Kelana Jaya rally: A Malaysian experience


Three blog readers share their experience at the mammoth gathering at the Kelana Jaya Stadium last night attended by some 100000 people.
Blog reader Sam reports:

Just got back from Kelana Jaya. Of course we had to go for teh and nasi lemak first. Refuelling, you understand. It was an awesome event. My estimate is 120,000 to 130,000. It might have been more. The stadium was already filled by 7.30pm and people were still streaming in. The whole LDP highway was jammed, not surprising at all since many people parked their cars by the side of the highway (not a very considerate or clever thing to do, but for nation’s sake, they are forgiven tonight).

The crowd was a good mix. I’d say it was representative of the racial composition of the country, Malays turnout about 50 per cent, Chinese 35 per cent, Indians and others made up 15 per cent. Everyone was expressing their disgust at Najib and his cohorts’ attempts to stir up racial hatred.

The gathering tonite will definitely send a very clear message that Malaysians are united, abhor cheating and thuggery, and … off with BN-UMNO. And Malaysians tak mudah lupa lagi! Sudah fed up!

We met a young Malay couple who walked from Subang NKVE Toll to Kelana!!! Thats a long long walk!

The spirit to see change is strong.

Blog reader Ella reports:

My niece says she and her husband are(PR) ceramah “addict” because of the great feeling they get at each ceramah pre-5 May and at last night’s rally.

My nephew who was also there said, “I never felt more Malaysian today after seeing all races unite for one purpose.” And he had this story to tell:

“We were taking photos and several Malay boys came towards us. We asked to borrow one of their Pas flags and they had a DAP flag. We asked to take a picture together and they said to put the DAP flag in the middle. They said that we all must show Chinese support I was touched.”

Another niece (Malay-Chinese parentage) was sitting with a group of Malays and Indians. No Chinese in that group. And they shouted, “We are Chinese, we are Chinese.” Utusan Malaysia, take a hike.

I am sure there are many more such wonderful stories to be told but what was obvious is that the Rakyat have spoken. Najib and Umno with all their money politics will never be able to win the hearts and minds of the common folks.

To those who attended last night’s rally, on behalf of those who couldn’t attend, a big thank you. You have given me hope that a new Malaysia is indeed now possible.

Blog reader AHumanBeing reports:

There were three blind persons also.

There were professionals, even a retiree which I believe was from the civil service. He was a gentleman Malay, very soft-spoken. I thought he wanted to go home to his house in Segambut, told him to U-turn and use Federal Highway as the LDP is already jam-packed with cars (at about 10.30 almost 11.00pm).

But he said he wanted to get to the stadium.

So I asked him to take a detour and find parking somewhere further away and walk in (which will be easily 3 to about 4km away).

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Jeremiah Liang

Malaysians have woken up! Politically, socially and intellectually thanks to Facebook, You Tube, blogs and alternative media. The movement for real change has begun in 505 and 508. Some commentators here have missed the whole point: we are not saying the opposition will take over the government or whether the elections results can be verified and fraud detected. No. The real change is that the people of Malaysia, from all races and mostly urban, starting with Selangor and then to other states, are saying to the incumbent government: YOU HAVE LOST THE PEOPLE’s MANDATE TO LEAD AND TO GOVERN! Al… Read more »


Ohhh….come on, stop living in denial. Opposition always oppose EVERY SINGLE THING. They don’t believe in police, armed forces, court, newspaper, election committee….let alone goverment itself….whereas majority opposition work in those institution as well. It’s not like these institution recruited only people who support BN right? How sure are you that the opposition working in these field did not do the sabotage work? So simple to blame the whole institution…..every thing is BN faults. Don’t tell me the opposition leader has not done anything wrong at all? You think they are saint? They are also human mahh……how sure are you… Read more »

Ahmad Sobri

Pakatan Rakyat should actively start promoting and calling all races in Malaysia, Malaysians!
True blue Anak Bangsa Malaysia!

And to all the BN folks who are only good in promoting racial politics and racists comments, you can either join Bangsa Malaysia or be left behind!

Come PRU 14, Anak Bangsa Malaysia, or Malaysians will survive, no more Melayu, Cina, India etc.

Selamatkan Malaysia! Pakatan Harapan Rakyat!

Gerakan K

Hello that is Kelana Jaya stadium and not Bukit Jalil stadium.

130k people in Kelana Jaya = Anwar claim of winning election at 7 pm = LOL

Pakatan guys are really something wrong ~


U overlooked the fact that those numbers are stands-seating capacity. You obviously haven’t seen pictures where ppl sit on the field etc which can sit many more.


Malaysians who were born from year 1955, may have experience the old Malaysian feelings. The old Malaysian feeling is, “If Ahmad fights with Ah Chong, its between Ahmad and Ah Chong,” However, after 1969 the feelings have changed. “If Ahmad fights with Ah Chong, its between Malay and Chinese.” Those who were born after that only learned about racial conflict, stoked by BN. At the Kelana Jaya Stadium on Wednesday night, youths can see for themselves that, at the ground level, the people of different races had had no feelings of hatred towards one another. It was the people who… Read more »

Michael Andre Augustin

A lowdown of what I observed at the MBPJ Stadium @ Kelana Jaya yesterday. Last night, again I saw Malays, Chinese & Indians sitting alongside each other, each with their respective & differing religions, cultures & customs but all united for one common cause. Last night, again I saw Malays, Chinese & Indians, each with their respective languages or dialects but all spoke with one common voice. Last night, again I saw Malays, Chinese & Indians, each with their respective backgrounds but all cared and helped one another. Last night, again I saw Malays, Chinese & Indians, each with their… Read more »


Just read an analysis on the procedural process on our GE. One conclusion made is there can NEVER be any regime change unless PR is able to obtain 60+% of the total popular vote. That EC must be reformed and reformed fast is beyond question!


RPK said that some time ago – 60 or 65%. Don’t worry, more people will wake up as the regime shows its greed by raising taxes, GST, etc and allowing the increase of the prices of basics by cronies, even as they refuse to come up for disincentives for low salaries and refuse to spread social welfare and other benefits fairly.


Unity and focus on vital issues = The regime’s worst nightmare


While all of it is necessary, the time to move on is knocking at the door. Even if they have EXACT evidence of fraud and they never will, its not going to make a difference now..

The priority really is to sort of the leadership of Pakatan, PAS first and foremost, then Keadilan and then the rest.

Already we see Keadilan leadership having lines of fractures.. PAS leadership crises is brewing and will be much worst if its not tackle ahead of the curve..