Just another day in Perak


Speaker Sivakumar tries to convene the Perak State Assembly near the Democracy Tree, but the Pakatan reps are blocked by police and later hold a session at the Heritage Hotel – Photos by Kinta Kid

Photo story:

  • The entrance to the State Secretariat building is solidly blocked.
  • The Democracy Tree is also out of bounds for the Pakatan reps.
  • Pakatan reps nonetheless proceed to the Perak State Assembly at the State Secretariat complex.
  • But they are blocked by the now familiar police officer, Glenn.
  • “Do not go any further”…
  • … unless you have a yellow T-shirt?
  • … like these guys.
  • … from this team.
  • Walking two by two is not allowed either.
  • Otherwise you face arrest – Ngeh was the first.
  • Keshvinder was next.
  • And then Chan Ming Kai, who is seen here being handcuffed.

  • At the Heritage Hotel, the Assembly begins at 11.40am.
  • The yellow-shirted guys gather outside the hotel…
  • … while inside, 24 of the Pakatan reps (excluding the three arrested reps) participate in the Assembly session
  • The unoccupied chairs are actually meant for the BN reps…
  • … the Pakatan reps on the left, the BN (absent) on the right, and the media personnel on the sidelines.
  • It was an orderly meeting…
  • … nothing like the one on 7 May!
  • And it was all over by 1.40pm…
  • …followed by a press conference.
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yellow shirt

Previously yellow shirt kenot. Now can already.
Now I know it’s not the colour yellow, red or black. It’s who wearing it.