prayers in local mosques.

Meanwhile, the MCA, Gerakan and MIC are in disarray and probably demoralised. Will Samy dare to show his face in town, for instance? Where is Koh Tsu Koon?

But the most telling problem for the BN is its utter inability to reinvent itself and introduce meaningful reforms after its major setback in the March general election. They are still out of touch with reality or rather the people’s reality on the ground. And they find it so difficult to get off their high horse and get in touch with the people’s changed mood and desire for justice and people-centred development. That inability could cost them dearly when the result is announced on Tuesday night.

Blog visitor Karma left this comment:

Yes, i agree with you. i was there yesterday. BN is completely gone. The component parties are completely disheartened to campaign. They are not welcomed by the people. Najib and Khairy are not wanted either. Many UMNO members are fed up with Ariff, the candidate who claims to be pursuing his PhD, which he finally retracted yesterday. Umno and BN members are openly supporting Anwar. This surprised me. Personal attacks on Anwar have backfired terribly. The media onslaughts on Anwar have equally backfired. The people are fed up with all this. Umno has not learned much from the 8 March election. It’s the economic problems that they want to be resolved, not personal issues. They are not interested in personal issues. The people seems to be united to give anwar a big win. Ariff is utterly a wrong choice for Umno, poor guy. Khairy and Ezam are totally rejected by the people here. They just hate to see and hear them talking. Najib could not run away from all those shouts and boos against him. Umno has nothing left now in Permatang Pauh. Everything they do seems to go wrong….. IT IS GOING TO BE A LANDSLIDE VICTORY FOR ANWAR.

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Ini PhD – means permanent head damaged. Semua boleh cetak punya – why waste time….do it the BeliNama way mah.

PhD tak PhD….buka mulut- ada pengetahuan tak, sudah tahu. by the way – PhD for which discipline??? Political Science kah International Law???

lee wee tak

“”Doctor” Mahathir on August 22nd, 2008 at 4.56pm

I think AAB is secretly for us people.”

– so will he be one of the 30 to cross over?

Edmond R

I have seen quite a few police outriders plying the Batu Ferringhi Road these past few days and generally when that happens, it means there are VIPs in town. So are these UMNO/BN hypocrites staying in the 6 Star Rasa Sayang Resort and pretending to be campaigning in Permatang Pauh? If it is true, then are they are wasting the taxpayer’s money and misusing government facilities again? Penangites are very angry with the BN right now, and I suppose the sentiment is the same nationwide. These fat cats haven’t learned their lesson and continue to live in their fantasy world… Read more »

tan te

I once met a PPC (Penang Port Commission) employee and asked him why the ferry service had deteriorated. He said it was ‘arahan’ from the top – they want more vehicles to use the bridge. People using ferry had to wait and wait so long. The reason is well known as we know who stands to gain from a profitable bridge toll! And the previous state govt under KTK was party to this; shame on him.


Which ever way, all Malaysian Brothers, whatever they are going to say now, even if they reduce the price of petrol to $1.50, abolish income tax, free education, open up UiTM and all that is hogging the lime light, I have this to tell you as I am not involved in this election nor was I in the past few …… ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!! Mr Khairy, you may sound very convincing and look like an angel with all your talks … having worked and known politicians from both sides, including PAS, DAP, I am amused and think you are really… Read more »

Dr. Hamid Ibrahim

PERMATANG PAU ELECTION The BN has done all sorts of dirty tactics – yet the Rakyat are unshaken in favour of Anwar. Actually the People (Rakyat) are united; it is the politicians who mess up things; Anyway they will be taught a lesson in the bye election Where is demo-cracy in Malaysia. Nowhere it is to be found; you turnaround you see all tudongs everywhere – it reflects that we are one of the Arab countries. It did not happen during Tengku’s time; between 1955 – 1975 everythng was peaceful – now the putras have become crazy and they are… Read more »


We want DSAI to win and win convincingly
We hope all the voters in Permatang Pauh will agree with us
We hate to see BN getting any of their wishes
We need to do what is necessary to achieve these
Let’s go to Permatang Pauh!


Another Observation when I was in my friend’s house in Permatang Tinggi, about 3 km from Anwar’s kampung. The local resident, especially the Malays are now firmly moving over to support him this time. I had seen numerous vans busy shuttling loads of their mak cik and pak chik as late as 11.30pm. I reckon the PAS now is working super hard on our Malay kampung folks. What BN done today by reducing the price of Petrol makes thing worse. The words was that Pak Lah is just calling the shots on petrol price and had total disregard for the… Read more »


You are right Spot On. My house is just few roads away from the Seberang Jaya Siakap BN Operations center. BN morale is truly down and most of their so-called workers are paid. The final sign of desperation is raising the RM 100 to RM 200 for photocopy of Voter’s I/C. The MCA runner boys are going around last 2 days collecting them. I will be meeting an MCA & former Pg State EXCO boy today. Doesn’t know why should MCA gets into this mess at this time. As for winning majority, based on my neigbourhood walk, my strech target… Read more »

Jeffrey Chew

There is a saying, it ain’t over until the fat lady sings. So lets not be too over confident. The race is still on. Anwar has lots of answers need to be given. Arif continues to speak Hokkien and hopefully Khairy continues to speak s***. Then the victory for the people will be secured.

robin hood

The flip flop fella is a smart one.He is killing two birds with one arrow. On one hand, he is trying to appease the voters with a price reduction, BUT, on the other hand, he is giving out a big angpow to the tycoons.A 15 sen reduction in petrol to the ordinary joes is peanuts whereas it is big money to the corporates. From what i see, everyone is saying the flip flop fella is a numbskull. Guess what, people, who’s the one who managed to pull a fast one on the mamak and 90% of bolehland in 2004? Can… Read more »


———————————————————- Yeap Cheng Liang on August 22nd, 2008 at 6.57pm Friends I am pessimistic about Anwar’s chances in PP. I mean, I am all for AI to win the by-election, but the reality is, he is against BN’s powerful machinery and I sense that after GE 12, many penang people especially Chinese feel they have taught BN a lesson, so it is enough already. ———————————————————- I think you are either out of touch or hiding somewhere. You figure of <1000 majority, receding tsunami, and supporting bn again is definitely out of touch. For a moment i tot u are a… Read more »


Many think that DSAI will win handsomely if he take the same route as Saiful to swear On the QUARAN. First has anyone checked whether the QUARAN that Saiful swore on is real. It may just be the hard cover that looks good, the pages may just be blank paper. Dsai is a man of Principle. He knows his religion well. To swear is an easy way out. Had he done that, BN will say see Dsai will do anything to win and show that the QURAN that Saiful swore on is a fake QURAN. Dsai has not indulged in… Read more »


Kenny, you are right. The chinese and indians are with Anwar. Today’s betting 20k votes to Anwar, raise frm 15k after … kj showed up. I saw a group of malays turn away when the bn candidate wanted to shake their hands. Anwar should win big.


Whatever, they should not rest this weekend. This could be the most important weekend in an entire generation in Malaysia.



All for PKR on the landslide victory!Barisan bukan nasional,has disheartened the population with the ‘defective address on the economic woes,price fuel hikes to the brink of hopelessness. their measures has chided the maturity of the voters. GOD TO BLESS FOR ANWAR to win convincingly,hope again a bright future for Malaysia.


for up to date report from first hand experiences of MAFREL members, visit the MAFREL blog.


to all muslim listen to this to clear the issues regarding sipol swear

registered voter

if you want to earn my vote and i am saying this to both bn and pkr candidates 1. do not make personal attack on your opposing candidates. i think that is childish and meaningless to me as citizen. 2. do not try to give me or my community short term goodies as it is the long term policies for the i would like to see. 3. do not play the racial card, any form of racial champion is highly abhore by voters. in this regard, sadly i think there are leaders in both bn and pkr who has not… Read more »

telur dua

The AKIM guy Hanafi says he can win in PP. LOL.

It’s like saying Malaysia can win the football World Cup. LOL.

He will lose his deposit for sure.

Kenny Gan

Yeap, I disagree that Penang Chinese will go back to BN. They have never regretted kicking out Gerakan for DAP. And neither will the Indians go back to the BN fold. BN has given the non-Malays no reason to change their voting pattern. In fact, since the 12th G.E., BN has become more racist to try to win back the Malays.

Fortified City

The very arrogant, badly damaged ship named’Barisan bukan Nasional’ is about to capsize,overturn,sink and diminish away from public sight for good. Hip hip hurray!!!Deliverance at last for Malaysia!!

Tell the Malays to follow TG Nik Aziz’s advice,”kalau di beri wang oleh BN ambil sahaje tapi undi tetap beri kepada DS Anwar Ibrahim.”

“Itu wang ,wang rakyat ,halal”

We don’t want to see you drowning in that ship,save yourselves.

telur dua

Not only will the tide turn, a new Tsunami will come soon and drown the whole damn UMNO/BN for good. Remember Noah’s Ark?

Yeap Cheng Liang

Friends I am pessimistic about Anwar’s chances in PP. I mean, I am all for AI to win the by-election, but the reality is, he is against BN’s powerful machinery and I sense that after GE 12, many penang people especially Chinese feel they have taught BN a lesson, so it is enough already. Whereas majority of the penang Malays have never left UMNO, in fact UMNO has retained most of its seats contested and many Malays are also doubtful of the DAP sincerity to help them. And what happen to the PKR exco in Perak and the MP from… Read more »

cinta Malaysia

Decent UMNO politicians like Sharir and Tengku Razaleigh are ashame to campaign for UMNO in Permatang Pauh.The campaign policy just to malign Anwar with personal attacks dont think goes well with decent politicians like them.How i wish these gentlemen politicians also rise to the occasion and dump UMNO for good!